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LOL, Tiedrich knows the business end of a pointy stick Brother Buzz Jun 20 #1
He's awesome. Another rude pundit! geardaddy Jun 20 #2
She refers to Nurse Ratchet in her vile rant? Probatim Jun 20 #3
YouTube is not currently available on this device. What the hey? Brother Buzz Jun 20 #4
I don't but she says something racist something Ratchet something something. Probatim Jun 20 #5
here it is geardaddy Jun 20 #7
Thanks - I've never had a problem with YouTube links before and have no clue what the issue was Brother Buzz Jun 20 #10
Thanks for sharing that! geardaddy Jun 20 #13
Probably wretched? keithbvadu2 Jun 20 #6
I'm guessing it's supposed to be "wretched" geardaddy Jun 20 #8
Ratchet...it's slang and means low class/ghetto. /nt spudspud Jun 20 #17
I saw that in Jeff Tiedrich's response - the description seems to fit the politician. Probatim Jun 20 #19
I have always wondered why Texas seem to be all fuct up. It was an eye openning flashman13 Jun 20 #9
I love Michener's novels. Dulcinea Jun 20 #14
Hard to pick a Michener favorite but I guess mtngirl47 Jun 20 #16
The Drifters is sitting on my book shelf, but for some reason I haven't read it. flashman13 Jun 20 #22
The Source is high on my personal favorites list. Poland and Alaska are excruciatingly depressing. flashman13 Jun 20 #21
No she means ratchet, a term she appropriated from B.See Jun 20 #11
Thanks for the explanation of ratchet geardaddy Jun 20 #12
Both are recent arrivals malaise Jun 20 #15
I remember there was a "joke" along this line I heard decades ago. 4lbs Jun 20 #20
The sad truth malaise Jun 20 #24
The Beverly Hillbillies had a variation on that Wednesdays Jun 20 #26
Heh. I remember that one vaguely. I haven't watched that show in a while though. 4lbs Jun 20 #28
That show was much deeper than many realized malaise Jun 20 #32
this . ding . rec. AllaN01Bear Jun 20 #30
The homophobia is on full display in her tiktok video. ShazzieB Jun 20 #18
the MAGAts know they're racist and we know they're racist Stardust Mirror Jun 20 #23
She definitely doesn't look old enough to remember the '60s or Freedom Summer. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 20 #25
i cant say what i want to say on here , so , i wont. but . snork. AllaN01Bear Jun 20 #27
Let those motherfuckers stroke out Blue Owl Jun 20 #29
Hear! Hear! geardaddy Jun 20 #31
ding. AllaN01Bear Jun 20 #33
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