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31. It doesn't matter what I think.
Thu Dec 27, 2012, 11:59 AM
Dec 2012

It matters what the court thinks. As I recall, you have to be adjudicated mentally incompetent to lose your right to own a gun. But that could vary from state to state. In California they could "5150" you.

The concept of mental health is fungible. That makes it difficult to adjudicate. It also creates an opportunity for political oppression.

Psychiatry possesses an inherent capacity for abuse that is greater than in other areas of medicine.[10]:65 The diagnosis of mental disease can give the state license to detain persons against their will and insist upon therapy both in the interest of the detainee and in the broader interests of society.[10]:65 In addition, receiving a psychiatric diagnosis can in itself be regarded as oppressive. In a monolithic state, psychiatry can be used to bypass standard legal procedures for establishing guilt or innocence and allow political incarceration without the ordinary odium attaching to such political trials.

Now, that was the Soviet Union, one of the most repressive dictatorships in one of the most barbaric eras in human history, so the concept of political oppression through psychiatry is absurd, right? Thomas Eagleton ran into some difficulty because of allegations regarding his mental health. Running against a guy named Richard Nixon. Remember Daniel Ellsburg?

In August 1971, Krogh and Young met with G. Gordon Liddy and E. Howard Hunt in a basement office in the Old Executive Office Building. Hunt and Liddy recommended a "covert operation" to get a "mother lode" of information about Ellsberg's mental state in order to discredit him. Krogh and Young sent a memo to Ehrlichman seeking his approval for a "covert operation [to] be undertaken to examine all of the medical files still held by Ellsberg’s psychiatrist." Ehrlichman approved under the condition that it be "done under your assurance that it is not traceable."

Given the realities of the George W. Bush administration and the even more disquieting reality that the Republican Party ran an outright fascist for president in the last election, the importance of properly adjudicating the rights of people in a court of law that depends on proper representation and the presentation of evidence to a judge should be obvious.

So, to answer your question whether or not you should be able to own a gun I would say I don't have a clue. Nor should I. It's none of my business. I think a court of law should make it my business. If you're having trouble, I would that you had a proper support network including friends, family, a functioning health care system and a culture that values something more than how much money it can make off you.

yeah and you should buy a bushmaster with a huge clip kydo Dec 2012 #1
Well, you know ... Denninmi Dec 2012 #3
thats so true kydo Dec 2012 #40
Depends on state law. In California if you were kept in for more than 72 hours, you are ineligible slackmaster Dec 2012 #2
Thanks for participating. Denninmi Dec 2012 #4
Retained in the facility against one's will. slackmaster Dec 2012 #7
Involuntarily detained on a mental health hold. Jackpine Radical Dec 2012 #9
Why do you NEED a gun? NightWatcher Dec 2012 #5
Tacky wall decor? Denninmi Dec 2012 #12
I thought it is Involuntarily Committed HockeyMom Dec 2012 #19
Probably not. But if... Schema Thing Dec 2012 #6
Generally, Bipolar doesn't mean you are mentally incompetent. NutmegYankee Dec 2012 #8
Bipolar I can come with psychotic features. Jackpine Radical Dec 2012 #10
Thank you for that. Denninmi Dec 2012 #18
The way things are now, with the right to arms being considered a constitutionally protected right, jmg257 Dec 2012 #11
There is no mechanism in place for that type of system. Denninmi Dec 2012 #14
Not "being considered" SCOTUS acknowledge that all rights pre-exist our Constitution and do not jody Dec 2012 #57
I'll pass, thanks. I understand the notion of rights secured by the Constitution just fine. jmg257 Dec 2012 #78
I'm content with you recognizing what SCOTUS says is the law & you obey it or suffer the punishment. jody Dec 2012 #79
Fine, but what does all that have to do with the OP? What should he/she be able to do re: arms? nt jmg257 Dec 2012 #80
Perhaps but CO & Wa nullified federal marijuana law. I begin to understand arguments from both sides jody Dec 2012 #87
In Ohio, you could legally do so. riqster Dec 2012 #13
Same in Michigan, and with the federal instant background check. Denninmi Dec 2012 #16
I think with time it's okay to get a gun under those circumstances mythology Dec 2012 #15
Thanks excellent question and jody Dec 2012 #17
Well, I don't want to give away the farm, so to speak, but my opinion on gun control is this: Denninmi Dec 2012 #20
I understand that you are currently seeking treatment for the problems you described in the OP but.. Walk away Dec 2012 #77
I think it would be a good idea to stop starting these threads on DU. nolabear Dec 2012 #21
Thanks, Nolabear. Denninmi Dec 2012 #23
Okay. I respect that. nolabear Dec 2012 #72
The ignorance on display in Meta was that it was only one poster who held ignorant views riderinthestorm Dec 2012 #24
Taking it personally? Perish the thought. Denninmi Dec 2012 #27
Sometimes it only takes one person to start the ball rolling on change.... riderinthestorm Dec 2012 #33
riderinthestorm Ignorance is a curable disease, stupidity is a terminal illness. Those who insult and jody Dec 2012 #28
Agreed. I don't think people thought they were insulting. A "national database" of mentally ill riderinthestorm Dec 2012 #39
Not just NRA, Mayor Menino of Boston and Mayor Bloomberg of New York City, cochairmen of Mayors jody Dec 2012 #54
Yes, a continuation of "Adam Lanza MUST have been mentally ill!!!11111" thinking riderinthestorm Dec 2012 #67
Emanuel "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste." Repubs lost with Poindexter's IAO and now jody Dec 2012 #68
nolabear good analysis. Laughable that people who call themselves progressive are so intolerant. nt jody Dec 2012 #26
No and No Resonance_Chamber Dec 2012 #22
Because? Denninmi Dec 2012 #25
Denninmi see #28. nt jody Dec 2012 #29
Ok then get a gun, I really don't care Resonance_Chamber Dec 2012 #44
"I really don't care" Then why are you here? nt jody Dec 2012 #55
Got nothing else better to do right now. Any other questions? Resonance_Chamber Dec 2012 #63
That's all goodbye nt jody Dec 2012 #64
Bullshit. You can't possibly make this judgment. You don't have nearly enough info cali Dec 2012 #35
What a load of absolutist dung riqster Dec 2012 #36
yes you are slinging BS, if you are a commerical pilot on anti-depressents you don't fly air planes Resonance_Chamber Dec 2012 #46
Well... LP2K12 Dec 2012 #41
The difference is you know you have seizures and take precautions Resonance_Chamber Dec 2012 #48
No. LP2K12 Dec 2012 #49
Post removed Post removed Dec 2012 #62
Again... LP2K12 Dec 2012 #69
It's cheaper to borrow one from a friend or family member HereSince1628 Dec 2012 #30
It doesn't matter what I think. rrneck Dec 2012 #31
We can't answer that question here and you should know that so cali Dec 2012 #32
No, you should not Marrah_G Dec 2012 #34
Marrah, you don't have the information neccessary to make such a judgment cali Dec 2012 #37
The question is whether mental illness by itself is the criteria to use to make this determination. backscatter712 Dec 2012 #38
Why would you even want to buy a gun? leftyladyfrommo Dec 2012 #42
In the spirit of full disclosure... easttexaslefty Dec 2012 #43
Your diagnosis is something of a red herring, I think, insofar as anyone who wants coalition_unwilling Dec 2012 #45
Anyone wanting to vote must "pass first a rigorous licensing regimen (perhaps with a mental health jody Dec 2012 #59
Hmm, after seeing some of the commentary on Yahoo's boards and other coalition_unwilling Dec 2012 #60
Please add "sheer ignorance and outright delusional thinking right here on DU". nt jody Dec 2012 #61
A bigger concern than a diagnosis like yours Voice for Peace Dec 2012 #47
People confuse mental illness with psychosis. Odin2005 Dec 2012 #50
I feel compelled to add this. easttexaslefty Dec 2012 #51
Sure. Just don't by any ammo. TheCowsCameHome Dec 2012 #52
I have a conflict. no_hypocrisy Dec 2012 #53
If your psychiatrist says it's okay. Barack_America Dec 2012 #56
I wouldn't if I were you. NCTraveler Dec 2012 #58
Wow, great post... OneMoreDemocrat Dec 2012 #65
Probably should not. jp76 Dec 2012 #66
Every case is different, every patient is an individual. Glaug-Eldare Dec 2012 #70
Actually my dear Denninmi the real question is... Drew Richards Dec 2012 #71
If a friend with PTSD or depression were to ask me that question, my suggestion would be "no". lumberjack_jeff Dec 2012 #73
The NRA say more guns = good, and we certainly have to keep up with the Jonses Fire Walk With Me Dec 2012 #74
I am ADHD WilmywoodNCparalegal Dec 2012 #75
Laws concerning firearms and the mentally ill... PoliticAverse Dec 2012 #76
A vet with PTSD (I think went to the clinic I did) arrested today for shooting police officer HereSince1628 Dec 2012 #81
Something nobody is discussing here HockeyMom Dec 2012 #82
See reply #81 n/t HereSince1628 Dec 2012 #83
Where I used to work HockeyMom Dec 2012 #89
No Kalidurga Dec 2012 #84
If you have not been adjudicated a danger to yourself or others, it is your right. X_Digger Dec 2012 #85
Can you? Yes. Should you? Unlike virtually everyone else at DU, I alone lack ... 11 Bravo Dec 2012 #86
Even though I may have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, I am still in no position to evaluate you madinmaryland Dec 2012 #88
I don't know what your rights are, but no, you shouldn't buy a gun. Th1onein Dec 2012 #90
OK, I wanted to wrap this up. Denninmi Dec 2012 #91
Peace Denninmi :) Fire Walk With Me Dec 2012 #92
Thanks, same to you. Denninmi Dec 2012 #93
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