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16. Your rant contains an egregious lie
Thu Dec 27, 2012, 08:59 PM
Dec 2012
I kept thinking, where were all of you during the mid-terms? Obviously you did not go out to vote during the mid-terms

This is a lie, and I wish the DINOs would stop repeating it. Maybe over at Fox Nation it would fit in. The ones who didn't go to the polls in 2010 were the "Independents", whoever they are. the polling made this fact quite clear, and I personally don't know a single liberal who didn't vote in 2010. So the entire premise of this vanity post is bullshit. If I had to guess, the indys stayed home because in 2008 they were told to expect changes if Obama got elected, but instead, with solid Dem majorities in the House and Senate, almost nothing changed. Gitmo stayed open. Torture continued. Iraq dragged on. Afghanistan dragged on. We got insurance mandates instead of health care. The Bush tax cuts were extended. None of the banksters were prosecuted. No one from the Bush administration was prosecuted. Don Siegelman is still in prison. Pot smokers were hounded. And, finally, the president appeared weak by never challenging the Repukes who were soundly rebuked at the polls.

If you want the party to be unified, you should try to get the president to represent the whole party, not just the Wall Street branch. Check bvar22's tidy list of issues that could be addressed as a bone to the "far left".

Frankly you sound like a troll, and I don't think you'll miss DU that much, and vice-versa.
I've had it with this place [View all] loyalkydem Dec 2012 OP
We aren't republicans, we don't have to march in lock step. Blue_In_AK Dec 2012 #1
Exactly right, Blue in AK madfloridian Dec 2012 #21
Well said! smokey nj Dec 2012 #59
Abso-fuckin-lutely. n/t TDale313 Dec 2012 #60
It's funny ... 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2012 #92
Very well said - and you didn't even have to scream it. I am grateful. n/t UtahLib Dec 2012 #118
The Republicans are lock-step around their central philosophy BlueStreak Dec 2012 #121
But change didn't come about by itself primavera Dec 2012 #163
I am and always have been an extreme left leftie. roguevalley Dec 2012 #124
Thank you loyalkydem Dec 2012 #155
ok see ya limpyhobbler Dec 2012 #2
lol! nt darkangel218 Dec 2012 #3
because we can't agree is why I have a problem and I have every right to blame the source of the loyalkydem Dec 2012 #4
Well, it sure beats some republi-CON underground! calimary Dec 2012 #6
The source of the problem is yourself if you can't stand to hear criticism cui bono Dec 2012 #77
Thanks, cui. FredStembottom Dec 2012 #103
the op can 'blame the problem' but so what? they don't own the truth and roguevalley Dec 2012 #128
I often feel the same way ... 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2012 #105
Where is this 'hard left' of which you speak? leftstreet Dec 2012 #5
Hard left - people who want universal HC Doctor_J Dec 2012 #20
Sounds like a country full of commies! leftstreet Dec 2012 #22
You should reread the post. It's clearly explained therein. I read it BlueCaliDem Dec 2012 #35
Look in a Mirror. n/t 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2012 #107
If the first black President can't even end racism in America... Make7 Dec 2012 #7
Could you explain your post, please? Number23 Dec 2012 #72
The President gets criticized for many things. Make7 Dec 2012 #125
make 7, put them on ignore. since the ruling classes aren't even doing roguevalley Dec 2012 #133
Oh for Fucks sake.. Cha Dec 2012 #83
AUTOMATED MESSAGE: Results of your Jury Service Glaug-Eldare Dec 2012 #149
Thanks Cha Dec 2012 #156
So that was sarcasm? Cha Dec 2012 #89
I think we should unite behind the President, but criticize him when necessary. GodlessBiker Dec 2012 #8
But every single thing he does? loyalkydem Dec 2012 #11
Do people here really do that? Criticize every single thing he does? Every single thing? GodlessBiker Dec 2012 #13
I have one eye and I see it every single day loyalkydem Dec 2012 #14
Remember the uproar when he signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act? Make7 Dec 2012 #19
Good point loyalkydem Dec 2012 #50
If DU is any example, yes, we will get out butts kicked out of government for good in 2014. freshwest Dec 2012 #87
^this^ defacto7 Dec 2012 #126
I have read many posts where people arely staircase Dec 2012 #108
DU'ers criticized the President for signing that? Really? Make7 Dec 2012 #151
Uproar about Lilly Ledbetter here? Where? Just asking. roguevalley Dec 2012 #137
Hyperbole RetroLounge Dec 2012 #113
every single thing? Who are these people? All of us? I don't see it. roguevalley Dec 2012 #135
Thanks calimary loyalkydem Dec 2012 #9
I can't count the number of good progressive dems who have been TS'ed Blue_In_AK Dec 2012 #12
I'll take your word for it blue. loyalkydem Dec 2012 #15
That is not what happened in 2010 Fumesucker Dec 2012 #27
Then explain to me loyalkydem Dec 2012 #33
The centrists you love so much either stayed home or voted Republican Fumesucker Dec 2012 #47
I do not accept that answer. loyalkydem Dec 2012 #52
What, you think the "fighting moderates" turned out in 2010 to do battle for sensible centrism? Fumesucker Dec 2012 #78
Previously alienated voters -- poor, young - turned out in 2008, didn't in 2010. That's the pattern leveymg Dec 2012 #142
Since you keep calling a group "naysayers" are we allowed to call another group "Obamabots"? cui bono Dec 2012 #80
I'm going to alert on your post, because next thing I can assume is, you'll be posting the #7 bahrbearian Dec 2012 #25
I'll do better than that. I'll put you on ignore so I don't have to deal with you loyalkydem Dec 2012 #31
I wasn't even replying to you bahrbearian Dec 2012 #41
Oooh touchy . . . BlueCaliDem Dec 2012 #42
Oh, no, not the dreaded #7!! Blue_In_AK Dec 2012 #48
I knew you'd post that. bahrbearian Dec 2012 #62
My experience is quite the opposite. The people who criticize Obama are talking about policy cui bono Dec 2012 #91
+ a zillion, Cui roguevalley Dec 2012 #144
"The election is over and its time to unite behind President Obama and stop this infighting " Bonobo Dec 2012 #10
Your rant contains an egregious lie Doctor_J Dec 2012 #16
Gee, you make it sound almost as bad as it really was. A Simple Game Dec 2012 #44
+1 and look at the choices made available to us. We have a binary system of 0/0. n/t Egalitarian Thug Dec 2012 #69
+1 times a zillion! forestpath Dec 2012 #95
+ a zillion, Doctor J roguevalley Dec 2012 #145
The Third Way is trying so very, very hard... woo me with science Dec 2012 #17
Exactly. Making it personal instead of making it about policy. cui bono Dec 2012 #93
I'm no troll loyalkydem Dec 2012 #18
Maybe you should re-read the OP Doctor_J Dec 2012 #23
'voting democrat' It should be 'democratic' leftstreet Dec 2012 #26
Whooops! nt Bonobo Dec 2012 #30
anyone who uses democratic improperly is a troll. your girdle snapped, OP. roguevalley Dec 2012 #154
Please don't let these people get to you Number23 Dec 2012 #43
Thank you or this post. loyalkydem Dec 2012 #65
Yeah, and those of us "on the left" Le Taz Hot Dec 2012 #51
What's GBCW? n/t cui bono Dec 2012 #97
Goody-bye cruel world. Le Taz Hot Dec 2012 #122
Is there a glitch in this thread coding or do you keep replying to yourself? cui bono Dec 2012 #96
For someone who's "been around DU Le Taz Hot Dec 2012 #123
actually, Loyalkydem, you are attacking anyone who doesn't agree roguevalley Dec 2012 #150
NO cbrer Dec 2012 #24
I'll give this place one more chance loyalkydem Dec 2012 #28
Brother, let me tell you... cbrer Dec 2012 #40
Actually, imv, DU is Cha Dec 2012 #46
I wasn't aware of the trash your thread option loyalkydem Dec 2012 #54
There ya go Cha Dec 2012 #57
Thank you loyalkydem Dec 2012 #63
And that's exactly the game TPTB want you to play. cui bono Dec 2012 #102
Don't bother. We never really loved you anyway, why put up with the abuse? Egalitarian Thug Dec 2012 #73
BWAHAHAHA! Egalitarian thug, you are awesome. :D roguevalley Dec 2012 #157
This isn't a one-size-fits-all, never has been.. Permanut Dec 2012 #29
I'm so sorry that you feel that way. Texasgal Dec 2012 #32
Thank you TexasGal. I appreciate what you're saying. loyalkydem Dec 2012 #37
Teddy's view of this. lumberjack_jeff Dec 2012 #34
I am glad we broke the color barrier and hope we break the gender barrier A Simple Game Dec 2012 #58
No one takes these "shut up critics" threads seriously. No one. Not ever. DirkGently Dec 2012 #36
Please don't give up on us. I've learned more on DU than I asjr Dec 2012 #38
I feel your pain! MindandSoul Dec 2012 #39
The constant criticism to you is other people trying to figure out what he's roguevalley Dec 2012 #160
Thank you loyalkydem Dec 2012 #45
DU is ignoring FISA to protect Obama Enrique Dec 2012 #49
I feel the same Liberal Gramma Dec 2012 #53
If you think this is bad Dirty Socialist Dec 2012 #55
I know about yahoo all too well thanks to Stephanie Miller loyalkydem Dec 2012 #56
I Can't get Stephanie Miller here Dirty Socialist Dec 2012 #138
They mostly make fun of the right wing trolls who post on yahoo loyalkydem Dec 2012 #143
The 'dancing on the graves' of those who have died or about to die has just about finished this Purveyor Dec 2012 #61
You have every right to rant, and I'm 100% in agreement with you. BlueCaliDem Dec 2012 #64
Thanks for the link, going to check it out tomorrow loyalkydem Dec 2012 #68
LMAO!!! Wait a minute... cui bono Dec 2012 #114
So let me see if I understand your disappointment. We elect a Democratic Congress, both the Egalitarian Thug Dec 2012 #66
See, when you use facts and stuff like that...it just ruins it for everybody. Poll_Blind Dec 2012 #85
Well, that about sums it up. woo me with science Dec 2012 #131
Thus is Democratic Underground... not Democratic Circlejerk. OneTenthofOnePercent Dec 2012 #67
awesome onetenthofonepercent roguevalley Dec 2012 #164
It's a big tent. Some days I like it that way, other days I don't, but I enjoy the RKP5637 Dec 2012 #70
I am not an Obama naysayer -- I have written many positive things about him here Samantha Dec 2012 #71
Thank you for your kind words Sam loyalkydem Dec 2012 #75
Take heart that a thread like this one... SidDithers Dec 2012 #74
11-year DU veteran. WilliamPitt Dec 2012 #76
And any jackass can lie about easily verifiable facts Fumesucker Dec 2012 #90
BRAVO! serbbral Dec 2012 #79
Welcome to DU loyalkydem Dec 2012 #81
This isn't a monarchy. UnrepentantLiberal Dec 2012 #82
Just like I have the right to ignore people like you loyalkydem Dec 2012 #84
Exactly. TDale313 Dec 2012 #94
Suit yourself. UnrepentantLiberal Dec 2012 #104
Obama describes himself as a moderate Republican. GeorgeGist Dec 2012 #86
I agree. elleng Dec 2012 #88
Is there anyone who is above being criticized? NO! L0oniX Dec 2012 #98
Thank you union_maid Dec 2012 #99
Here are my criteria: If I criticized BUSH for doing it, I'm gonna criticize OBAMA for doing it. MotherPetrie Dec 2012 #100
yup AlecBGreen Dec 2012 #130
Maybe its time for the Barack Obama group to make a comeback quinnox Dec 2012 #101
I used to be a regular Obama critic myself before joining DU. AverageJoe90 Dec 2012 #106
sure, we all want that AlecBGreen Dec 2012 #139
I never knew we had a BOG here on DU loyalkydem Dec 2012 #109
See AnotherMcIntosh Dec 2012 #158
loyalkydem, I co-sign everything you said. I too, am a Democratic loyalist. ywcachieve Dec 2012 #110
Obama himself told us to hold his feet to the fire TransitJohn Dec 2012 #111
My ranting is just as important to me as it is to anyone else Transit loyalkydem Dec 2012 #112
There is a Barack Obama (Group) which is more in line with what you have in mind. AnotherMcIntosh Dec 2012 #115
Thank you for posting this. Bookmarking loyalkydem Dec 2012 #116
LOL. Your bubble is just yourself? n/t cui bono Dec 2012 #117
I would like to find a POSITIVE Democratic site, too. ywcachieve Dec 2012 #119
Simply go here: AnotherMcIntosh Dec 2012 #159
Check a couple of post up loyalkydem Dec 2012 #120
I hear ya and know what you mean. Hopefully it'll get better. Honeycombe8 Dec 2012 #127
says the cat that's been herded stupidicus Dec 2012 #129
President Obama won a second term, IN SPITE OF YOU GUYS, ywcachieve Dec 2012 #132
stupidicus You can go on ignore too loyalkydem Dec 2012 #134
thanks for conceding the validity of my remarks stupidicus Dec 2012 #148
Are we loyal to our values or loyal to a single person? Big Blue Marble Dec 2012 #136
I really wish we could all be happy with our president. Chemisse Dec 2012 #140
Thank you loyalkydem Dec 2012 #147
I agree with every thing the OP said. K&R. xxxsdesdexxx Dec 2012 #141
I think we are unified. BUT, why not have open and multi-faceted discussions about every thing Laura PourMeADrink Dec 2012 #146
Here's what pisses me off loyalkydem Dec 2012 #152
that be right stupidicus Dec 2012 #162
President Obama made time travel easier thelordofhell Dec 2012 #153
Don't forget their are those who are paid to come and kick sand NeeDeep Dec 2012 #161
Locking. aikoaiko Dec 2012 #165
That is so very true loyalkydem Dec 2012 #166
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