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Fri Jun 14, 2024, 05:40 PM Jun 14

The gun deaths IS THE POINT [View all]

People go to great lengths to sidestep the fact that our culture IS VIOLENT!

Half of the country doesn’t care how many kids die in schools. Half of the country doesn’t care if we fear being killed at a concert or a movie theater or walking to the park!

The SCROTUS decision today makes it clear: Americans are a violent people. WE CAME INTO BEING IN VIOLENCE AND WE WILL DIE IN VIOLENCE! We have a culture of violence and death. “Freedom” is the bait. Violence is the switch! How free are we, really, when we can’t send our kids to school in peace?

We should all be ashamed!

We allowed Trump to win! We knew what they would do and still many refused to vote for Hillary. Some Bernie Bros. even voted for Trump!

I’m disgusted! And I’m out of here. Making my plans and bailing. This place sucks!

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The gun deaths IS THE POINT [View all] Bluesaph Jun 14 OP
I think it's worse than that. SarahD Jun 14 #1
Hmm, I don't remember seeing this in the decision: yagotme Jun 14 #3
It's my own conclusion. SarahD Jun 14 #4
Are you sure? yagotme Jun 14 #6
that's because some tend to ignore any and all facts that don't support the fairy tales they're pushing. canuckledragger Jun 14 #16
So, since you are the keeper of the facts, lay some on me. yagotme Jun 14 #19
yes, it's certainly obvious that someone is trying to derail a meaningfull discussion here. canuckledragger Jun 14 #21
Why does there need to be more than one? EarlG Jun 15 #74
If we banned an item every time it was used in a mass killing, we would have nothing. yagotme Jun 15 #75
Thought experiment for you, on gun ownership in general EarlG Jun 15 #82
As a thought experiment, (as both things are impossible), here's my take: yagotme Jun 15 #85
Thanks for the reply EarlG Jun 15 #97
You're welcome. Nice to have a normal discourse for once. yagotme Jun 15 #100
Pretty sure. SarahD Jun 14 #18
Bump stocks are the issue of the day. yagotme Jun 14 #23
According to that logic SarahD Jun 14 #27
The flaw in that logic is, the installation of a full auto switch in a Glock, yagotme Jun 14 #38
If the conversion device was made before 1986 and you could thatdemguy Jun 14 #40
The law in question does not allow that Zeitghost Jun 14 #47
The 2nd is not above the 1st! Bluesaph Jun 15 #66
Your title and your first sentence don't jibe. yagotme Jun 15 #72
This seems to not recognize the future oldmanlynn Jun 14 #24
Magazines aren't covered, right? Ban all magazines? They're not firearms, after all... yagotme Jun 14 #29
Semantics much? Bluesaph Jun 15 #67
"Explain yourself" yagotme Jun 15 #73
So ... as it's NOT a gun ... Bluesaph Jun 15 #78
Deer hunters are limited, by law, as to how many rounds they can carry in the weapon. yagotme Jun 15 #89
It will be used to kill. That's its purpose. It's not a toy. Bluesaph Jun 15 #99
Thousands were made. Some 3-D printed. yagotme Jun 15 #101
You need some better arguments. Bluesaph Jun 16 #102
I agree. yagotme Jun 16 #103
They were outlawed after that once incidence. Bluesaph Jun 16 #104
The ATF looked at them more than once before Vegas, and declared them legal. yagotme Jun 16 #105
Now you're changing the argument. Bluesaph Jun 16 #106
No, I'm stating factual history. yagotme Jun 16 #107
I'm all for personal liberty too. But not on stupid toys. Bluesaph Jun 16 #108
Bump stocks are NOT weapons. It's the weapon that fires. yagotme Jun 16 #109
Good news. SarahD Jun 14 #50
Yes, as I understand the SC ruling, if Congress passes legislation banning them it would. MichMan Jun 15 #51
Bump stocks are for target practice and wasting ammo Melon Jun 15 #58
Don't you think that once in Las Vegas was enough? LuckyCharms Jun 15 #79
One incident. yagotme Jun 15 #86
You are very hard over on this issue. LuckyCharms Jun 15 #88
USSC made a ruling. I looked at the law, have knowledge about how bump stocks work, yagotme Jun 15 #91
That's nice. n/t LuckyCharms Jun 15 #92
Thank you. yagotme Jun 15 #93
You wouldn't be happy if you knew what I am thinking. n/t LuckyCharms Jun 15 #94
Now, now, let's be nice. yagotme Jun 15 #95
Of course. n/t LuckyCharms Jun 15 #96
Umm, it's a consequence of the decision Dave says Jun 14 #11
She said that? Really? I'd like to read that... nt yagotme Jun 14 #12
Disrespect. Kingofalldems Jun 14 #13
Who? What? Where? yagotme Jun 14 #14
You gave a smart aleck answer to the poster. Kingofalldems Jun 14 #17
Stated I hadn't viewed the statement in question. yagotme Jun 14 #20
someone obviously CAN'T handle having their derailment attempts questioned! canuckledragger Jun 14 #22
Talking about OP subject equals derailment. yagotme Jun 14 #25
no, pushing propaganda, hyperbole and lies equals derailment. canuckledragger Jun 14 #30
I'll have to remember that when someone posts something not factual here. yagotme Jun 14 #41
then try to remeber it for your next post if you don't want to look silly. canuckledragger Jun 14 #42
Yes, when I reply to a silly post from now on, I'll try not to look silly. yagotme Jun 14 #44
then try telling the truth. canuckledragger Jun 14 #45
I'd ask to cite where I lied, but I already know what you're going to say... nt yagotme Jun 14 #49
And we know that someone will gaslight and lie regardless. canuckledragger Jun 15 #56
Well spotted, canuckledragger Hekate Jun 15 #59
Yes, someone has been busy following me around the board. yagotme Jun 15 #71
Yes, someone has been running wild pushing a lot of propaganda and bad-faith arguments. canuckledragger Jun 15 #81
Yup, and I counter that propaganda as best I can. yagotme Jun 15 #84
and when questioned, some just double down on the lies and propaganda. canuckledragger Jun 15 #87
I know what you mean. I've seen that a lot lately. yagotme Jun 15 #90
2d time you've called me a liar. yagotme Jun 15 #70
Someone thinks it's all about them. canuckledragger Jun 15 #80
When you are replying to me, and infer/directly say I'm lying, well, I guess that DOES make it about me. yagotme Jun 15 #83
How about this: Gun violence is the leading cause of death for American children. Irish_Dem Jun 14 #28
You say this every time the Supreme Court issues a decision TexasDem69 Jun 14 #32
How many children are killed by bump stocks yearly? Is there even a number, other that Las Vegas? yagotme Jun 14 #39
gun violence apologists are pathetic. canuckledragger Jun 14 #43
Name calling now. You're really sinking low. yagotme Jun 14 #46
boy, gun violence apologists get angry when their propaganda and gaslighting are called out! canuckledragger Jun 15 #55
They are very sensitive people, after all Hekate Jun 15 #61
yes, some tend to alert on others here when their comments are disputed. canuckledragger Jun 15 #65
I have NEVER alerted on a post here. I have been tempted, though. yagotme Jun 15 #68
It's my understanding that this is a civil discussion board. yagotme Jun 15 #69
It's not the job of the courts Zeitghost Jun 14 #48
gun humpers seem to love calling themselves PRO-LIFE Skittles Jun 14 #2
I'm having a flashback... Hekate Jun 15 #63
There are a lot of psychopaths I_UndergroundPanther Jun 14 #5
And the gunners are out trolling all over GD Kingofalldems Jun 14 #7
well of course Skittles Jun 14 #8
Where has anyone said it was a "great" decision? TexasDem69 Jun 14 #33
Don't have to say it Kingofalldems Jun 14 #35
So zero evidence to support your argument TexasDem69 Jun 14 #36
Why Putin subverted the NRA usonian Jun 14 #9
Yup. If we can. onecaliberal Jun 14 #10
It's human sacrifice that validates the sacred importance Gaugamela Jun 14 #15
The US regularly kills its citizens to appease the gun gods. Irish_Dem Jun 14 #26
Gun deaths happen because the GOP and Movement applegrove Jun 14 #31
Do you really believe this? TexasDem69 Jun 14 #34
I'm talking about the people behind the people who don't want reasonable gun regulation. applegrove Jun 14 #37
And the vast majority of gun deaths are caused by handguns MichMan Jun 15 #52
But it would stop an event, where 60 people died, 500 injured, applegrove Jun 15 #53
Most likely it wouldn't have stopped the event Kaleva Jun 15 #54
But the rate of fire during the Vegas shooting was much greater than applegrove Jun 15 #57
Again, only a miniscule percentage of gun deaths can be attributed to either AR15 or bump stops MichMan Jun 15 #64
I guess we are just helpless beings and there is nothing that can be done Hekate Jun 15 #62
Sure. Lock up lawbreakers. yagotme Jun 15 #77
Our national gun fetish is a self-inflicted form of domestic terrorism Hekate Jun 15 #60
They can't win on the strength of their ideas C_U_L8R Jun 15 #76
Yep, we're violent, with our black clothes and our grey cars. Iggo Jun 15 #98
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