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DOA! Dipshit! SalamanderSleeps Jun 14 #1
Time to feed Johnson to MT Greene and Matt Gaetz. marble falls Jun 14 #2
EXACTLY The dipshit has been gnawing at Trump's bum B.See Jun 15 #24
New GOP slogan: "Actually umm... presidents ARE above the law." ColinC Jun 14 #3
No, actually it would be "OUR President is above the law." Ferrets are Cool Jun 14 #14
To be fair, the text doesn't explicitly denote Trump as the law's sole benefactor ColinC Jun 14 #17
To be fair, THEY would NEVER allow a Democrat to be above the law. Ferrets are Cool Jun 14 #21
All to kiss the orange ass. spanone Jun 14 #4
Speaker mike is playing the long game. He covers trumps ass, lets him loot the treasury, etc, Volaris Jun 14 #7
It's the tastiest ass in Washington, you bet! Buns_of_Fire Jun 14 #15
What a way with words! Solomon Jun 15 #29
Violation of states' rights, former presidents no longer have political power bucolic_frolic Jun 14 #5
The one off legislation naming Slobby above the law and Constitution, anointed by Gawd and the current NoMoreRepugs Jun 14 #6
Ass kissing to Trump but will never make it thru the Senate. Another GOP time waster dutch777 Jun 14 #8
Isn't it what they do best? B.See Jun 15 #25
Pretty much all they do. A shame to waste good oxygen on them. dutch777 Jun 15 #32
Yeah right, Mikey! Like that is going to guarantee Biden's signature.... ProudMNDemocrat Jun 14 #9
Weel now, isn't this saying, "President tRUMP is guilty of states crimes,so) bluestarone Jun 14 #10
Now that you brought it up... GoCubsGo Jun 14 #13
It is outrageous for a president to have this power ... and even more so a former President karynnj Jun 14 #11
"States' rights" only when it benefits them. GoCubsGo Jun 14 #12
Yes, but it's also evidence of inherent tug-of-wars among conservative beliefs. Model35mech Jun 15 #28
Johnson needs to suffer serious consequences. LiberalFighter Jun 14 #16
We're all for states rights (unless those rights get used by non-rethugs). n/t CincyDem Jun 14 #18
They like states' rights heckles65 Jun 14 #19
I thought conservatives wanted to let the states decide everything. Yeah, I know, you can't Martin68 Jun 14 #20
BULLSHIT, Johnson.. We know what you're doing.. MF. Cha Jun 14 #22
This is what some think it wise to wagon circle for? TheKentuckian Jun 15 #23
The party of states rights is full of shit. Voltaire2 Jun 15 #26
It won't pass the Senate. no_hypocrisy Jun 15 #27
So we're back to being the party of states' rights? 😆 Bucky Jun 15 #30
A bill, known in Congressional circles, as.......... DFW Jun 15 #31
They would blow up our entire Federal system and states' rights Goodheart Jun 15 #33
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