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14. If your point is strict regulation and registration...
Mon Dec 24, 2012, 05:35 AM
Dec 2012

..then I'm on your side. I agree that federal background checks, and even waiting periods should be reinstated. The NRA has been too successful in rolling back common sense legislation that ensured only those with good intent buy a gun.

Since I haven't bought a gun for myself in 20 years, I've been happy to abide by every regulation ever written to obtain lawful ownership, including the 5 day waiting period.

I don't fear anyone's going to take away my couple of guns, and indeed I spend a great deal of time trying to convince my conservative friends, who turned on democrats because the NRA told them Obama's jack booted thugs are coming for their guns and sending them as slaves to FEMA camps, that they're worrying about a fund raising fantasy, so fuck your pity.

I simply challenge anyone who demands a civil ban, as you seem to, to explain how such a logistical nightmare can be achieved. I don't think a national "throw your guns in the trash day" would be very effective.

Is that rational thought, or do you have your own plan to rid the country of 300 million guns?

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