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Jersey Devil

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35. yes, weight does make a difference
Mon Jun 17, 2024, 09:12 AM
Jun 17

I weigh 205 and always keep my limit to about 3 over a few hours if I am driving.

The highest reading I ever saw was .41 by an alcoholic who was found in someone's back yard with his car halfway up a tree. I am a lawyer, now retired, who did a lot of DUI work and have seen many cases. Usually, if a reading is .18 or above the driver is an extreme alcoholic.

I agree that this is egregious behavior thucythucy Jun 13 #1
Unless I misunderstand the situation, Disaffected Jun 13 #7
Yes, I see that. thucythucy Jun 13 #13
Are alcoholics not under treatment necessarily drunk all the time? Disaffected Jun 13 #15
I don't want to pass myself off as an expert on alcoholism. thucythucy Jun 13 #16
We lost a beloved family member to alcoholism. CTyankee Jun 17 #41
That's such a sad story! thucythucy Jun 17 #42
Well, she now has a namesake. My granddaughter is named after her. CTyankee Jun 17 #43
There in NO excuse to drive drunk Attilatheblond Jun 17 #44
I was at my favorite bar one time many years ago. Initech Jun 13 #2
Wonder if the court mandated that his vehicle be equipped Bristlecone Jun 13 #3
I met somebody from Winneconne SarahD Jun 13 #4
I went to school with the Rombergs! Greybnk48 Jun 14 #18
Probably related. SarahD Jun 14 #20
I think a lot of the people at this stage don't even have a license captain queeg Jun 13 #5
No doubt it's a "straw purchase," Archae Jun 17 #29
Yeah, at that point, it's time for a stay are the iron bar hotel. Happy Hoosier Jun 17 #34
I have another question gab13by13 Jun 13 #6
Good question! nt thucythucy Jun 13 #14
There is a Red Flag that should certainly be rapidly waved to and fro. magicarpet Jun 17 #27
Before I had even read the post, I knew this would be from Wisconsin. elocs Jun 13 #8
wow BlueWaveNeverEnd Jun 13 #12
DH and I are from Wisconsin Bettie Jun 17 #36
Yes! Alcohol and drug addicts should all be locked up... Ohio Joe Jun 13 #9
How many opportunities does a drunk driver get until they kill somebody? elocs Jun 17 #38
Sadly, some folks get away with it time after time. Oopsie Daisy Jun 13 #10
This story makes me sad.. Texasgal Jun 13 #11
I'm a graduate of Winneconne H.S. 1966. Greybnk48 Jun 14 #17
Very sad about Wisconsin. I live in Illinois, and Wisconsin is a beautiful state. Lots and lots of drinking, and Stuart G Jun 14 #19
Exactly. We don't drink at all and we are an anomaly. Greybnk48 Jun 16 #22
Hell, there's much more than one bar on every corner! LeftInTX Jun 17 #25
The heritage my western Wisconsin community is most proud of is all the breweries that started here in the 1800s. elocs Jun 17 #39
Worked in bars in the past Johnny2X2X Jun 14 #21
It takes much less than you state to be considered impaired Jersey Devil Jun 17 #32
A lot depends on body weight Johnny2X2X Jun 17 #33
yes, weight does make a difference Jersey Devil Jun 17 #35
Agree Johnny2X2X Jun 17 #37
The record number of OWIs in Wisconsin is 18. mn9driver Jun 16 #23
I just read the story about him, I sure as hell hope he's in jail! Archae Jun 17 #24
Dude who hit my sister and shattered both legs, an arm and broke ribs was on #13 JT45242 Jun 17 #26
Cripes, I hope you at least sued the SOB. Archae Jun 17 #28
I repeat my question, gab13by13 Jun 17 #30
I hope they aren't, but... Archae Jun 17 #31
A drunk with a car is more dangerous than a drunk with a gun. captain queeg Jun 17 #45
lock him up ZonkerHarris Jun 17 #40
As usual, I only scanned over the post to see if it was a GOP officeholder Bucky Jun 17 #46
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