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Why don't you trust secret panels noise Dec 2011 #1
:rofl: limpyhobbler Dec 2011 #6
Well, it will be our freedom loving military doing the deciding who is to be kidnapped. Tierra_y_Libertad Dec 2011 #21
How did you know that the secret panels are secret? MannyGoldstein Dec 2011 #67
I didn't see the not, this is bad news. sarcasmo Dec 2011 #2
There is NO reason to veto it, please see comment #11 :) n/t Tx4obama Dec 2011 #12
Tex 4 Obama, please explain. Mimosa Dec 2011 #16
Here is Section 1032 - American citizens in The USA are exempt Tx4obama Dec 2011 #36
This message was self-deleted by its author Tx4obama Dec 2011 #37
It's not clear cut Aerows Dec 2011 #40
Here is Section 1031 - which includes the Feinstein amendment language (e) 'bolded' Tx4obama Dec 2011 #41
Read that analysis Aerows Dec 2011 #44
it says throwing Americans in jail forever is OPTIONAL. provis99 Dec 2011 #50
Your link timed out. The problems are with section 1031, not 1032, as I understand it. JDPriestly Dec 2011 #66
Obama just totally lost my vote peacebird Dec 2011 #3
again? jefferson_dem Dec 2011 #5
Hubby says he will not vote for him period. I fluctuate between no and he's better than repukes peacebird Dec 2011 #91
Why? n/t bhikkhu Dec 2011 #8
Another reason to Primary Obama RC Dec 2011 #4
Epic Obama FAIL. Odin2005 Dec 2011 #7
Why? bhikkhu Dec 2011 #9
They are ignoring sections 1031 and 1032 which explicitly excludes AtomicKitten Dec 2011 #20
Yes you are correct. See comments #36 and #41 for the text of those two sections. n/t Tx4obama Dec 2011 #42
There is NOTHING which "explicitly excludes" detaining US Citizens SaintPete Dec 2011 #74
Here -- AtomicKitten Dec 2011 #82
I don't think you read past my subjec line SaintPete Dec 2011 #86
I was being ironic. AtomicKitten Dec 2011 #88
That's Not Correct! SaintPete Dec 2011 #89
No response to post #89? SaintPete Dec 2011 #90
it's easier to whiz on Obama than read an article. spanone Dec 2011 #45
There is NO reason to veto it, please see comment #11 :) n/t Tx4obama Dec 2011 #14
there is NO reason to vote for it..nt xiamiam Dec 2011 #51
So, you're against 'the whole DoDA bill'? or just sections 1031 and 1032 Tx4obama Dec 2011 #53
Really? green917 Dec 2011 #76
"Don't buy into the hysteria" savalez Dec 2011 #10
He's the only one I've heard that people are discussing Aerows Dec 2011 #72
He spent another hour on it today. savalez Dec 2011 #79
There is NO reason to veto it. Tx4obama Dec 2011 #11
You like the idea of the military being able to pick of "suspects" anywhere in the world? Tierra_y_Libertad Dec 2011 #19
Oh... so it's ok as long as they aren't US citizens... SomethingFishy Dec 2011 #24
That appears to be the defense noise Dec 2011 #27
heh, it's very clever wording but still bad spooked911 Dec 2011 #28
Glad they added (e) sarcasmo Dec 2011 #39
Bernie Sanders thinks there is Aerows Dec 2011 #73
At least that was fixed. AverageJoe90 Dec 2011 #83
AP article from today Aerows Dec 2011 #13
Yes, apparently the AP is misreporting it. Perhaps they did not read the Feinstein amendment. Tx4obama Dec 2011 #29
Are you saying it isn't done without this legislation? bhikkhu Dec 2011 #30
And Section 1032 exempts/excludes U.S. citizens that live in The USA. Tx4obama Dec 2011 #35
This is horribly written legislation Aerows Dec 2011 #47
ding! FirstLight Dec 2011 #48
Probably........ AverageJoe90 Dec 2011 #84
ACLU was recommending against it on Dec. 9th TBF Dec 2011 #15
The ACLU just released this tonight. ForgoTheConsequence Dec 2011 #22
Thank you - TBF Dec 2011 #25
Unless congress declares war on the OWS movement, I think we're ok bhikkhu Dec 2011 #31
Congress didn't declare war on Japanese-Americans during WWII. OnyxCollie Dec 2011 #54
they sure didn't, and they have been preparing for unrest TBF Dec 2011 #60
This bill wouldn't have allowed it. bhikkhu Dec 2011 #78
Uh, you do know that second-generation Japanese Americans, OnyxCollie Dec 2011 #81
Ah, but you need to think Berlin Expat Dec 2011 #70
What I see as more likely is that the fear of indefinite detention modifies people's behaviors bhikkhu Dec 2011 #80
bingo..nt xiamiam Dec 2011 #52
Here's ProSense Dec 2011 #17
Is that a flip-flop? Flop-flip? Or, just a SOP politician's lie? Tierra_y_Libertad Dec 2011 #18
This is pissing a lot of people off. nt DocMac Dec 2011 #23
yeah, because it's outrageous and terrible and un-American spooked911 Dec 2011 #33
I think the only reason people are pissed is because they have NOT read the bill Tx4obama Dec 2011 #43
There are several people who have copied and pasted parts of the bill Aerows Dec 2011 #46
I think you're wrong-- I think people are pissed because they see a system way out of control spooked911 Dec 2011 #57
We are pissed off because we HAVE read the bill, and we know about KBR's contract to build detention TBF Dec 2011 #61
Actually, I'm pissed because I HAVE read the bill SaintPete Dec 2011 #75
I agree. DocMac Dec 2011 #49
Well, to hell with him and every traitor that voted "aye". There should be consequences for TheKentuckian Dec 2011 #26
we're into deep deep corruption levels spooked911 Dec 2011 #34
lindsey graham 'shut up' video limpyhobbler Dec 2011 #32
An analysis Aerows Dec 2011 #38
thanks-- that was my impression too spooked911 Dec 2011 #58
Thanks for the link. AverageJoe90 Dec 2011 #85
He should veto it based on spending alone... nt Modern_Matthew Dec 2011 #55
Not what it seems: caseymoz Dec 2011 #56
I feel like it's 2006 and deja vu all over again. Vinca Dec 2011 #59
Thank you. TBF Dec 2011 #62
This is really, really, really, really... thescreaminghead Dec 2011 #63
The assholes have the votes to override a veto. era veteran Dec 2011 #64
DC "Democrats" stand for NOTHING: blkmusclmachine Dec 2011 #65
Shocked! Not.... blackspade Dec 2011 #68
Huge surprise there NorthCarolina Dec 2011 #69
Is this America anymore? roamer65 Dec 2011 #71
It's As If Obama Is Going Out Of His Way To Lose My Vote. Paladin Dec 2011 #77
With 87 votes in place, it would have been a waste of time to even consider it tjwash Dec 2011 #87
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