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It's the heat wave in Pennsylvania - his brain is cooked FakeNoose Jun 23 #1
A washing machine for dishes but they don't want you to have water?? Peacetrain Jun 23 #2
Yeah Faux pas Jun 23 #4
What? He's right. We got a washing machine without water. We put the dishes on the floor - don't matter how much food 3Hotdogs Jun 23 #27
Love this cilla4progress Jun 23 #31
you LIE! lapfog_1 Jun 23 #37
What a coincidence! Conjuay Jun 24 #44
Modern machines do a better job with less Johonny Jun 24 #46
"a washing machine for dishes" LudwigPastorius Jun 24 #68
No need to retweet it..... anciano Jun 23 #3
I hope so. How much adderall will they give him? ZonkerHarris Jun 24 #66
He meant that they won't let him wash his hair. Arne Jun 23 #5
i saw what you did there .! AllaN01Bear Jun 23 #25
Well, to be fair, he does only have 2weeks of freedom left. aeromanKC Jun 23 #6
I think that's the first time I've ever literally LOL'd while listening to him. 50 Shades Of Blue Jun 23 #7
Is he even remotely aware of how dishes get washed? birdographer Jun 23 #8
I guarantee you that fucker has never washed a dish EVER in his entire life Skittles Jun 23 #17
I guarantee you that fucker has never washed a dish EVER in his entire life markodochartaigh Jun 23 #21
Why wash them? mercuryblues Jun 24 #43
His dementia means he lost the word "dishwasher", so he goes at it roundabout way. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jun 23 #19
While that symptom is definitely consistent summer_in_TX Jun 24 #69
I am not a doctor, so you undoubtedly have better information in this regard than me. . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jun 24 #70
Trump has numerous signs of dementia summer_in_TX Jun 24 #71
I saw a post last week Marthe48 Jun 23 #24
I dunno, but he thinks he's making perfect sense. Hahahahahhaaha! brush Jun 23 #29
Candidates in a dishwasher loading contest? Captain Zero Jun 24 #47
He never washes dishes. louis-t Jun 24 #59
Wait,.. I thought he washed his dishes in his Sterling Silver toilet ? magicarpet Jun 23 #11
"Warter, there's so much warter. It's called 'rain'" forgotmylogin Jun 23 #20
One thing MAGAts do a lot Wednesdays Jun 23 #28
Babbling idiot is messiah to Kool aid oasis Jun 23 #9
I think he's saying that the water isn't there when he opens the door/lid. BECAUSE IT STOPS chowder66 Jun 23 #10
Biden should talk about water & the EPA Captain Zero Jun 24 #49
In our guts, we know he's nuts Warpy Jun 23 #12
Donnie DipShit playing chess without any pieces again. NoMoreRepugs Jun 23 #13
"his blender doesn't go all the way to puree" nt sprinkleeninow Jun 23 #34
"He's got splinters..." LowerManhattanite Jun 24 #38
bats in the belfry sprinkleeninow Jun 24 #39
Elevator can't reach the top floor at Trump Tower n/t sarge43 Jun 24 #65
Probably, more than a few of Donald Trump's handlers are thinking, right as this moment... chouchou Jun 23 #14
that ship sailed the moment he was nominated the first time Skittles Jun 23 #16
WHO are these mysterious people who don't want us to have water? Skittles Jun 23 #15
MAGATs live in an entirely RW-conjured dystopia. Dark n Stormy Knight Jun 24 #42
So true odins folly Jun 24 #51
Did Fox discuss what he was saying when they came back? jmbar2 Jun 23 #18
That's what I'm wondering hibbing Jun 23 #35
Same here. Owl Jun 24 #48
Fox discussion Maninacan Jun 24 #72
And this is the person they want to give the ability to launch the nukes....ummm FUCK THAT!!! cstanleytech Jun 23 #22
YOUR MISSION, DONALD should you decide to accept it, is to complete DemocraticPatriot Jun 23 #23
Phillippe Reines was on with Ayman tonight Deminpenn Jun 23 #26
Kick. N/T Upthevibe Jun 23 #30
lol When faux can't handle the SPIN on your speech. Cha Jun 23 #33
I'd have Joe whack him over the water thing. Something like when Joe speaks about a solution to one of our brewens Jun 23 #36
To this date, I still cannot process the realization that sprinkleeninow Jun 24 #40
microwaves spying on their owners.... nt sprinkleeninow Jun 24 #41
These idiots are anti energy efficient anything Johnny2X2X Jun 24 #45
They can't stand change of any kind. llmart Jun 24 #50
I find it fascinating the propaganda that makes here to DU too Johnny2X2X Jun 24 #54
Oh, I agree with you about some of the things our fellow DUers get frenzied about. llmart Jun 24 #61
Range anxiety Johnny2X2X Jun 24 #62
Progress is the antithesis of conservatives odins folly Jun 24 #52
Apparently, his cult does........................................ Lovie777 Jun 24 #53
This made me smile LetMyPeopleVote Jun 24 #55
Is this current? NH Ethylene Jun 24 #56
Remember when traitortrump discovered the Atlantic Ocean? Water is mysterious and scary Hermit-The-Prog Jun 24 #57
'Off his rocker': Morning Joe mocks Trump rant that was so 'crazy' Fox News cut away LetMyPeopleVote Jun 24 #58
4 more months of these ad-worthy videos. Let's hear it 24-7. lindysalsagal Jun 24 #60
MAGA cultists are very upset that Jake Tapper and Dana Bash have reported that Trump used Hitler's rhetoric. LetMyPeopleVote Jun 24 #63
Trump is living proof that right wing talking points make you stupid Ohioboy Jun 24 #64
Fingers crossed that Trump will be able to reproduce this incoherence at the debate. Maybe he SupportSanity Jun 24 #67
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