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16. Well, at last count
Fri Dec 14, 2012, 08:25 PM
Dec 2012

people were buying a little over a million guns a month in this country, adding to a total of just over three hundred million guns. And they aren't all being bought by teabaggers. In fact, the last I heard the fastest growing segment of gun buyers by political affiliation was Democrats. There are certainly a whole bunch of moderates and centrists who are gun owners. The political realities simply won't allow banning guns, banning semi automatic guns, assault weapons or anything of the sort. It ain't gonna happen. And any political party that proposes such will be handed a one way bus ticket to the political wilderness. Here's why:

If you put a thousand people in a room and told them that three of them would be assaulted, raped, robbed or murdered in a week, five hundred of them would go out and buy a gun tomorrow. A gun has tremendous symbolic power. It is a last line of defense against any threat, real or imagined. People take their personal safety and the safety of those close to them more seriously than anything, and concerns about close threats (like assault) however unlikely, loom much larger than remote threats (global warming/banking crisis) that are more likely to occur. That's just how people think.

Add to that the symbolic power of guns in politics. Guns symbolize everything that is bad to Democrats and good to Republicans. Liberalism is a nurturing ideology. It is defined by the support of others in cooperation to make society work. Conservative ideology is authoritarian in nature and depends on the concept of self reliance. Now 99.9% of the time, nurturing and cooperation are the best way to organize a society. But if you get assaulted, try nurturing your way out of that. It will be just you and him, and self reliance is the name of the game. That's where the other ideology works best. And that's why Republicans idolize guns the way they do. It is a totem to their ideology. It's also why Democrats hate them so much, because guns are an anti totem.

That's why every time a Democrat cooks up an unworkable firearm regulation, it's just giving strength to conservative ideology and pushing those in the center to the right. Whatever law gets passed has to make sense in the real world, and workable firearms laws have been few and far between lately. That's because firearms laws are about as good as we can make them. We can only support people so much, but sometimes they will be left to their own devices no matter what we do. No matter how well or tightly you build a support net, there will always be a few lunatics who will step right through it and hurt somebody. And when they do, there won't be anybody to help you but you.

There are enough tears to drown more than the NRA. Vox Moi Dec 2012 #1
The NRA would like us to believe that they are funded by American gun owners Teamster Jeff Dec 2012 #2
And the NRA's board includes those gun profiteers, and Grover Norquist, John Bolton, Ollie North, Hoyt Dec 2012 #32
Force registry of all guns. Waltons_Mtn Dec 2012 #3
I like this idea...tell me more... Taverner Dec 2012 #12
Well the idea is to make guns an expensive hobby. Waltons_Mtn Dec 2012 #18
A real 1%er solution. former9thward Dec 2012 #34
I think most of the 1% hire their guns rather than buy them. Liberal Gramma Dec 2012 #36
That is absolutely not the reason for cig and alcohol taxes. former9thward Dec 2012 #37
No, the tax on cigarets and alcohol is a Sin tax. Because both are bad cigarets and alcohol for you. RC Dec 2012 #38
Ohh, its a "sin" now... former9thward Dec 2012 #39
You must be a fairly young. RC Dec 2012 #49
I am probably older than you. former9thward Dec 2012 #54
I'm 68. I grew up in Kansas. RC Dec 2012 #55
I don't doubt that they had a religious basis when they were put into effect. former9thward Dec 2012 #61
WTF Joe the Revelator Dec 2012 #58
You can't respond to it. former9thward Dec 2012 #62
All of this would be thrown out by the supreme court. Travis_0004 Dec 2012 #52
That would be very challanging. ZombieHorde Dec 2012 #4
Deny gun permits to anyone who is a member of the NRA Taverner Dec 2012 #5
Ha! Have fun getting that passed! nt ZombieHorde Dec 2012 #6
You don't have to pass that wording - just say Taverner Dec 2012 #7
You may need to wait for the Supreme Court to shift a bit in our favor. nt ZombieHorde Dec 2012 #10
Perhaps. Perhaps not. Taverner Dec 2012 #11
How long does a proposal have to wait until the SC views it? nt ZombieHorde Dec 2012 #17
Practically speaking it takes several years... truebluegreen Dec 2012 #53
You missed the point about gun permits. ManiacJoe Dec 2012 #31
Are you, or have you ever been, a member of the NRA? cleanhippie Dec 2012 #26
You keep posting this same thing. RetroLounge Dec 2012 #40
Saving for my lifetime membership now... Lightbulb_on Dec 2012 #45
NRA board members: birther boy Chuck Norris, Grover Norquist Kingofalldems Dec 2012 #48
Grover Norquist thanks you RetroLounge Dec 2012 #51
How come your NRA bigshot pallies are so silent on this tragedy? Kingofalldems Dec 2012 #56
That fact that you approve of ANY "witch hunt" fills me with dread... cleanhippie Dec 2012 #47
Aw, did I upset you? RetroLounge Dec 2012 #50
Thanks. You give the wingnuts that "kernel of truth" from which they distort reality about us. cleanhippie Dec 2012 #57
and you should be gone back to the gungeon RetroLounge Dec 2012 #59
How precious. cleanhippie Dec 2012 #60
No, your gun is your precious... RetroLounge Dec 2012 #64
Ahahahaha! Floyd_Gondolli Dec 2012 #65
He's a delicate little flower, this one. RetroLounge Dec 2012 #66
Keep Democrats from supporting and enacting useless feel good laws that do nothing. nt rrneck Dec 2012 #8
I don't think eliminating all guns from the USA would be a "feel good" law Taverner Dec 2012 #9
Well, at last count rrneck Dec 2012 #16
So I take it you're volunteering to be on the front lines of the effort? Lizzie Poppet Dec 2012 #21
If that's what it takes...and from their cold dead hands if necessary Taverner Dec 2012 #25
Well okay then. Lizzie Poppet Dec 2012 #27
Holy shit. Did you just post that you would kill a person in order to take their gun? cleanhippie Dec 2012 #29
Post removed Post removed Dec 2012 #30
Another keyboard commando on the internet. former9thward Dec 2012 #35
Yep. If the fascists actually come for us, he will be cowering in fear... cleanhippie Dec 2012 #44
Like I said above... Lizzie Poppet Dec 2012 #42
It's like you want everything Gleen Beck has said about us to be true. cleanhippie Dec 2012 #43
We gotta stop these shootings no matter how many we have to shoot to do it. TheKentuckian Dec 2012 #63
Who's going to collect the guns for you? Oasis_ Dec 2012 #46
I guess we could say the NRA is taxing this country, and Norquist will then drown the madinmaryland Dec 2012 #13
That's an idea - is there anything we could call the "NRA tax"? Taverner Dec 2012 #14
It's a tax that is paid in human blood. The most regressive tax. madinmaryland Dec 2012 #15
Hell, friggin Norquist is on the NRA board of directors -- if anyone doubts how right wing they are. Hoyt Dec 2012 #33
Thousands of parents should head there and tear it apart like the Berlin Wall. nt Comrade_McKenzie Dec 2012 #19
+100 Taverner Dec 2012 #20
+1000 RetroLounge Dec 2012 #41
Step one, get rid of the 2nd amendment. hughee99 Dec 2012 #22
Enough with the KILL KILL KILL rhetoric already! Coyotl Dec 2012 #23
Oh, by all means let's hold hands and sing Kumbaya for the NRA Taverner Dec 2012 #24
We should all join the NRA and change the charter. hrmjustin Dec 2012 #28
a new logo (from NoTeaParty) napkinz Dec 2012 #67
Agreed. 99Forever Dec 2012 #68
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