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Fla Dem

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2. This is disgusting and hateful.
Wed Jun 12, 2024, 09:08 PM
Jun 12

I have no problems with protests, but vandalizing peoples' home is just unacceptable. What is to be gained?

Arrest them in vandalism and hate crime charges JohnSJ Jun 12 #1
This is disgusting and hateful. Fla Dem Jun 12 #2
More and more they are out in the open. brer cat Jun 12 #3
Really Nasty, Hateful actions. Find, and arrest them! electric_blue68 Jun 12 #4
I keep being told by "fine" people that EllieBC Jun 12 #5
The Denial is Deeply Embedded. Cha Jun 12 #11
I'm way past sick of this fucking bullshit. The "Free Palestine" parakeets hate Jews and hate Israel and hate America. SoFlaBro Jun 13 #14
Can we please stop tarring these peace loving protestors with their own actions? It's not fair. tritsofme Jun 12 #6
They're just being passionate and passion means you'e on the side of righteousness, so anything's okay! betsuni Jun 12 #10
Well Said.. I see what you did there and Cha Jun 12 #12
How DARE YOU!!!! AZSkiffyGeek Jun 13 #39
This fine gentleman wishes Hitler were still around: EllieBC Jun 12 #7
Stupid Hitler-loving fuckface would look real fucking dumb when he realizes what Hitler wanted to do to blacks. SoFlaBro Jun 13 #15
The majority of antisemites EllieBC Jun 13 #24
"Who wants to tell him." Heh. betsuni Jun 13 #19
OMFG!! Duppers Jun 13 #27
They are filth mcar Jun 12 #8
This is a hate crime and should be punished as such. sheshe2 Jun 12 #9
"How can you confidently say these actions will never be tolerated in New York City, yet the NYPD literally " Cha Jun 13 #13
NYPD keeps talking that slick shit about not tolerating fucking violence and anti-Semitic actions then does jack shit. SoFlaBro Jun 13 #16
Hopefully they will Get On It Cha Jun 13 #18
I don't understand how... OneGrassRoot Jun 13 #17
Waving Terrorist Flags around the Streets laced with Violet Threats is Cha Jun 13 #21
C'mon now! This is just "aspirational art"! Behind the Aegis Jun 13 #20
Yeah, it's All In Your head! Nothing to see here.. Cha Jun 13 #23
They're just exercising their freedom of speech EllieBC Jun 13 #25
See my post #30. Jedi Guy Jun 13 #31
Disgusting. iemanja Jun 13 #22
*One* sarisataka Jun 13 #33
I'm pro-human life iemanja Jun 13 #41
Yes, and your condemnation of the antisemitic acts sarisataka Jun 13 #42
Winning hearts and minds. RandySF Jun 13 #26
Good God -- somebody please keep the link to this thread handy for the multiple times people deny what's there Hekate Jun 13 #28
Please explain to me how this helps children in Gaza Coventina Jun 13 #29
"No OnE sUpPoRtS hAmAs." Jedi Guy Jun 13 #30
I've already seen the shift in a few to "why it's ok they support Hamas" tritsofme Jun 13 #32
Well, they're freedom fighters like Nelson Mandela, don'tcha know. That's pellucidly clear. Jedi Guy Jun 13 #36
Nothing justifies such ignorance and stupidity. tritsofme Jun 13 #38
I'm so glad to have played a part in keeping that nonsense alive BannonsLiver Jun 13 #40
Oh yeah, I'm not letting that comment go down the memory hole, either. Jedi Guy Jun 13 #43
The lies people tell to cope. They cannot accept EllieBC Jun 13 #37
It's more than a "Hamas military target marker"... Hugin Jun 13 #34
Let's deport the Hamas supporters FakeNoose Jun 13 #35
there are people here who insist that anti-semitism rollin74 Jun 13 #44
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