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Great links. Passages Jun 13 #1
The problem is a lot of people are struggling to afford food and housing because of mucifer Jun 13 #2
Wages have risen faster than inflation. Elessar Zappa Jun 13 #41
KNR niyad Jun 13 #3
Facts are meaningless ornotna Jun 13 #4
Why would they sell boats that dont float Johonny Jun 13 #5
logic is not the strong suit of these folks ... nt TBF Jun 13 #6
Non-floating boats appeal to True Dough Jun 13 #7
Deep state makes large boats have large wakes that overwhelm smaller boats IronLionZion Jun 13 #13
Go Joe!!! 🌊 !!! Think. Again. Jun 13 #29
not one american flag. AllaN01Bear Jun 13 #20
Because they are paid off by the sharks IronLionZion Jun 13 #10
finding nemo. was just going to say that . AllaN01Bear Jun 13 #21
"Now Bruce: fish are friends NOT food!" FailureToCommunicate Jun 13 #51
It's nice to have an old friend for dinner IronLionZion Jun 13 #55
Not to mention- DeeDeeNY Jun 13 #23
Land sharks! Johonny Jun 13 #25
That's true! Think. Again. Jun 13 #30
CandyGram JoseBalow Jun 13 #46
OR carry a unsinkable shark-proof lifeboat onboard? Justice matters. Jun 13 #33
Another important thing that is eluding them: Why are they boating in shark-infested waters? 4lbs Jun 13 #54
Would tfg make sailboats illegal? Rowboats? Peddle Boats? Stayed tuned for more lunacy. twodogsbarking Jun 13 #8
Because. Sharknado! BumRushDaShow Jun 13 #9
Based on the incredible true story IronLionZion Jun 13 #11
omg, I might actually watch this, just for the hilarity! crickets Jun 13 #53
My sisters watched all of them and made doing that an "annual summer thing" (SyFy Channel) BumRushDaShow Jun 14 #57
Perfect! PatSeg Jun 13 #12
Some great replies today. KS Toronado Jun 13 #14
Joe Biden Is Leading The Biggest US Small Business Boom In 25 Years ffr Jun 13 #15
K&R Hiawatha Pete Jun 13 #16
Gas prices are mostly a function of demand and were lower under Trump Bucky Jun 13 #17
Wouldn't it be nice if... Think. Again. Jun 13 #31
Trump is the only one who can save you from sharks IronLionZion Jun 13 #18
of course! geeniyus! LymphocyteLover Jun 13 #39
I'm still trying to figure out... Think. Again. Jun 13 #19
Because battery! Dave Bowman Jun 13 #22
Of course! Think. Again. Jun 13 #28
Little snack KS Toronado Jun 13 #24
I feel bad for the shark. Dave Bowman Jun 13 #34
My AI prompt may need some tweaking... JoseBalow Jun 13 #47
Just grab a bottle of white-out. KS Toronado Jun 13 #48
I gotta admit, I kinda like it! JoseBalow Jun 13 #49
Trying to debate a MAGAt is like wrestling with a pig.... kentuck Jun 13 #26
Between electric sharks and Jewish space lasers, why does anyone take MAGA seriously anymore? Initech Jun 13 #27
I had one tell me there were Nazis in Ukraine liberal N proud Jun 13 #32
Had a similar experience. Dave Bowman Jun 13 #35
Must be Russian trolls feeding the propaganda liberal N proud Jun 13 #40
There are Nazis in the US IronLionZion Jun 13 #42
They all seem to look alike, dress alike, act alike, stink alike. twodogsbarking Jun 13 #36
K&R LetMyPeopleVote Jun 13 #37
Greart post! LymphocyteLover Jun 13 #38
If the battery boat is too heavy to float, how did you get out to the deep water with the sharks? keithbvadu2 Jun 13 #43
Hahaha! BComplex Jun 13 #44
How come every moron about my age has one of those dumbass little beards? Harker Jun 13 #45
Contact the Biden campaign... Half-step Jun 13 #50
Stupid Americans don't get it. paleotn Jun 13 #52
GOP sucks the fun out of life . . . Aussie105 Jun 14 #56
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