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1. Respectfully disagree. Being "polite" led us exactly to this point.
Mon Dec 17, 2012, 09:30 AM
Dec 2012

Half the reason we're in this mess is because we allowed right wing loonatry to go unchallenged. I certainly consider this my fault.

I have stayed silent to ensure that holidays went well and as a result I have given the impression that I have no valid counterarguments to my teabilly family's rantings.

I stay silent at work to maintain "professionalism" even as my coworkers spout off and apparently they have decided that my silence is acceptance of their ideas.

Was the tactic successful? Did these occasional outbursts go away as people regained their senses. Not by a long shot. In fact it just accelerated as they felt validated.

So we don't need to stay silent -- in fact the opposite is needed. These idiots need to be cut off at the fricking kneecaps every time they start talking stupid. If it socially awkward for all concerned so much the better. There needs to be trauma involved for people who talk before thinking.

Here is my new year's resolution a bit early this year. I don't care how many family gatherings are ruined. I don't really care anymore if I damage professional relationships. If you're wrong, you're wrong and I'm going to call you on it regardless of social consequences. I will start by telling them exactly why socially they should just keep their dumbassed opinions to themself and then I'll rip into what they said. If it means that acceptable conversation gets cut down to weather and the task at hand, frankly it will suck less than having to hear regurgitated Rush.

And I disagree about the House.

I see some right wingers are understanding exactly what their position is this morning. Joe Scar is floating a trial balloon on MSNBC about some gun control. The only way this doesn't move forward is if people say nothing and this can "outlast the news cycle." That's what the NRA is banking on with their silence right now.

So in the end, if it is wrong, it is wrong. Proliferation of firearms has caused massive problems. I am done with the bullshit of pretending "well you have a point" anymore. Past it. People with large gun collections have enabled a culture of violence that needs to go away. Now.

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