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"Biden is old", "Kamala cackles" BlueWaveNeverEnd Jun 14 #1
Every woman who gets close to the presidency is !!!suddenly!!! revealed to be a cackler.... Hekate Jun 14 #33
I proudly cackle when deeply amused. xmas74 Jun 15 #45
It's part of the impossible standards for mature women. Teen girls giggle. Witches cackle.... Hekate Jun 15 #46
And the fictional "shrill" thing. Both Hillary and Kamala have low voices. betsuni Jun 15 #47
That, too. I forgot about the "shrill" thing. Tsk -- those harpies. Hekate Jun 15 #48
Too many people treat voting for presidents wnylib Jun 14 #2
In interviews on her book, Jen Psaki speaking of Obama. Biden and Kerry, karynnj Jun 14 #8
Thank heaven, we have Maggie Haberman to explain Trump to us. 3Hotdogs Jun 14 #12
True, and in 2016, the NYT had Patrick Healy to (negatively) explain the Clintons karynnj Jun 14 #16
If you ain't a top ratings star of a Reality Television Show,... magicarpet Jun 14 #26
Ayuh. 2naSalit Jun 14 #3
But Israel.... Behind the Aegis Jun 14 #4
Yep, these so called 'centrists' are strange. nt RandiFan1290 Jun 14 #5
They are just hiding their conservative side liberal N proud Jun 14 #6
The Hillary is corrupt meme ignored two things karynnj Jun 14 #10
None of that stopped the MAGA from slandering her liberal N proud Jun 14 #21
Our presidential elections are binary with the winner either being the Democratic candidate or the Republican one. elocs Jun 14 #7
Our job is to get out and convince those Dems and Indies to vote FakeNoose Jun 14 #31
Al Gore was robbed by scotus, Kerry by the msm, HRC by misogynist fucks BSdetect Jun 14 #9
+1 oasis Jun 14 #15
and the personal enmity of Vladimir Putin. nt eppur_se_muova Jun 14 #20
CORRECT Skittles Jun 14 #22
To be expected when "journalists" covering elections focus almost exclusively on personality, not policy. sop Jun 14 #11
See #13. brooklynite Jun 14 #14
The Republicans had no platform in 2020 central scrutinizer Jun 14 #23
They don't call the GOP "a personality cult" for nothing. sop Jun 14 #24
Translation: voters don't gravitate toward policy-focused technocrats. brooklynite Jun 14 #13
Agreed, but it is very hard to correct a media definition that is not true karynnj Jun 14 #18
Voters select presidents emotionally because it's how they've been conditioned by corporate media. sop Jun 14 #19
The farm reports are still there, but their targets are now corporate farms and Maru Kitteh Jun 14 #32
They've moved them to the financial pages. sop Jun 14 #34
My personal favotite Norbert Jun 14 #17
I can't grasp why anyone would rather have a beer with Smelvis over Biden either. TheKentuckian Jun 14 #25
Obama gave us all at least a period of sanity. Arne Jun 14 #27
Yes, but the complaints at DU were so all-pervasive that my friends & I spent 8 years in the BOG Hekate Jun 14 #35
I had stepped away and never saw that. Arne Jun 14 #38
Constant Both Sides whining. Barack "third way" Obama, Hillary "establishment" Clinton, Joe "centrist" Biden. betsuni Jun 14 #42
I was bored silly on election day so I figured I'd vote for someone different and exciting.. magicarpet Jun 14 #28
Yeah I don't get it. Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jun 14 #29
jimmy who? AllaN01Bear Jun 14 #30
Excellent meme & reminder Hekate Jun 14 #36
I had Sanders supporters tell me they couldn't vote for Hillary due to "criminal investigations." PeaceWave Jun 14 #37
at least they know when to fall in line Arne Jun 14 #39
That's propaganda nfm oldmanlynn Jun 14 #40
I remember Maureen What's-her-name ragging on Al Gore in the NYT RazorbackExpat Jun 14 #41
I'm not asking for the most likeable person. I want the person most capable of 4lbs Jun 15 #43
The Susan Sarandon School of Candidate Selection Blue Owl Jun 15 #44
Passionate surrogate for John Edwards whose Iraq war vote same as Hillary, Kerry and betsuni Jun 15 #49
True. They are asking for our precious vote. Model35mech Jun 15 #50
I still haven't forgiven my BIL Freddie Jun 15 #51
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