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Jersey Devil

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5. Well, that worked for Biden last time
Fri Jun 21, 2024, 09:52 AM
Jun 21

Sounds like an athlete who won't change his underwear during a winning streak.

Maybe people will want to or need to leave early. usonian Jun 21 #1
id loan joe my resperator.!!! AllaN01Bear Jun 21 #12
I believe who goes last is determined by a coin flip Jersey Devil Jun 21 #2
Biden won the coin-flip and chose to be on the right side of the stage. BootinUp Jun 21 #3
It so happens that he's also on the right side of the issues... Harker Jun 21 #20
Yes, lucky for us. Heh. BootinUp Jun 21 #28
Hard to believe that anyone, at this point, is still undecided. Harker Jun 21 #29
They have chosen to block out the news BootinUp Jun 21 #30
I hope there's a thrilling sporting event that's sufficiently distracting for them. n/t Harker Jun 21 #31
Well, that worked for Biden last time Jersey Devil Jun 21 #5
Let's hope the moderators... Think. Again. Jun 21 #4
It wasn't anybody's brilliant move jimfields33 Jun 21 #6
The coin flip determined who selects the order Aviation Pro Jun 21 #7
Which is weird in football cause they actually give each other pats on the back Alpeduez21 Jun 21 #19
I'd like to see Biden take selfies during TSF's last oinking. IA8IT Jun 21 #8
i have other evIl thoughts but cant say them here . AllaN01Bear Jun 21 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author PJMcK Jun 21 #27
Ha! Dark n Stormy Knight Jun 21 #22
Play recording Traildogbob Jun 21 #26
The choice of podium is interesting. I have difficutly turning my neck to right. Or, maybe they think Silent Type Jun 21 #9
Could be like me and have some hearing loss Happy Hoosier Jun 21 #11
That's a good point. Silent Type Jun 21 #13
At the beginning of the debate nevergiveup Jun 21 #14
You really want to witness a head exploding on live tv?... MiHale Jun 21 #21
This is what Biden will do. TheBlackAdder Jun 21 #34
In rallies, I think Trump turns most to his right when addressing crowds bucolic_frolic Jun 21 #15
Joe could shake his head during Trump's closing remarks.... kentuck Jun 21 #16
I think there's an almost immediate advantage for President Biden to go first. BobTheSubgenius Jun 21 #17
Debate Details Are Set: Biden Channels His Inner Franklin D. Roosevelt frogstar0 Jun 21 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author Blue Idaho Jun 21 #23
A debate between the two people on the ballot to lead the country is not nonsense. former9thward Jun 21 #25
This message was self-deleted by its author Blue Idaho Jun 21 #32
I believe you posted people will tune out the debates before 90 minutes. former9thward Jun 21 #33
This message was self-deleted by its author Blue Idaho Jun 22 #35
Joe should anticipate and prebut what he says. nolabear Jun 21 #24
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