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Fri Jun 14, 2024, 02:00 PM Jun 14

Justice Sotomayor calls a duck a duck [View all]

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Christian Rincon @cr_progress 3h
Sotomayor cooking the shit out the majority 🔥

Mike Sacks @MikeSacksEsq
Sotomayor calls out *every* *single* *one* *of* *her* *Republican* *colleagues* for abandoning their textualist "principle"

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She called a loon a duck Zeitghost Jun 14 #1
both ducks and loons are waterbirds bigtree Jun 14 #2
The law is open to interpretation in order to avoid modifications like the bump stock. cayugafalls Jun 14 #10
The bolded part doesn't negate Zeitghost Jun 14 #81
How many bullets can be balanced on the head of a pin? LastDemocratInSC Jun 15 #98
I agree 100% Zeitghost Jun 15 #99
+1 MontanaMama Jun 14 #22
In this case, the law says Duck Zeitghost Jun 14 #76
Good luck on the GOP controlled congress doing anything about it IronLionZion Jun 14 #13
Wrong. yagotme Jun 14 #3
isn't the trigger held back and the rifle onethatcares Jun 14 #5
The receiver moves back and forth in the stock, yagotme Jun 14 #7
Cool story.. odins folly Jun 14 #16
Thousands of them were made. yagotme Jun 14 #18
You didn't answer the question.. odins folly Jun 14 #20
Like beer, it depends on the legal use. yagotme Jun 14 #21
Still haven't answered odins folly Jun 14 #30
Your question: yagotme Jun 14 #32
You seem pretty informed TexasDem69 Jun 14 #47
lets be clear, okay. Technical data about the hardware changes nothing about the....... jaxexpat Jun 14 #23
I don't mind you speaking your mind. yagotme Jun 14 #26
You're missing the point mountain grammy Jun 14 #38
So, out of the thousands that were manufactured, how many were used to kill people? yagotme Jun 14 #40
Now now... let's not jump to conclusions. You never can tell B.See Jun 14 #57
How is it then that more Americans have died here from bullet-propelling devices than in all our wars combined? Hekate Jun 14 #34
The discussion is about bump stocks. yagotme Jun 14 #36
Clearly yagotme there. You're too clever by half to be taken in by a broad yet accurate definition like... Hekate Jun 14 #39
I can propel a bullet with a slingshot, a blowgun, or my arm. yagotme Jun 14 #42
Thoughts and prayers Hekate Jun 14 #44
Hmm, interesting day. Twice, an inference I was going to court, yagotme Jun 14 #45
Drunk driver vs. bumpstock-equipped gun intheflow Jun 15 #101
Nice, France: Not drunk, but a purposeful attack. yagotme Jun 15 #102
Again, you're apples and oranging the discussion. intheflow Jun 15 #103
Really? That's not very nice. So much for a civil discourse. yagotme Jun 15 #104
Where does "need" come into the equation? TexasDem69 Jun 14 #46
26 U.S. Code 5845 - Definitions cayugafalls Jun 14 #31
And you ignore the "single function" part. yagotme Jun 14 #49
Not by the letter of the law. thatdemguy Jun 14 #51
Except the modify clause still depends on the "single function of the trigger" part DetroitLegalBeagle Jun 14 #52
Does a trigger on a gun 'function' without a finger? cayugafalls Jun 15 #93
You aren't just holding the trigger DetroitLegalBeagle Jun 15 #94
I still submit that without the finger the trigger will not function. Trigger Trigger/Finger cayugafalls Jun 15 #95
Forward pressure on the handguard is also required. yagotme Jun 15 #96
From a legal standpoint, that doesn't matter. At all. DetroitLegalBeagle Jun 15 #100
sick loophole bigtree Jun 14 #6
The operator pulls 1 time, the mechanism does the rest. The effect is the same. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 14 #9
Is there any difference between a Glock and a Smith and Wesson DA revolver? yagotme Jun 14 #14
If it turns a semi-auto into an automatic, then it's a machine gun. Kid Berwyn Jun 14 #4
But, it doesn't. Not by legal definition. nt yagotme Jun 14 #17
and yet it does, for all intents and purposes. canuckledragger Jun 14 #27
Laws need to be precise, to be fair to all. "Room for interpretation", you can pick and choose your "criminal". yagotme Jun 14 #29
Weapons of war belong to the Pentagon. Kid Berwyn Jun 14 #33
What country issues bump stocks to their troops? nt yagotme Jun 14 #35
Why post in favor of machine gun conversions? Kid Berwyn Jun 14 #41
It's not a conversion to a machine gun. yagotme Jun 14 #43
It IS conversion to a machine gun, as the intended effect is the same. canuckledragger Jun 14 #50
It is NOT a conversion. Per the USSC. nt yagotme Jun 14 #54
It is, despite your excuses. canuckledragger Jun 14 #64
Per written law, and the USSC, it's not, despite your opinions. yagotme Jun 14 #66
but you're just making things up as you go along canuckledragger Jun 14 #68
The law in question defines a machine gun as a weapon that fires with a single pull of the trigger. yagotme Jun 14 #74
you know what you've made up. canuckledragger Jun 14 #78
Please be so kind as to cite reliable statistics for legal machine gun niyad Jun 14 #59
Here you go: yagotme Jun 14 #61
You will be good enough to notice that I have not called for a ban on niyad Jun 14 #62
Reading your post, the phrasing you use, yagotme Jun 14 #63
Post removed Post removed Jun 14 #70
You didn't NOT say it, so there. yagotme Jun 14 #72
youv'e already been informed of the misinformation you're willingly pushing here. canuckledragger Jun 14 #77
You're calling fairy tales. I called for a cite, from you. yagotme Jun 14 #79
Yes I'm calling fairy tales. Still am. canuckledragger Jun 14 #80
Give it up, dear heart, as your, rather lurid, demagogic, posts and projections niyad Jun 14 #84
I'm called out for posting fairy tales, when you, yourself, have asked me for cites, and I did, yagotme Jun 14 #85
so when pressed, you STILL stick to the lies and hyperbole canuckledragger Jun 14 #65
I guess analogies are above your pay grade. yagotme Jun 14 #69
I don't acknowledge fairy tales as fact. canuckledragger Jun 14 #71
Please cite these "fairy tales". yagotme Jun 14 #73
I already have. canuckledragger Jun 14 #75
The effect is the same, no matter how often you spin fairy tales or push hyperbole. canuckledragger Jun 14 #48
I can take a semi auto rifle, pull the trigger REALLY fast, and have the same effect. yagotme Jun 14 #53
No you can't. canuckledragger Jun 14 #67
How do YOU know how fast I can pull a trigger? yagotme Jun 14 #86
Post removed Post removed Jun 14 #91
So, a world record holder is just fooling himself? yagotme Jun 14 #92
Justice Sotomayor calls out every conservative in gun case dissent Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jun 14 #8
Good logic and good advice. SarahD Jun 14 #11
All for it says the convicted felon who cannot possess a firearm. StarryNite Jun 14 #12
No the irony is thatdemguy Jun 14 #58
Pissing match about bump stock vs. machinegun is pointless and unhelpful duckworth969 Jun 14 #15
it graduated from a pissing match to a constitutional argument bigtree Jun 14 #19
They didn't "legislate from the bench"! TexasDem69 Jun 14 #55
you'd need to read the dissenting opinion bigtree Jun 14 #82
Ironically they did the exact opposite sarisataka Jun 14 #56
Thomas substituted his own interpretation of the law for Congress's bigtree Jun 14 #83
A bump stock is not "a" gun. yagotme Jun 14 #87
Congress passed the law in question prior to bump stops being invented Zeitghost Jun 14 #88
True it doesn't matter a whit to the Court what I think sarisataka Jun 14 #89
Gun nuts tickle me so... LowerManhattanite Jun 14 #24
x1000. Evolve Dammit Jun 14 #25
But it doesn't. Igel Jun 14 #28
K & R malaise Jun 14 #37
Owned lock, stock, and barrel, so to speak Hekate Jun 14 #60
K&R spanone Jun 14 #90
Nobody in their right mind needs a rifle with a bump stock. Paladin Jun 15 #97
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