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Tue Jun 25, 2024, 06:22 AM Jun 25

This lady completely lost it when she saw drag performers in the lobby of her hotel in Hawaii [View all]

She's a Moms for Liberty super-Karen who can't stand diversity or alternative expressions of identity. She's employed at UC Davis according to TizzyEnt. How do people this sheltered even function in modern society? Everyone she sees who isn't actively praying inside a church must offend her. She's says it's degrading and misogynistic to dress in drag. WTF?

Her name is Beth Bourne.

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I was hoping this group had died away. Lonestarblue Jun 25 #1
They really should have after this scandal where a Moms for Liberty co-founder's husband raped their lover. StrictlyRockers Jun 25 #22
Living such a sad, sad life she is. North Shore Chicago Jun 25 #2
Jump outta the plane,... magicarpet Jun 25 #3
Yes, she should read that little work of political propaganda, because NOWHERE niyad Jun 25 #5
Way back when,... the original geisha "girls" were all men in drag. magicarpet Jun 25 #24
Thank you for this fascinating piece of information. niyad Jun 25 #35
Learn & live,... live & learn,.... colaboration,... magicarpet Jun 25 #37
Sadly true. niyad Jun 25 #40
thank you!!!!!!!! AllaN01Bear Jun 25 #41
Delving into the history of the Eunuch sub-culture. magicarpet Jun 25 #55
In western culture, way back when, women and girls weren't allowed to perform on stage. thucythucy Jun 25 #54
Wow. What an act she put on! It was like she was reading from a script, niyad Jun 25 #4
It did seem that way, scripted Yonnie3 Jun 25 #12
But it is good enough for her [and family?} to get some free hotel days!! riversedge Jun 25 #25
Yup, she kept coming back dhol82 Jun 25 #80
This "lady" be crazy! joshdawg Jun 25 #6
What's even worse is that one of her children is non-binary. Incanus Jun 25 #7
Instead of becoming more compassionate towards trans people, she became more hate-filled. StrictlyRockers Jun 25 #11
This has to have something to do with it NJCher Jun 25 #13
Triggered, much? FirstLight Jun 25 #48
Based on the article, beth is even nuttier than I thought, and quite possibly niyad Jun 25 #51
Yes, because of her 'activism' she exposed her child's identity to predators. Incanus Jun 25 #60
She needs to stay home and stop traveling. Irish_Dem Jun 25 #8
She's one of those fast-food travelers... Hugin Jun 25 #15
She needs to stay home. Irish_Dem Jun 25 #18
Sounds like a moment of FAFO in progress. mwooldri Jun 25 #9
That was uncivilized and hateful. I suggest she try to put a little love in her heart Hermit-The-Prog Jun 25 #10
She sounds like she's reading lines in Bettie Jun 25 #14
That one may be a step too far. If I took my grandkids to a hotel where there was a youth paster convention going on.... 3Hotdogs Jun 25 #20
Yep! Me too. Bettie Jun 25 #23
And trumps Traildogbob Jun 25 #36
I saw Chappell Roan at the Norva in Norfolk VA a couple of weeks ago. Awesome concert. Ray Bruns Jun 25 #16
She really believes that drag queens are mocking the stereotype of women, no_hypocrisy Jun 25 #17
"Some Like It Hot". or catholic priests. niyad Jun 25 #38
I think she is jealous, because they look better than her. Emile Jun 25 #19
Just made my reservations to stay at that Resort! maspaha Jun 25 #21
Two Moms and a Hubby for Liberty want to control everybody's morals. keithbvadu2 Jun 25 #26
Since Republicans have made men in drag the worst sin in the world, this should be a political ad this year. sop Jun 25 #29
Love thy neighbor... dlk Jun 25 #27
She is a public nuisance interfering with the rights of others. bucolic_frolic Jun 25 #28
violating their right to life , liberty and the persuit of happiness. AllaN01Bear Jun 25 #45
The hotel should've called the enforcers to arrest Beth MagickMuffin Jun 25 #61
Drag performance is not my cup of tea, but it certainly doesn't offend me. Like all rights, their rights ... marble falls Jun 25 #30
What a horrible embarassment for her kids! 70sEraVet Jun 25 #31
She keeps demanding names and answers from these folks... Trueblue Texan Jun 25 #32
Ma'am, why aren't you dressed more modestly? keithbvadu2 Jun 25 #33
So damn worried Traildogbob Jun 25 #34
What does DUNK stand for? I cannot find anything in urban dictionary niyad Jun 25 #39
A mixing of two Traildogbob Jun 25 #59
snorrk. well whah. AllaN01Bear Jun 25 #42
What a nut The Wizard Jun 25 #43
in the movie the bird cage , i think there was a line " i dont need any judge , politician to tell me who i can or cant AllaN01Bear Jun 25 #44
Last time I looked, it is not (yet) illegal to dress in drag, so why should the niyad Jun 25 #46
These people are so angry they don't even understand FirstLight Jun 25 #47
Go homeasshole malaise Jun 25 #49
This lady needs help LetMyPeopleVote Jun 25 #50
"She's employed at UC Davis..." -misanthroptimist Jun 25 #52
Karen may soon have more than her paycheck cut off. Kid Berwyn Jun 25 #57
Nah, she doxes and harasses es her fellow UCD coworkers obamanut2012 Jun 25 #58
She's not just a haole. She's an ass haole. MineralMan Jun 25 #53
Good one! Sky Jewels Jun 25 #63
Karen running Hate Program Tape 3 Kid Berwyn Jun 25 #56
KarenBeth needs to read the KJ bible of what Jesus said MagickMuffin Jun 25 #62
Sounds like someone really went weewee in her Raisin Bran lpbk2713 Jun 25 #64
She should have been completely ignored. live love laugh Jun 25 #65
MFL? You mean the sex group? ZonkerHarris Jun 25 #66
That's them! niyad Jun 25 #84
Beth Bourne is the deviant, not queer people. Duncan Grant Jun 25 #67
she's the only offensive person in the room Skittles Jun 25 #75
Watch: Moms for Liberty chapter chair flips out at drag queens in viral clip LetMyPeopleVote Jun 25 #68
What an idiot. From what I can see, everyone was more polite to her than they needed to be. Baitball Blogger Jun 25 #69
She's gonna catch some heat when she returns to Davis Brother Buzz Jun 25 #70
how is she hiding Skittles Jun 25 #76
Kinda like hiding in plain sight Brother Buzz Jun 25 #82
I know my job would not tolerate such bigotry Skittles Jun 25 #83
When I was young, the word "lady" would not include this woman. nt BWdem4life Jun 25 #71
I give you, the party that supposedly believes in personal freedoms. edisdead Jun 25 #72
JFC! How "effed" up are you if you're in one of the most beautiful places in the world maxrandb Jun 25 #73
I've got news for you, Karen. LudwigPastorius Jun 25 #74
Hotels should compile a list of these cretins who cause a disturbance to their other guests. Marcus IM Jun 25 #77
Get a life Dorian Gray Jun 25 #78
Why are right wingers and the religious right so dead set against gays, trans, and others? --- Misdirection. keithbvadu2 Jun 25 #79
No where in the 10 Commandments does it BlueKota Jun 25 #81
I costumed "in drag" for a Halloween party when I was ten years old.... DemocraticPatriot Jun 25 #85
When I was much younger, I thought drag was misogynistic myself soldierant Jun 26 #86
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