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53. She's crazy like Ginny.
Fri Jun 21, 2024, 04:34 PM
Jun 21

But Ginny figured out how to monetize her psychosis. Martha is just bitter.

My guess is that all the attention has been a bit much. To that I say, too fucking bad.

..... yardwork Jun 21 #1
me too. AllaN01Bear Jun 21 #52
Yeah - don't worry about it. THAT'S normal. dchill Jun 21 #60
Would it be too much to ask that he kicks the bucket this weekend? No? Good. RussellCattle Jun 21 #2
One can hope. republianmushroom Jun 21 #70
A "better person" would wish them well, nonetheless... hlthe2b Jun 21 #3
A wise older better person would not wish them well LiberalFighter Jun 21 #17
Me worse malaise Jun 21 #27
😄 electric_blue68 Jun 21 #33
Mighty hard to disagree. calimary Jun 21 #56
Hey Sammy BlueKota Jun 21 #4
The thing is? leftieNanner Jun 21 #13
Well that would suck for them too. 🤣 BlueKota Jun 21 #15
He does have great health care, though. haele Jun 21 #72
No one came out and asked Arne Jun 21 #5
Could they both be flat on their backs in bed MOMFUDSKI Jun 21 #6
Maybe they are busy buying a new flag collection. Irish_Dem Jun 21 #8
Something new and specific going on with his wife? Irish_Dem Jun 21 #7
No reason yet has been provided... FarPoint Jun 21 #16
I wonder if more damaging news will come out. Irish_Dem Jun 21 #67
She did get recorded saying things Maggiemayhem Jun 21 #63
"VERGOGNA!!!" nt Carlitos Brigante Jun 21 #9
INDEED! 2naSalit Jun 21 #46
I had to look that one up... lol! sarchasm Jun 21 #50
Would be a shame if he had a terminal illness and was declining rapidly Blue Owl Jun 21 #10
Something going on? Like, flying plates and locks being changed? lindysalsagal Jun 21 #11
He's already relocated to an undisclosed bunker shelshaw Jun 21 #12
I bet you're correct. pfitz59 Jun 21 #32
I wish them exactly what they have dealt to others. BComplex Jun 21 #14
Have they checked to see if there was a double suicide? LiberalFighter Jun 21 #18
Whatever's going on, Shithole Sam... The Unmitigated Gall Jun 21 #19
Are we sure he's not deep-sea fishing on some asshole billionaire's yacht right now? Aristus Jun 21 #20
Is a Justice allowed to vote if they don't attend? Frasier Balzov Jun 21 #21
That's an interesting question! WestMichRad Jun 21 #23
My cynical self would say Frasier Balzov Jun 21 #25
He's probably already voted Deep State Witch Jun 21 #28
If you mean their decisions or opinions, those were made prior to the Karma13612 Jun 21 #36
If they dont attend the public release of opinions? DetroitLegalBeagle Jun 21 #59
My bad. I thought he missed oral argument on a case. Frasier Balzov Jun 21 #64
Don't get my hopes up. Voltaire2 Jun 21 #22
No pressure is getting to anyone Zeitghost Jun 21 #24
If he is sick I hope it's nothing trivial Walleye Jun 21 #26
Need to demand dweller Jun 21 #29
Shine the spotlight on them pfitz59 Jun 21 #30
All expense paid vacay for two? Freethinker65 Jun 21 #31
Fishing in Alaska. rubbersole Jun 21 #44
They are at home arguing about what flag to fly. Raven123 Jun 21 #34
Never ending peaceful demonstrations in front of his home. multigraincracker Jun 21 #35
Ayatolla Alito, a.k.a. Slippery Sam, should retire. He's unfit for the job. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 21 #37
May he and she both stop wasting oxygen. Today would be nice. niyad Jun 21 #38
Getting flag cleaned. Sneederbunk Jun 21 #39
Maybe some time traveler from the 1600's welcomed him back. GreenWave Jun 21 #40
I wish them everything they deserve. quaint Jun 21 #41
Oh deary deary me, I do hope it's nothing trivial Hekate Jun 21 #42
Ya mean Jesus might finally be answering my prayers? If so, I gotta uphold my part of the bargain. 3Hotdogs Jun 21 #43
Ha! Dark n Stormy Knight Jun 22 #73
It's not only near the end of the term, but they also have a huge backlog of very important cases. Their slow pace so Martin68 Jun 21 #45
They may be Cherokee100 Jun 21 #47
FAFO sarchasm Jun 21 #48
Good! I hope he is very sick. In fact, I hope he does not return helpisontheway Jun 21 #49
QUICK! CHECK THE FLAGPOLE! Think. Again. Jun 21 #51
She's crazy like Ginny. Buckeyeblue Jun 21 #53
Private meeting with Russian chaos agents? BoRaGard Jun 21 #54
Do us all a favor and NEVER come back. K? We don't need you fucking up our lives with your "views." Evolve Dammit Jun 21 #55
He doesn't care whether he's there! It's all about him...not about Justice or the American ppl PortTack Jun 21 #57
I hope Sam the Sham and his wife are having a massive fight. ShazzieB Jun 21 #58
She skeeves me out. Dark n Stormy Knight Jun 22 #74
I think he's just Supremely Butthurt. dchill Jun 21 #61
And don't come back, evert! Jilly_in_VA Jun 21 #62
Well, good riddance! Too soon? BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA SNORT BUWAHAHAHAHAHA! n/t brewens Jun 21 #65
Dock the lazy slacker's pay ... Rhiagel Jun 21 #66
Dodging conflicts of interest is my guess.... Surely some of his donors' cases are being handled. live love laugh Jun 21 #68
Maybe she's throwing Delicious German Hela Curry Gewurz Delicate Ketchup at their walls. chowder66 Jun 21 #69
Hopefully resetting that flag pole at his house straight and plumb. Hotler Jun 21 #71
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