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39. It's not the reporters,
Sun Jun 23, 2024, 10:48 AM
Jun 23

it’s the editors who create the headlines and determine which stories to print. I know an NYT reporter, too, and have seen their credible articles headlined as click bait.

Just as I thought [View all] senseandsensibility Jun 22 OP
My first thought when I heard this reported on cbc radio: how do you know that? Where is the proof? cbabe Jun 22 #1
Yup senseandsensibility Jun 22 #2
FEC filing will be on July 15. brooklynite Jun 22 #3
Thanks for your input senseandsensibility Jun 22 #6
Wrong on both counts maxrandb Jun 22 #7
I agree with you mostly. The one to which you replied triron Jun 22 #8
Hard not to notice that after a while. erronis Jun 22 #13
FEC filings aren't made by Trump brooklynite Jun 22 #9
Right, it's not like an accountant, or lawyer associated with him has EVER LIED maxrandb Jun 22 #14
When the Biden campaign challenges his fundraising statement, let me know. brooklynite Jun 22 #16
The point is that the NYT is not credible and presents no credible source for its claims. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 22 #27
The NYT is hardly the only media source reporting this information. onenote Jun 22 #34
I believe the Biden campaign said; "let's see what the actual numbers show when filed" maxrandb Jun 22 #29
I believe anything coming out of the Trump campaign just about as much as I used to believe anything coming Walleye Jun 22 #11
You mean pet rocks aren't real? rubbersole Jun 22 #20
The numbers being reported by the press are from a filing made with the FEC on June 20. onenote Jun 22 #35
You don't suppose the G.O.P. would lie about this, do you? BoRaGard Jun 22 #4
The higher they help FF45 fail upward, the harder he'll fall Blue Owl Jun 22 #5
"... they are specializing in "Trump credulous" stories to set the narrative" live love laugh Jun 22 #10
Wait, what? You're accusing The Times of being biased and Trump lying? surfered Jun 22 #12
I hope everyone resubscribes so they can cancel their subscriptions again..... brooklynite Jun 22 #17
Why? senseandsensibility Jun 22 #18
All lies all the time malaise Jun 22 #15
Mr. Trump's attorney's thank Mr. Mellon. CrispyQ Jun 22 #19
The Mellon family is entrenched American conservative wealth. PufPuf23 Jun 22 #21
First online NYT page: 'Election updates: Donald Trump is drawing crowds while President Biden prepares to debate.' nt wiggs Jun 22 #22
Boy does the Swamp fear Biden. n/t SleeplessinSoCal Jun 22 #23
Yep. Scrivener7 Jun 22 #24
NYT and NY Post excel at faux journalism. no_hypocrisy Jun 22 #25
The New York Times has not been a credible source for a while. If I see NYT, I skip the story. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 22 #26
If you want to believe that... brooklynite Jun 22 #28
It's not the reporters, intheflow Jun 23 #39
Fairly or unfairly, I lost trust in The Times when surfered Jun 22 #30
"They turn in clusters, because their roots connect them" nt RandiFan1290 Jun 23 #40
When this is all done and Trump has lost, the NYT will be going to the ash heap with him. Joinfortmill Jun 22 #31
What? trmp lie? Shocked!!! spanone Jun 22 #32
Please tell me this was not millions from the Mellon Foundation. Arne Jun 22 #33
Shooting the messenger has become popular on DU, unfortunately. onenote Jun 22 #36
If you want source, you can go to the FEC website. That is what the media reports are based on. onenote Jun 22 #37
Thanks for posting this senseandsensibility Jun 22 #38
I can't read NYT but for these 2 filings, Biden has more contributions: scipan Jun 23 #41
Biden beat Trump in the number of contributors. But you don't spend contributors, you spend contributions. onenote Jun 23 #44
I'm looking at 17(e) total contributions, not # of contributors. scipan Jun 24 #45
Column A of the FEC Form 3P is a monthly number. onenote Jun 24 #47
Please see my post #41. Biden (individually) had more contributions in May. scipan Jun 23 #42
Thanks. You're right senseandsensibility Jun 23 #43
This is a fairly big story. More reason to state their sources. scipan Jun 24 #46
Trump lies about everything. Emile Jun 24 #48
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