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Mon Jun 24, 2024, 04:44 PM Jun 24

Is Denmark as horrifying as people say? [View all]

Is Denmark as horrifying as people say?
"I visited Denmark not that long ago. It was the worst place I ever visited.

The bus drivers were helpful

People were out and riding bikes EVERYWHERE and I mean EVERYWHERE to work, with their families. etc

There was no homeless

The food was fresh and amazing. Lots of fish, cheese and fresh bread

The women were absolutely beautiful, I could not find an overweight person if I tried.

Anytime I asked for directions, someone was willing to help and in English!

The city was clean and the only smell was food from the venders and ocean waves.

They have universal health care so if I got hurt I knew I would be well taken care of.

They have the BEST public schools in the world because they did away with both charter, and private schools while standardizing education, combined with free college, so everyone was inviting, worldly, and well educated.

No one wanted to immigrate to the USA after I made jokes about me wanting to stay there.

The only time I ever heard anyone saying anything negative was when I went to visit the famous mermaid in the harbor which comes from the native story in which Disney made the movie “The Little Mermaid” from. They made a sly remark how Disney loves the public domain in how they love to steal other works but sue when people use the same thing. They hated how Disney destroyed the story becasue she actually dies in the end and the crests of foam is lapping on the shore is supposed to represent her.

Other than that it was complete horror show! I can not wait to go back and have some more of that incredible fresh food!"


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The part about the public schools really got to me as senseandsensibility Jun 24 #1
Agree orangecrush Jun 24 #2
I've always wondered about America's Schools.... essaynnc Jun 24 #28
Since education is managed by states, and within states, by districts, soldierant Jun 24 #61
Go watch Michael Moore's "Where to invade next"! NGeorgian Jun 24 #47
I was about to recommend that. It's a real eye-opener. kskiska Jun 25 #75
Maybe everyone "hates" the Dutch a bit because it really is a very wealthy place bucolic_frolic Jun 24 #3
Danish, not Dutch we can do it Jun 24 #9
wow, you'd think i'd have that figured out by now bucolic_frolic Jun 24 #12
It happens to all of us. Actually, my neighbor is Dutch. Wonderful lady and indeed "thrifty." dameatball Jun 24 #50
Denmark is up here (I live in Sweden) in Scandinavia, not the Low Countries (Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg). Celerity Jun 25 #70
Sweden? That's where they make all those watches and have abominable snow critters Hermit-The-Prog Jun 25 #82
Yes, homegirl Jun 26 #100
The Dutch have it pretty great too. viva la Jun 24 #51
They saw their doors in half. Sneederbunk Jun 25 #79
And they invite you out and make you pay for your own dinner! viva la Jun 25 #90
Dutch are awful people too Metaphorical Jun 24 #53
but those Dutch pancakes EastBayGuy Jun 24 #60
As punishment for their great intelligence and demeanor, I sent my sons to study in the Netherlands Mr. Ected Jun 25 #85
In that Amsterdam museum, on the floor with the Rembrandts... viva la Jun 25 #91
Netherlands own huge parts of the US Traurigkeit Jun 24 #55
The Danes are not perfect. They have mistreated the native Inuit population of colonized Greenland. barbaraann Jun 24 #4
Oh, not perfect. Think. Again. Jun 24 #6
I bet they don't pass laws stating that mistreatment can't be taught in public schools. paleotn Jun 24 #26
I do know all of that. barbaraann Jun 24 #63
How have homegirl Jun 25 #65
Here's an excerpt from one article: barbaraann Jun 25 #89
Thank you for this information, homegirl Jun 26 #96
You're welcome, but I'm sorry it is so sad for you. barbaraann Jun 26 #97
Then you'll spend all of your time horrified. paleotn Jun 25 #93
I do spend a lot time worrying and being horrified, but I have tried to make the world better my entire adult life. barbaraann Jun 25 #94
Yes, homegirl Jun 26 #98
Thank you! barbaraann Jun 26 #99
Years ago Oprah (yes, I know) interviewed a few Danish women asking about how 'happy' Denmark is..... CurtEastPoint Jun 24 #5
This message was self-deleted by its author Rebl2 Jun 24 #8
The really wealthy person who brought us such wonderful influences like Dr Phil and Dr Oz? TheKentuckian Jun 24 #16
This message was self-deleted by its author Rebl2 Jun 24 #21
Jenny Mc Carthy --the anti-vax queen rpannier Jun 24 #40
Because that is exactly what reichwingers would call them. It needed to be asked, and it allowed a perfect response. nt eppur_se_muova Jun 24 #20
She was asking on behalf of the undereducated & brainwashed American masses... Hekate Jun 24 #46
THIS orangecrush Jun 24 #10
Even their leaders will tell us they are NOT Socialist countries. oldsoftie Jun 25 #72
Belgian health care for foreigners is worth mentioning. LAS14 Jun 24 #7
In the U.S., people would have walked over you to get to their plane. PeaceWave Jun 24 #17
Ain't that the truth.. Butterflylady Jun 24 #37
Over??? On! nilram Jun 25 #67
I got one on you IbogaProject Jun 24 #22
Haha malaise Jun 24 #11
But their tennis player's shorts are too short spooky3 Jun 24 #14
You win the thread with malaise Jun 24 #15
Hee hee! And you might like this: Rublev surprises a fan spooky3 Jun 24 #19
That was as lovely malaise Jun 24 #23
My ex is from Denmark and he always wore a speedo for swimming (which he did a lot of) Bev54 Jun 24 #35
I view speedos for men as essentially the same as most swimwear for spooky3 Jun 24 #39
The male vs female minimal bathing suit Voltaire2 Jun 25 #77
I agree with you about the sexism inherent in depictions thucythucy Jun 25 #86
Visited Copenhagen and a couple smaller towns a few years ago- lovely place Fiendish Thingy Jun 24 #13
As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. paleotn Jun 24 #31
Sounds like a real s hole country alright. Evolve Dammit Jun 25 #71
Sounds like the People's Republic of Scandinavia has indoctrinated you, citizen. LudwigPastorius Jun 24 #18
That's just how I remember it! Drum Jun 24 #24
People who say they hated going to Denmark most likely saw The Little Mermaid Warpy Jun 24 #25
Silly person -- she's green Hekate Jun 24 #48
Sea water has turned her more black Warpy Jun 24 #52
She's Danish. There's sketches of mer-people across the Seven Seas, wherever humans are seafarers Hekate Jun 24 #56
The story is Danish Warpy Jun 24 #58
Whatever version makes you happy. The author was a Dane with a tragic frame of mind... Hekate Jun 24 #59
Choose Marcuse Jun 25 #73
HAHAHAHA! Warpy Jun 25 #84
How about the men - were they beautiful, too? nt GenThePerservering Jun 24 #27
I'd move to Copenhagen in a flash if I had the means lanlady Jun 24 #29
I know, right! It's awful! denvine Jun 24 #30
This post was self-deleted prior to posting. n/t spike jones Jun 24 #32
Well, when you put it that way... calimary Jun 24 #33
Our son and d-i-l just got back from Copenhagen. I think they're ready to move there. OMGWTF Jun 24 #34
Homogeneous populations. Everyone is seen as "family". When "outsiders", ie. marybourg Jun 24 #36
Yup, love their model of government/living. Joinfortmill Jun 24 #38
Some of their most popular TV dramas are also shown here in Germany DFW Jun 25 #68
The sad part is American propaganda that we are the best of everything... Dan Jun 24 #41
+1 orangecrush Jun 26 #104
Looking at Portugal. My family is from there. onecaliberal Jun 24 #42
Looks like you get it orangecrush Jun 24 #54
Disney didn't steal the Little Mermaid... brooklynite Jun 24 #43
I have heard it said that there is something rotten in the state of Denmark... Silent3 Jun 24 #44
You see these things posted from time to time. DFW Jun 24 #45
I wasn't all that clear if overweight person meant no overweight women Iris Jun 24 #57
Since half the American tourists you see here are... DFW Jun 24 #62
"Trump-like asses." That's a classic. Enjoyed your posts above on Denmark. Silent Type Jun 25 #81
It's easy to spend a week somewhere, love it, and declare it paradise on earth DFW Jun 25 #88
The male gaze tends to be selective GenThePerservering Jun 25 #64
Right, there's positives and negatives of any country. Elessar Zappa Jun 26 #102
Tusind Tak! Fritz Walter Jun 24 #49
don't remind me of the dark italian bread from qvickly. pansypoo53219 Jun 25 #66
Denmark is one of the best places to live on the planet, but the quora post is far too simplistic & leaves out too much Celerity Jun 25 #69
Cool TV Prime Minister Kid Berwyn Jun 25 #74
My favorite part is about schools Wild blueberry Jun 25 #76
The most incredible pastry shops on the planet bif Jun 25 #78
... orangecrush Jun 26 #103
Yeah, well, that Hamlet guy was nuts. dchill Jun 25 #80
The Denmark Meade ain't bad ... mbusby Jun 25 #83
Denmark pamdb Jun 25 #87
The entirety of my Dutch knowledge comes from Austin Powers NickB79 Jun 25 #92
I almost got run over by a bicycle in Copenhagen Retrograde Jun 26 #95
Sigh! Sounds like paradise. Can we get that here? brush Jun 26 #101
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