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14. It was rude and dismissive
Wed Jun 12, 2024, 03:24 PM
Jun 12

I've never been a stepmom, but my daughter is a stepmom to EIGHT kids, and has been deeply involved in the raising of six of them since they were teenagers. Not one of them has ever said to her, "You are NOT my mom!" when there was an issue involved, even though none of them actually call her "mom". Every one of them has lived with her since they were teens and two of them still do, including one who had never had a stable home until he found it with her and his dad, and one who does so by choice although she's now 21. Katy Tur needs to get over herself with that idea.

I know I've criticized Katy Tur on this site [View all] senseandsensibility Jun 12 OP
For all intents and purposes, Dr. Jill IS his mother. TSExile Jun 12 #1
Yes I agree senseandsensibility Jun 12 #4
Deplorable voters aren't smart enough to play tic tak toe - anything at all that sounds NoMoreRepugs Jun 12 #2
My wife had 4 sons when I married her. From 9 to 30. Lochloosa Jun 12 #3
I appreciate that input senseandsensibility Jun 12 #5
I know I do. TSExile Jun 12 #8
My opinion: It does not make a bit of difference if LuckyCharms Jun 12 #6
I didn't hear the comment in context but... yardwork Jun 12 #7
Unless used to support or weaken a statement, it's by definition, irrelevant Torchlight Jun 12 #9
It was a nasty comment that Dr. Biden is not his mother. She has been his mother in all the ways that count. Lonestarblue Jun 12 #10
I cant stand her. I wish MsSNBC woulf fire her Trueblue1968 Jun 12 #11
I don't think anyone had a problem with her saying it NanaCat Jun 12 #12
This is from an article in the WaPo some years ago about the family and there is this quote Bev54 Jun 12 #13
It was rude and dismissive Jilly_in_VA Jun 12 #14
I'm with you... democratsruletheday Jun 12 #15
You don't have to be a biological parent to be a true parent Tribetime Jun 12 #16
Laura Loonitic Loomer said the same thing. sheshe2 Jun 12 #17
Wow singing from the same hymnbook as LL! senseandsensibility Jun 12 #21
Katy has stepchildren of her own. TSExile Jun 12 #18
That I didn't know senseandsensibility Jun 12 #20
Who the fuck is she to passively-aggressively point this out PCIntern Jun 12 #19
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