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28. So if I am a gun owner then I am to blame for this tragedy?
Fri Dec 14, 2012, 05:03 PM
Dec 2012

I didn't start the attack on DU members who own guns. It's everyone else here who has used this tragedy to attack DU member gun owners and lumped them all in with the shooter.

Whoa now. This is helpful. bunnies Dec 2012 #1
According to previous polls on DU2 ManiacJoe Dec 2012 #2
+1 ...for those who've been here long enough to have seen those polls. L0oniX Dec 2012 #4
never MrDiaz Dec 2012 #3
Only the crazy irrational dishonest ones. navarth Dec 2012 #5
Wut AldoLeopold Dec 2012 #6
Only if you don't have clean underware. L0oniX Dec 2012 #9
First you say it then you do it AldoLeopold Dec 2012 #13
the word in the question was weapon not gun dembotoz Dec 2012 #7
So could my pen, RoccoR5955 Dec 2012 #14
As someone who doesn't own guns and never has, I find your post unhelpful Xipe Totec Dec 2012 #8
I don't think it's good for DU members to attack gun owner members when this sort of thing happens. L0oniX Dec 2012 #12
Thank You Berserker Dec 2012 #32
perhaps if the gun lovers held off on their pathetic apologias during these recurring tragedies villager Dec 2012 #10
This! Democracyinkind Dec 2012 #19
This won't help anything. HappyMe Dec 2012 #11
yes, please post something that suggests you are the victim today CreekDog Dec 2012 #15
Yet you are free to use this tragidy to attack every DU member gun owner. L0oniX Dec 2012 #24
Yes, because your ilk is always defending guns on the day of yet another slaughter DisgustipatedinCA Dec 2012 #27
Nope but go on and blame every DU member gun owner for this tragedy. L0oniX Dec 2012 #33
i didn't attack you, but you still post as though you are some sort of victim CreekDog Dec 2012 #30
It would be better if your concern was for the victims here union_maid Dec 2012 #16
So if I am a gun owner then I am to blame for this tragedy? L0oniX Dec 2012 #28
So now DU's gun owners are the victims? Democracyinkind Dec 2012 #17
Not "the" victims but they are IMO being attacked. L0oniX Dec 2012 #23
Just doesn't seem classy, playing the victim card, at this hour. Democracyinkind Dec 2012 #25
Niether is it classy to attack and blame fellow DU members if they own a gun. L0oniX Dec 2012 #29
That's your rationale for posting this drivel? Even classier, then. Democracyinkind Dec 2012 #31
isnt this a little flame baity? dionysus Dec 2012 #18
A little? GoCubsGo Dec 2012 #20
absolutely RIDICULOUS! nt Raine Dec 2012 #21
Wait...27 people (as of this writing) think dividing the DU in an "NRA agenda?" Lizzie Poppet Dec 2012 #22
This message was self-deleted by its author NightOwwl Dec 2012 #26
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