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48. Women aren't supposed to enjoy it.
Sun Jun 23, 2024, 10:41 AM
Jun 23

Only penises have the right to pleasure and they’ll take that right forcefully because vaginas and the people who have them only exist for male pleasure and egotism (spreading genes).

if it's for men's pleasure Skittles Jun 22 #1
Follow the money. This would piss off a lot of wealthy men... nt mitch96 Jun 23 #22
Or monitoring viagra use, making doctors turn over viagra records. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #24
Ok Mr Smith BOSSHOG Jun 23 #33
Send them to fake viagra clinics. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #38
Doctors Visit BOSSHOG Jun 23 #34
Many men jump through those hoops to keep their wives from finding out getagrip_already Jun 23 #42
Men will always get what they want. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #43
Insurance. Does. Not. Cover. Viagra. louis-t Jun 23 #44
Some Health Insurance Companies do. republianmushroom Jun 23 #52
the generic often is Skittles Jun 23 #59
Patriarchy. chowder66 Jun 22 #2
Dems need to keep citing the Comstock Act as a law that could ban "everything from condoms to Viagra" in the mail. eppur_se_muova Jun 22 #3
THIS, THIS, THIS!! TSExile Jun 23 #5
Very good point! nt pnwmom Jun 23 #4
I bet the majority of Viagra is bought by Incels, ammosexuals, trumpsters, etc. But haven't reviewed stats. Silent Type Jun 23 #6
Incels, by nature, don't have intercourse. Why would they be pounding Viagra? Celerity Jun 23 #15
Because the Comstock Act specifically mentions abortion. onenote Jun 23 #7
This is just what I've been saying since they drug slightlv Jun 23 #8
As long as rape is an option for these a holes "Lysistrata" will never work. littlemissmartypants Jun 23 #9
I think Lysistrata might work to some extent. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #27
No. Most men do not sleep on the couch. raging moderate Jun 23 #30
So they create their own Lysistrata. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #31
You should read the Comstock Act. It specifically mentions abortion. Viagra and Cialis don't cause abortions. onenote Jun 23 #36
We are not legal experts arguing the law. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #40
Were they not people who were prosecuted for other " obscenities" in the past? tulipsandroses Jun 23 #47
Thank you. emulatorloo Jun 23 #51
Excellent Point! The Roux Comes First Jun 23 #10
Condoms too In It to Win It Jun 23 #11
Condoms don't have anything to do with terminating a pregnancy. onenote Jun 23 #37
I get that part but isn't the Democratic message also that the GOP are coming after contraception In It to Win It Jun 23 #49
Yes it should. And if they continue to say life begins at conception then they need to start charging Maraya1969 Jun 23 #12
I think that was the winning argument BigmanPigman Jun 23 #13
An excellent post malaise Jun 23 #21
Not to mention it's unlikely to be procreative sex. n/t BWdem4life Jun 23 #14
Simple explanation: SamKnause Jun 23 #16
Right you are. But if the women aren't supposed to have sex, who are the men going to have sex with? raccoon Jun 23 #17
They never explain that part. SamKnause Jun 23 #18
Women can have sex with men, but they will be severely punished for it. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #28
Women aren't supposed to enjoy it. intheflow Jun 23 #48
Republicans can use the Comstock Act to ban all sorts of things. Lonestarblue Jun 23 #19
Hmmmmmmmm malaise Jun 23 #20
Because men scream bloody murder when you even mention viagra Irish_Dem Jun 23 #23
OR they say, "Lots of women like Viagra too!" As if the vast majority men weren't completely Scrivener7 Jun 23 #46
If we could link viagra and abortion laws, abortion would be permanently legal immediately. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #25
What's wrong with being "lewd, obscene and promiscuous?" eShirl Jun 23 #26
Trump has total permanent immunity from all laws, rules, norms, traditions, agreements. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #29
Actually, Viagra was developed as a cardiology medication Conjuay Jun 23 #32
Abortion must not be a cash cow for our oligarch overlords. Irish_Dem Jun 23 #41
Because it's not porn or birth control. Voltaire2 Jun 23 #35
And, moreover, no one is relying on those portions of the Comstock Act that go beyond abortion. onenote Jun 23 #39
You know why. Scrivener7 Jun 23 #45
Because Viagra isn't birth control? It is analogous to topical estrogen, emulatorloo Jun 23 #50
Too many women love Viagra for that to happen Kaleva Jun 23 #53
See post 46. Scrivener7 Jun 24 #60
Has a right-winger said that Viagra *isn't* "fair game"? muriel_volestrangler Jun 23 #54
It's all a matter of picking definitions. Model35mech Jun 23 #55
Because it promotes "life" and the ability to create it. BlueTsunami2018 Jun 23 #56
Because white males want to use it senseandsensibility Jun 23 #57
Because men's boners Bettie Jun 23 #58
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