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10. The Hillary is corrupt meme ignored two things
Fri Jun 14, 2024, 07:08 AM
Jun 14

One, Trump was FAR FAR more corrupt and serious reporters had exposed corrupt business practices. He claimed his taxes for many many years could not be revealed as they were under audit. He was also associated with corrupt people, from Roy Cohn to Roger Stone to Paul Manaford.

Two, there were no examples of corruption - even with the posting of all her emails and the earlier, Chelsea Manning leak of State Dept cables when she was SoS. Her life for decades was an open book.

"Biden is old", "Kamala cackles" BlueWaveNeverEnd Jun 14 #1
Every woman who gets close to the presidency is !!!suddenly!!! revealed to be a cackler.... Hekate Jun 14 #33
I proudly cackle when deeply amused. xmas74 Jun 15 #45
It's part of the impossible standards for mature women. Teen girls giggle. Witches cackle.... Hekate Jun 15 #46
And the fictional "shrill" thing. Both Hillary and Kamala have low voices. betsuni Jun 15 #47
That, too. I forgot about the "shrill" thing. Tsk -- those harpies. Hekate Jun 15 #48
Too many people treat voting for presidents wnylib Jun 14 #2
In interviews on her book, Jen Psaki speaking of Obama. Biden and Kerry, karynnj Jun 14 #8
Thank heaven, we have Maggie Haberman to explain Trump to us. 3Hotdogs Jun 14 #12
True, and in 2016, the NYT had Patrick Healy to (negatively) explain the Clintons karynnj Jun 14 #16
If you ain't a top ratings star of a Reality Television Show,... magicarpet Jun 14 #26
Ayuh. 2naSalit Jun 14 #3
But Israel.... Behind the Aegis Jun 14 #4
Yep, these so called 'centrists' are strange. nt RandiFan1290 Jun 14 #5
They are just hiding their conservative side liberal N proud Jun 14 #6
The Hillary is corrupt meme ignored two things karynnj Jun 14 #10
None of that stopped the MAGA from slandering her liberal N proud Jun 14 #21
Our presidential elections are binary with the winner either being the Democratic candidate or the Republican one. elocs Jun 14 #7
Our job is to get out and convince those Dems and Indies to vote FakeNoose Jun 14 #31
Al Gore was robbed by scotus, Kerry by the msm, HRC by misogynist fucks BSdetect Jun 14 #9
+1 oasis Jun 14 #15
and the personal enmity of Vladimir Putin. nt eppur_se_muova Jun 14 #20
CORRECT Skittles Jun 14 #22
To be expected when "journalists" covering elections focus almost exclusively on personality, not policy. sop Jun 14 #11
See #13. brooklynite Jun 14 #14
The Republicans had no platform in 2020 central scrutinizer Jun 14 #23
They don't call the GOP "a personality cult" for nothing. sop Jun 14 #24
Translation: voters don't gravitate toward policy-focused technocrats. brooklynite Jun 14 #13
Agreed, but it is very hard to correct a media definition that is not true karynnj Jun 14 #18
Voters select presidents emotionally because it's how they've been conditioned by corporate media. sop Jun 14 #19
The farm reports are still there, but their targets are now corporate farms and Maru Kitteh Jun 14 #32
They've moved them to the financial pages. sop Jun 14 #34
My personal favotite Norbert Jun 14 #17
I can't grasp why anyone would rather have a beer with Smelvis over Biden either. TheKentuckian Jun 14 #25
Obama gave us all at least a period of sanity. Arne Jun 14 #27
Yes, but the complaints at DU were so all-pervasive that my friends & I spent 8 years in the BOG Hekate Jun 14 #35
I had stepped away and never saw that. Arne Jun 14 #38
Constant Both Sides whining. Barack "third way" Obama, Hillary "establishment" Clinton, Joe "centrist" Biden. betsuni Jun 14 #42
I was bored silly on election day so I figured I'd vote for someone different and exciting.. magicarpet Jun 14 #28
Yeah I don't get it. Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jun 14 #29
jimmy who? AllaN01Bear Jun 14 #30
Excellent meme & reminder Hekate Jun 14 #36
I had Sanders supporters tell me they couldn't vote for Hillary due to "criminal investigations." PeaceWave Jun 14 #37
at least they know when to fall in line Arne Jun 14 #39
That's propaganda nfm oldmanlynn Jun 14 #40
I remember Maureen What's-her-name ragging on Al Gore in the NYT RazorbackExpat Jun 14 #41
I'm not asking for the most likeable person. I want the person most capable of 4lbs Jun 15 #43
The Susan Sarandon School of Candidate Selection Blue Owl Jun 15 #44
Passionate surrogate for John Edwards whose Iraq war vote same as Hillary, Kerry and betsuni Jun 15 #49
True. They are asking for our precious vote. Model35mech Jun 15 #50
I still haven't forgiven my BIL Freddie Jun 15 #51
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