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Tue Jun 18, 2024, 02:46 PM Jun 18

TSF admits to letting Iran Attack US troops [View all]

"Trump admits collaborating with Iranian Supreme Leader and allowing over 100 US Troops to be wounded in Iraq because they showed “respect” by calling him first.
He did not stop them or strike back."

This isn't a "sources said" or "according to reporting" this is, very literally, out of TSF own mouth. He, by his own admission, let a hostile nation attack US troops.
We are truly living in tht upside down. Cannot even begin to make sense of this. How the fuck are we, as a society, just ignoring it or even worse, implying this is not a campaign ending revelation?

I just can't. This needs to be shouted from the mountain tops until you cannot talk anymore and then do it some more.
Reference to the Threads story with video in context:

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Good gravy. I don't know how but it just keeps getting worse and worse. Biophilic Jun 18 #1
I've been meaning to ask cannabis_flower Jun 18 #33
The sick fuck, TSF ybbor Jun 18 #35
I believe that Biden coined TSF just like he did TFG. 😍 President Biden. n/t iluvtennis Jun 19 #59
Sorry I can't tell you. Biophilic Jun 18 #36
I was wondering too caraher Jun 18 #37
He acquired TSF before he wss convicted, but I agree that wnylib Jun 19 #63
I always thought TFG was RandomNumbers Jun 18 #47
I have a different acronym for TFG Martin Eden Jun 18 #49
Maybe The Slob Father! denvine Jun 19 #54
Or the stupid fascist.... littlemissmartypants Jun 19 #60
Agreed Rebl2 Jun 19 #62
Stop The Stealing Of Democracy czarjak Jun 18 #2
Most playable ego in world leadership lame54 Jun 18 #3
So true... all because he felt Iran was RESPECTing him liberalla Jun 18 #52
Because it's all about HIM ... live love laugh Jun 19 #58
How is this NOT the only thing in the News right now? SKKY Jun 18 #4
Right? Dave says Jun 18 #38
Benghaaaaaziiii! ChazInAz Jun 19 #55
It would be all over over the news if Rs SAID a D did this Cosmocat Jun 19 #65
The Complicit Corporate Catamites would holler it to the heavens n/t ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 19 #67
WTAF? UpInArms Jun 18 #5
And there are those who would vote him in as "Commander in Chief?! Rhiannon12866 Jun 18 #51
Dispicable JoseBalow Jun 18 #6
Did the enemies of the U.S. even have to pay for his collection of classified documents? Hermit-The-Prog Jun 18 #7
He has said that people who commit treason should be executed. niyad Jun 18 #8
18 U.S. Code 2381 - Treason Hermit-The-Prog Jun 18 #9
Treason!!! sellitman Jun 18 #41
He most certainly has. Yet HE'S committed treason several times over. B.See Jun 18 #23
alito has hinted that the potus can't commit treason..... getagrip_already Jun 18 #26
No doubt Alito thinks a SC justice cannot commit treason either. B.See Jun 18 #27
Absolutely!! Dave says Jun 18 #39
"Treason doth never prosper? What's the reason?" eppur_se_muova Jun 19 #56
Surely they paid him, Dark n Stormy Knight Jun 19 #69
traitortrump may have passed along the documents just to brag. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 19 #70
John Bolton said this was a lie. Grins Jun 18 #10
Whether it happened or not, either way it's in Bolton's interest to deny it. Iggo Jun 18 #14
I have the same question as #14. What is the lie? Raven123 Jun 18 #17
That TSF said it angrychair Jun 18 #21
This message was self-deleted by its author wnylib Jun 19 #64
OMFG! Deep State Witch Jun 18 #11
Beyond disgusting. Old Crank Jun 18 #12
Jesus H Christ, he just keeps getting worse and worse Warpy Jun 18 #13
When they tell/show you who they are, BELIEVE THEM B.See Jun 18 #24
Hey, maybe Trump thought it really was true PatSeg Jun 18 #29
Hence, the confabulation Warpy Jun 18 #46
True and yet another reason why he is unfit PatSeg Jun 18 #50
Sort of worse because it highlights his intent and opens a window TheKentuckian Jun 19 #68
He been slinging this bull$hit for a while now. paulrevere2018 Jun 18 #15
If not true angrychair Jun 18 #22
Even in the interview with MB, he contradicts ... Dave says Jun 18 #44
After we killed their one military leader KS Toronado Jun 18 #16
Failing? Dave says Jun 18 #45
Iran did the same thing with Israel and Pakistan. Renew Deal Jun 18 #18
Oh, lord. kgray96057 Jun 18 #19
He's a sick, treasonous fuck. spanone Jun 18 #20
Was this the strike that resulted in dozens of traumatic brain injuries? JoseBalow Jun 18 #25
That's the one. The missles landed inside the compound. An paulrevere2018 Jun 18 #31
Unfortunately, I cannot say here what I want to say about TFG. William769 Jun 18 #28
Does anyone know when this interview was? PatSeg Jun 18 #30
It's been out, WaPo did a write up on his stupid claims. Again paulrevere2018 Jun 18 #32
Yes, that is so much crap flying about PatSeg Jun 18 #48
When Donald and Tom Cotton ridiculed our troops having 'headaches'? keithbvadu2 Jun 18 #34
How is this not treason? nt Wicked Blue Jun 18 #40
Yes, but Dukakis did make that huge mistake on a tank BSdetect Jun 18 #42
And yet my family vets... Hope22 Jun 18 #43
This is from February and no discussion of it until now? AllyCat Jun 19 #53
Because His Cherokee100 Jun 19 #57
ALWAYS, always about him. efhmc Jun 19 #61
JHC. He is one sick MF'er. As a colleague said: "He's going to get us all killed." He is insane. Evolve Dammit Jun 19 #66
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