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PD Turk

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24. I'd say start here
Mon Dec 17, 2012, 10:56 PM
Dec 2012

-subject the private sales of used firearms to the same background checks that dealers have to use. want to sell a gun? Take it to a licensed FFL dealer and pay a small fee for using the NICS system to facilitate the sale.

-strengthen the NICS system to better look for red flags such as violent mental health history etc.

-emphatically enforce existing laws regarding straw purchasers and make life a living hell for anybody who buys a gun for someone who is legally unable to buy it for themselves.

-legally require secure storage for guns and impose stiff penalties for those that don't follow good custody practices in keeping their weapons secure. This should be a no brainer for responsible gun owners, I think most of us get it but as we saw this week, apparently some don't. It's high time to write this one into law.

-end this ridiculous "war on drugs". It's gone on far too long and too many people have been gunned down over the black market it creates.

I believe in tightening up access to all kinds of guns to try and keep them out of the hands of people that shouldn't have them.

too black or white maxsolomon Dec 2012 #1
I am a gun owner and CCW holder obamanut2012 Dec 2012 #2
I'm a gin distiller Recursion Dec 2012 #4
Fixing the typo! obamanut2012 Dec 2012 #10
Yeah, the Jim Crow legacy is one of the things that makes me nervous about gun control in general Recursion Dec 2012 #12
Assault gun? What do you say to conservatives who legislate on things they don't know about? Recursion Dec 2012 #3
Choice 7 with two caveats... slackmaster Dec 2012 #5
I didn't find my exact choice on the list, but you have a good cross section BlueStreak Dec 2012 #6
Only full auto can shoot that quickly obamanut2012 Dec 2012 #11
I don't want to get lost in terminogy. BlueStreak Dec 2012 #19
Here ya go. Ikonoklast Dec 2012 #21
None of the above Floyd_Gondolli Dec 2012 #7
That is more severe than I would go. But I don't see why we limit it to a BlueStreak Dec 2012 #20
It is easier for me to purchase a semi-automatic rifle than it is to get a Haz-Mat endorsement on my Ikonoklast Dec 2012 #23
Other-Here is a link to my post in GC/RKBA Kaleva Dec 2012 #8
A little bit of 3, some of 5 and 1/2 of 7. Glassunion Dec 2012 #9
What slackmaster said in post #5. X_Digger Dec 2012 #13
Why isn't there a step between all guns legal and current law? Kurska Dec 2012 #14
I knew I'd miss some scenario. That's why I put in an "other," option. Skip Intro Dec 2012 #15
Noted n/t Kurska Dec 2012 #17
Safety training, improvement of NIC's and states records reporting... -..__... Dec 2012 #16
I support the individual's right... Llewlladdwr Dec 2012 #18
Either 18 or 21 to own a gun (still undecided on age) Ter Dec 2012 #22
I'd say start here PD Turk Dec 2012 #24
There's an incredible chasm between what I would support and what is realistic. Care Acutely Dec 2012 #25
Start with 3, 4, and 5 to see what happens... sadbear Dec 2012 #26
Bolt action rifles for the hunters and target shooters rustydog Dec 2012 #27
I don't know. nt ZombieHorde Dec 2012 #28
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