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61. "The Political Left has failed at this."
Tue Jan 24, 2012, 06:23 PM
Jan 2012

I read a really interesting article in Vanity Fair last night about the birth of Occupy Wall Street. You can read it online here http://www.vanityfair.com/politics/2012/02/occupy-wall-street-201202

Now, what I have always found interesting is that the president's incessant detractors have always touted that the reason Occupy Wall St. was born was because "Obama failed us" and they believe that Occupy is some sort of referendum on the president. When presented with facts that show that the president has voiced support for Occupy and that many of his strongest supporters also support Occupy, of course they just shrug that off. Doesn't fit the preconceived narrative, you see.

What is most striking about that Vanity Fair article is that they interviewed dozens of people that were there when Occupy was conceived and first put into action. These folks do put some blame at the president (angry that bankers weren't put in jail) and logically, put MUCH more emphasis on the overall corruption and inadequacy of the American political system (which has been going on for decades longer than this president has been in office). But really quite startlingly, some of them also ascribe some blame squarely on the political left for many of the reasons that you already noted.


Co-founder, Adbusters
The left had been chattering on about revolutions for a long time, but we’ve basically been howling at the moon. And then, all of a sudden, a bunch of young people [in Egypt] using social media were able to mobilize not just 500 or 5,000 people, but 50,000 people. They inspired us with their courage and with their techniques.

The left has the ideas and the heart but not the MEANS to implement the change that they seek. Apparently, it was this frustration with the political left that was the impetus (along with many other factors) that led to the creation of Occupy. Folks really need to understand this the next time that loud handful of serial malcontents tries to drop everything at the feet of this president -- as usual.
Vote third party and [View all] ProSense Jan 2012 OP
OK.... mike_c Jan 2012 #1
I highly recommend hiding it! Luminous Animal Jan 2012 #3
Before or after you post on it? Bobbie Jo Jan 2012 #29
Que? It was a suggestion. I never claimed I was going to hide it. Rolling on the floor laughing. Luminous Animal Jan 2012 #43
It's another answer to all those posts about Hedges Warpy Jan 2012 #4
Yes, "flame bait" designed to incite the imbeciles who are voting 3rd party Warren DeMontague Jan 2012 #7
I think stuff like this does deliberate harm to the sense of community here.... mike_c Jan 2012 #9
Right, ProSense Jan 2012 #10
Are you referencing this op? I think you must have misposted. lonestarnot Jan 2012 #18
If people are seriously planning on voting 3rd party Warren DeMontague Jan 2012 #24
if it's against the rules paulk Jan 2012 #34
sense of community? i suppose the 3 year anti-dem campaign is strengthening it? dionysus Jan 2012 #54
Get ready for PUMA II - the sequel Hugabear Jan 2012 #47
Flame baiting as in quelling calls for third party candidates, a clear violation of DU rules? Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2012 #23
Do you have someone in mind that you are going to run third party?? Angry Dragon Jan 2012 #2
Getting Old... PhoenixAbove Jan 2012 #5
Getting? cherokeeprogressive Jan 2012 #49
Ever notice the only people suggesting voting third party are the ones well off financially? NNN0LHI Jan 2012 #6
Don, I have voted for mostly green candidates since 2002.... mike_c Jan 2012 #12
I disagree. SomethingFishy Jan 2012 #27
That is complete bull. I have voted 3rd party and my mother may have voted 3rd party amyrose2712 Jan 2012 #55
We'll be blaming Democrats who pander to Republicans no matter who wins. Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2012 #8
Exactly... PhoenixAbove Jan 2012 #13
What? ProSense Jan 2012 #17
I am not a political historian but... PhoenixAbove Jan 2012 #28
That's ProSense Jan 2012 #33
Interesting ProSense Jan 2012 #15
Should we applaud Democrats who pander/enable Republicans? Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2012 #45
And *WE* have the responsibility to vote MORE progressives in office. Again, it does us no good not Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2012 #21
Fine. IF there is a Democrat, who is a liberal, to vote for. Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2012 #44
That is what I don't understand. People think that they can force Democrats and Obama to be Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2012 #11
Big tent doesn't mean you ignore, insult and harass a large part of your base. n/t PhoenixAbove Jan 2012 #14
And I agree with you, but Big Tent also means that you have to approach governance in a more Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2012 #19
I am a dead center Moderate. But I have sent checks to hardcore Progressive bluestate10 Jan 2012 #25
Many progressives feel that they have already compromised too much in the past and that moderate Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2012 #31
Rational judgement? PhoenixAbove Jan 2012 #39
I don't pretend to understand what you're going through and could NEVER Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2012 #58
I have an explanation. There is a condition called bluestate10 Jan 2012 #22
More insults. n/t PhoenixAbove Jan 2012 #41
it truly is koo koo. Something that fell out of Hamsher's Whisp Jan 2012 #30
Since Obama became president, it has dawned on me that you have to be damn near crazy Number23 Jan 2012 #42
That is why the Democratic Party tends to lose. The party holds such high--nearly impossible-- Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2012 #60
"The Political Left has failed at this." Number23 Jan 2012 #61
A vote for Obama would be considered approval of his (right-wing) policies by party leadership.... Erose999 Jan 2012 #52
Work from the bottom up, as I stated above. It's NOT just about Obama. You have to Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2012 #59
"Staying home" might have been a bad choice of words. Voting progressives dem for congress, but Erose999 Jan 2012 #63
Well, if writing in candidates and voting 3rd party is your preogative, then you should Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2012 #64
K & R lonestarnot Jan 2012 #16
DU is such a great site.... unkachuck Jan 2012 #20
and a bit more sense RetroLounge Jan 2012 #36
Heh. Took me a minute to get that. progressoid Jan 2012 #51
Yep. Might as well vote for DevonRex Jan 2012 #26
More flypaper from Spinderella. Yawn. nt Bonobo Jan 2012 #32
How ProSense Jan 2012 #37
so telling how you're offended by folks supporting dems on a... democratic board... dionysus Jan 2012 #57
More BOG jack-off threads? RetroLounge Jan 2012 #35
K & R Scurrilous Jan 2012 #38
Santorum looks like an evil robot on the verge of malfunctioning and going crazy n/t RZM Jan 2012 #40
How DARE you suggest that I support the Democratic Party Hugabear Jan 2012 #46
lol redqueen Jan 2012 #53
Never call me... Rex Jan 2012 #48
LOL! I think ProSense Jan 2012 #56
K'd & R'd DeathToTheOil Jan 2012 #50
I like the Chucky/Newt doll. Does the head spin too? Rectangle Jan 2012 #62
K&R! great white snark Jan 2012 #65
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