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122. There are SO many mediocre men out there looking for a nurse with a purse.
Wed Jun 12, 2024, 06:39 PM
Jun 12

I'm happily married but if I end up single, I am getting a cat. A female cat.

She sounds nice edhopper Jun 12 #1
I second that Farmer-Rick Jun 12 #14
I third it. patphil Jun 12 #40
Heck, there's even a few ... Dave says Jun 12 #66
There's an ointment for that... rubbersole Jun 12 #76
Lol at that one. :) Dave says Jun 12 #87
LOVE it, rubbersole! calimary Jun 13 #151
Yep! I_UndergroundPanther Jun 12 #110
She's ruling out most men her age when she says "not bald." pnwmom Jun 12 #77
Women get fat, men get bald. It would be better to go beyond appearances. diane in sf Jun 12 #88
I was going to point that out Diane... democratsruletheday Jun 12 #90
Years ago when I was on dating sites womanofthehills Jun 12 #103
Amen sister.... democratsruletheday Jun 12 #89
My 66 year old friend is a widow. MotownPgh Jun 12 #105
Can I ask what dating site she is on? I decided to do it just to find a friend since I am so alone now. Maraya1969 Jun 12 #124
That's a great idea! A DU singles page. MotownPgh Jun 12 #126
Fantastic idea indeed! Ligyron Jun 12 #135
I'm 50 and I like go out with 30 year olds Polybius Jun 12 #141
I started losing hair at 17 ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 13 #147
Bald where? I have enough hair on my ass weave three horse blankets! LOL n/t brewens Jun 12 #100
Baldism is real. As a bald guy since my 20s who tried online dating... Mark.b2 Jun 12 #104
This message was self-deleted by its author Ponietz Jun 13 #157
She handled that trump moron just the right way. Called an Uber and got the hell out. brush Jun 12 #81
They're out there! Tell her to get involved with a Democratic political campaign or adult continuing education. marble falls Jun 12 #2
Now THERE are two places she wouldn't find any Trumpers! Prof. Toru Tanaka Jun 12 #16
Actually that would be three places DENVERPOPS Jun 12 #56
I took it, and I did pretty good, but not as good as I thought I would. I'm weaker in the amendments after the 14th ... marble falls Jun 12 #79
Or a liberal church that is an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community! woodsprite Jun 12 #60
She'd be better off at a bookstore NanaCat Jun 12 #94
Yup, a bookstore works. So does a hiking/walking club or woodsprite Jun 12 #102
So, if a short bald guy shows up, he's SOL? Girard442 Jun 12 #3
Not even Jason Alexander??? Lemonwurst Jun 12 #31
He's also stocky and quirky! Prairie Gates Jun 12 #73
Yeah, that was kinda weird IMHO. So what if he's short and bald if he's not a japple Jun 12 #43
Maybe she's 5'8 Polybius Jun 12 #143
Hence the toupee industry. n/t thesquanderer Jun 12 #46
And hair transplants Polybius Jun 12 #144
"So, if a short bald guy shows up, he's SOL?" Talitha Jun 12 #49
She says that none of her stipulations are deal breakers EXCEPT CCExile Jun 12 #54
Not to me. She's made it clear that personal appearance and height count almost as much as Trumpism. Wonder Why Jun 12 #125
I'm single and 63. MAGA is a definite deal breaker for me. I'm in Idaho and it would suck to be a woman brewens Jun 12 #4
Having just turned 72 myself... ProudMNDemocrat Jun 12 #7
LOL Brewens DENVERPOPS Jun 12 #58
Just tell them: usonian Jun 12 #74
As I remember there were times DENVERPOPS Jun 12 #97
"It's gonna be a gooood fap tonight" would have been my internal monologue that day n/t ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 13 #148
SHRINKAGE! democratsruletheday Jun 12 #91
Or at least to admire the slinky shorts willamette Jun 12 #68
I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore keithbvadu2 Jun 12 #136
Tell her best of luck. Duncanpup Jun 12 #5
Not a supporter just voting for him mountain grammy Jun 12 #6
This message was self-deleted by its author Beachnutt Jun 12 #8
What's wrong with bald guys? mainer Jun 12 #9
There is a saying that goes like this.... ProudMNDemocrat Jun 12 #13
Patrick Stewart comes to mind... calimary Jun 12 #32
In the "olden" days it wa Yul Brennen. Yum. LakeArenal Jun 12 #53
That's EXACTLY who popped into my head! 😁 ShazzieB Jun 12 #138
"What's wrong with bald guys?" Talitha Jun 12 #52
Finding a man will probably take her a while because she's excluding the vast majority of non-Trumpers pnwmom Jun 13 #160
Shaving it all off is the way to go. The male pattern baldness look with some on the side and back is not cool. brush Jun 12 #82
Shemar Moore is gorgeous Nt spooky3 Jun 13 #158
Stay hairy guys! GreenWave Jun 12 #101
My ex went bald I_UndergroundPanther Jun 12 #112
PREACH IT Skittles Jun 13 #163
Seems like the majority of Boomer men love Trump. Diamond_Dog Jun 12 #10
That's so unfortunate...mostly white guys I take it? Maybe try something different. brush Jun 12 #83
I'm still married, not looking. 🙂 Diamond_Dog Jun 12 #93
You found that out too? Makes me apprieciate the white guys on this site even more. brush Jun 12 #99
So exactly how bald is a deal breaker? Asking for a friend. Ray Bruns Jun 12 #11
Yea, same here........... DENVERPOPS Jun 12 #51
MAGA is defined by hatred, resentment, self-entitlement. If that is not the clarion signal of WHO to avoid hlthe2b Jun 12 #12
Different woman,.. same problem,,.. magicarpet Jun 12 #15
Im Koz, kozar Jun 12 #17
I am 6'2" and not bald and have a weird sense of humor. I dislike Trump. I am 72 and have been married for twodogsbarking Jun 12 #18
Gotta admit I had some fun when I signed up for Match.com years after my wife passed away. I specifically noted Silent Type Jun 12 #19
How strange to contact someone XanaDUer2 Jun 12 #22
Well, dating in my 60s was quite strange. Silent Type Jun 12 #23
Trolls gotta troll. carpetbagger Jun 12 #30
My wife and I met on a site that specilized in seniors. Almost twenty years later, she's still my better half ... marble falls Jun 12 #35
I met my wife in a local Facebook singles group for older adults. Look for 'our time' or 'our time now' and 'singles'. ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 13 #149
I bet they thought they were so beautiful that just their picture would convert him. Baitball Blogger Jun 12 #39
I'll bet they did nt XanaDUer2 Jun 12 #44
"I get what I want 'cause I'm pretty" n/t ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 13 #150
Thank you for the laugh mahina Jun 12 #67
I've heard so many variations on this heckles65 Jun 12 #20
Not bald? jayschool2013 Jun 12 #21
Life is a lottery. carpetbagger Jun 12 #33
Dad passed when he was 83 - with a full head of hair. Talitha Jun 12 #57
Supposedly, that trait comes from your mother's father -- not your dad karynnj Jun 12 #69
My dad still had a reasonable amount of hair... 3catwoman3 Jun 12 #106
Sadly, both of my grandfathers died before I was born. Talitha Jun 12 #114
(points at sons, rubs own full head of hair) "You were cheating on me with the bald mailman, weren't you?" -- Dad to Mom ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 13 #154
Don't give up, there are sane ones out there surfered Jun 12 #24
Dang, send her my way Bucky Jun 12 #25
After fifty years with the same woman DFW Jun 12 #26
45 years with DH Freddie Jun 12 #27
48 years with mine. calimary Jun 12 #28
I'd have called him an idiot, too! And then laughed at him slightlv Jun 12 #29
I'm 65. I'd date her, but... LuckyCharms Jun 12 #34
*SNORT* Skittles Jun 12 #117
I see the problem here. She didn't specify she wanted someone with a half a brain. flashman13 Jun 12 #36
Well, she should have sought someone on DU! usonian Jun 12 #37
Didn't know DU had a dating forum, Beachnutt Jun 12 #38
I was asking, not telling! usonian Jun 12 #41
Oh ok gotcha, Beachnutt Jun 12 #42
We are posting on it now... Arne Jun 12 #61
This older woman has given up. Ocelot II Jun 12 #45
This friend also said: I don't want to be a nurse or a purse. Funtatlaguy Jun 12 #65
MUST HAVE JOB! keithbvadu2 Jun 12 #130
I gave up a long time ago. Demobrat Jun 12 #137
You got that right! Ocelot II Jun 12 #139
"It takes a hell of a man to beat no man at all." SunSeeker Jun 13 #146
There's a place where you can rent Arne Jun 13 #153
If my husband goes before me, there is no chance I'd get into that dating mess again. I have 0 tolerance for patriarchy. onecaliberal Jun 12 #47
If my wife died, I wouldn't date......... DENVERPOPS Jun 12 #64
I love your response. It's nice to see that some men cherish their wives. onecaliberal Jun 12 #84
AND, best of all DENVERPOPS Jun 12 #86
Same here. TSExile Jun 12 #80
She made the right decision, and avoided a lifetime of regret FakeNoose Jun 12 #48
The first line I'd say on a date before ordering drinks: SupportSanity Jun 12 #50
I look around NJCher Jun 12 #55
"She called him an idiot and ordered an Uber." Talitha Jun 12 #59
Short bald men have a longer life expectancy. Emile Jun 12 #62
Oh good! nt ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 12 #140
Good for her LetMyPeopleVote Jun 12 #70
I can relate!! DooverBeliever Jun 12 #71
This thread must be the dating forum. usonian Jun 12 #72
The liberals are all keepers. Not divorced. Not looking. nolabear Jun 12 #75
My suggestion musclecar6 Jun 12 #78
It's distressing to me, as a 60+ white male, to know that whenever I see someone in my same demographic... Silent3 Jun 12 #85
3/4th of the women in the county I lived in voted for TSF in 2020 n/t ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 12 #142
Cats Jazz Jon Jun 12 #92
IMO There is a difference between MAGA and Republican.. DemocratInPa Jun 12 #95
Some dudes hide their Trumpiness for dating here in the liberal DC area IronLionZion Jun 12 #96
V.I.S. is the biggest growing disease of the 2020s ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 13 #155
OMG I immediately recognized that picture LOL! JoseBalow Jun 13 #168
It's great when the kid fall onto his food ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 13 #169
I grew up watching the Stooges too JoseBalow Jun 14 #170
Time to roll through the 55+ communities in my golf cart with Biden signs. SYFROYH Jun 12 #98
Wow! I've never had so many responses to one of my posts. Funtatlaguy Jun 12 #107
Even worse things than being a MAGA womanofthehills Jun 12 #108
I'm fifty-five, 5'10', far-left liberal, and bald. Aristus Jun 12 #109
Just natural attraction. MotownPgh Jun 12 #133
ICK factor just shot up 200 points at the very idea of snuggling with a Trump supporter. Sheesh. flying_wahini Jun 12 #111
I'm 70 spinbaby Jun 12 #113
that's known as NJCher Jun 12 #127
Embarrassing ramapo Jun 12 #115
why over 5'6" Skittles Jun 12 #116
She's tall. Six feet and doesn't like bald guys. Her preference, I guess. Funtatlaguy Jun 12 #118
she's eliminating a lot of great guys Skittles Jun 12 #121
Her preference is to be alone TexasBushwhacker Jun 12 #128
remind her of NJCher Jun 12 #129
The genie said I could be rich or handsome. I chose rich which made me handsome. keithbvadu2 Jun 12 #132
My best girlfriend is tall. She calls herself MotownPgh Jun 12 #134
I know a six foot gal married to a guy who is 5' 7" Skittles Jun 13 #161
So cute! I have to correct my story. MotownPgh Jun 13 #164
real men aren't threatened by height! Skittles Jun 13 #165
This message was self-deleted by its author Beachnutt Jun 13 #159
Agree - I care more about intelligence & humor womanofthehills Jun 13 #156
When I met my husband, Otterdaemmerung Jun 12 #119
Is there a DU dating forum? mainer Jun 12 #120
There are SO many mediocre men out there looking for a nurse with a purse. OMGWTF Jun 12 #122
A woman in her early 60s is "older?" TomSlick Jun 12 #123
Who cares if he's bald flamingdem Jun 12 #131
I flat refuse to court any woman that would fuck with voting for that Orange Bag of fetid rat shit. SoFlaBro Jun 13 #145
Tell Her To Join DU Deep State Witch Jun 13 #152
I'd date older women, especially if I knew they were Democrats. John Farmer Jun 13 #162
If I were single, I would never date a woman in her sixties DavidDvorkin Jun 13 #166
I can do without a partner GenThePerservering Jun 13 #167
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