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Nye Bevan

(25,406 posts)
Wed Jan 9, 2013, 12:53 PM Jan 2013

Is it possible for a man to be a feminist? [View all]


28 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Yes, it is possible for a man to be a feminist.
26 (93%)
No. It is impossible for a man to be a feminist.
2 (7%)
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Yes lunatica Jan 2013 #1
It depends on one's definition. Brickbat Jan 2013 #2
Indeed. It is possible for men to support feminist causes el_bryanto Jan 2013 #6
Exactly. Well said. Brickbat Jan 2013 #15
is the opposite true? hfojvt Jan 2013 #71
Yes, but I draw the line at wearing high heels. nt onehandle Jan 2013 #3
I don't. dawg Jan 2013 #4
Neither do these guys KamaAina Jan 2013 #40
And they rule! dawg Jan 2013 #44
I LOVE that photo! Those men are feminists. yardwork Jan 2013 #105
Really depends. Lots of American guys say closeupready Jan 2013 #5
I'm curious el_bryanto Jan 2013 #7
What I mean is, liking female anatomy doesn't make closeupready Jan 2013 #11
OK. Interesting response. el_bryanto Jan 2013 #12
Some women, certainly. The thread is about men, though, closeupready Jan 2013 #18
OK - than perhaps you would have better expressed yourself el_bryanto Jan 2013 #21
No, because the thread is about men, not men and women. closeupready Jan 2013 #25
So it is your opinion that most men el_bryanto Jan 2013 #29
Not complicated. The thread topic is about men, not women, not closeupready Jan 2013 #32
I enjoy discussion issues - that's why I participate on this board el_bryanto Jan 2013 #37
Okay, fair enough - that's a very plausible claim. closeupready Jan 2013 #39
Wow. Earth_First Jan 2013 #17
Trying to get this discussion off on the wrong foot already...? Earth_First Jan 2013 #8
That didn't take long. HappyMe Jan 2013 #19
I have to concur with that statement. Possible, but unlikely. n/t Egalitarian Thug Jan 2013 #34
Yes. Do I think men can truly understand many of the things women experience? No. NYC Liberal Jan 2013 #9
Yes, of course. Waiting For Everyman Jan 2013 #10
I "passed". I'm not at all concerned about the label & its application. My concern is attitudes KittyWampus Jan 2013 #13
i would have said yes in the past. i have learned different. why we decide with women, that men seabeyond Jan 2013 #14
Stop! Just STOP! closeupready Jan 2013 #20
i thought i was really being told seabeyond Jan 2013 #22
yeah, you know I get what you mean. closeupready Jan 2013 #27
exactly. the men bring in their issue and it switches to, what about the men. seabeyond Jan 2013 #28
Actually, I'm the one who brought up this issue, in a question to Will Pitt yesterday. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2013 #78
i answered your post seabeyond Jan 2013 #82
In that case, I'm sorry for misunderstanding you, and I thank you for answering DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2013 #84
ya, well even in replying to you i really did not get that. seabeyond Jan 2013 #89
If he didn't know your gender at the time of the posting his replies KitSileya Jan 2013 #50
LOL, yes, because men are smarter than women closeupready Jan 2013 #54
I must admit the past couple of days have been very discouraging in DU KitSileya Jan 2013 #56
Totally agree. closeupready Jan 2013 #60
it's us dumbfuck men. We're not very smart, and we bring contentiousness DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2013 #79
Glad we found some common ground. closeupready Jan 2013 #83
We haven't. I was just pointing out your bald hypocrisy DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2013 #85
I don't know what you're talking about, but closeupready Jan 2013 #99
truth is a problem too, is it? DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2013 #104
So does that mandate that men should not express opinions on traditionally feminist issues el_bryanto Jan 2013 #24
a man is more than welcome to express his opinion. just as i am with black and gay issues. i also seabeyond Jan 2013 #26
Not sure I agree with that el_bryanto Jan 2013 #35
One can be empathic without trying to be anyone's "voice." Jackpine Radical Jan 2013 #41
yes. men can be empathitic. yes. men can be a wonderful voice. seabeyond Jan 2013 #46
I agree with you. n/t MadrasT Jan 2013 #59
Yes. & It's also possible for a woman to be a masculinist & . . . patrice Jan 2013 #16
No. But they can be pro-feminism and support the cause.... Little Star Jan 2013 #23
If losing your dude card is "helping yourself", I agree. Buzz Clik Jan 2013 #33
I say yes demokatgurrl Jan 2013 #30
Of course! Buzz Clik Jan 2013 #31
so i have to ask. if you are white can you be the voice for blacks. if you are straight, can you seabeyond Jan 2013 #36
Bravo. You put it so well there. closeupready Jan 2013 #38
+1 Activism springs from a degree of consciousness leftstreet Jan 2013 #42
This may be the crux of the issue - Being a Feminist may not mean "voice for woman" to all people el_bryanto Jan 2013 #43
"Being a Feminist may not mean "voice for woman" to all people". that would be the co opt of the seabeyond Jan 2013 #47
Well I think there are people who would disagree with your interpretation of Feminism el_bryanto Jan 2013 #57
each post i said men are valued, appreciated needed to SUPPORT. where have i ever suggested that men seabeyond Jan 2013 #61
I stand by that el_bryanto Jan 2013 #63
and again i ask you, do you have the same role in the black movement and the gay movement? nt seabeyond Jan 2013 #65
I don't agree that it is the same thing el_bryanto Jan 2013 #66
Very interesting -- you say, "it is easy to stand up for equal rights..." Waiting For Everyman Jan 2013 #67
Clearly this problem is linguistic, not political Proud Public Servant Jan 2013 #45
Very well said. HappyMe Jan 2013 #49
read my post above. 47. here is a cutsey onion article on it. seabeyond Jan 2013 #51
I take your point in post 47 Proud Public Servant Jan 2013 #62
as i say, i have not seen it. seabeyond Jan 2013 #68
so, seabeyond Jan 2013 #69
Somewhat, I suppose Proud Public Servant Jan 2013 #81
pro femism or allie to feminist is just fine. why do you need a title? you do not need a title seabeyond Jan 2013 #86
You are right that could have been better worded el_bryanto Jan 2013 #88
but it is womans movement just like it is blacks and gay movement. WOMEN define themselves, not men seabeyond Jan 2013 #91
Maybe an example would help me understand el_bryanto Jan 2013 #93
participate. discussing beast sitting up an abusive relationship dont say, but men are abused too. seabeyond Jan 2013 #111
Hmmmmmmm el_bryanto Jan 2013 #114
My answer to all 7 of those questions would be "no". Nye Bevan Jan 2013 #48
right, because for some reason in a patriarchy the womans movement would be different. go figure. nt seabeyond Jan 2013 #53
+1 forestpath Jan 2013 #52
"The voice"? No. "A voice" yes. lumberjack_jeff Jan 2013 #72
I don't think that identifying as a feminist means that people claim to speak for women. yardwork Jan 2013 #106
as i have said repeatedly, i use to believe that. and maybe the experience over the last year seabeyond Jan 2013 #112
I agree that it takes more than saying one is a feminist to be one. yardwork Jan 2013 #115
What a horrible analogy, and it's part of the problem... MellowDem Jan 2013 #116
Despite what Will Pitt thinks demwing Jan 2013 #55
it's not be possible for a man to advocate for equal social, political, legal and economic rights f seabeyond Jan 2013 #58
It's a basic categorical syllogism demwing Jan 2013 #64
For some reason... Jeff In Milwaukee Jan 2013 #70
If feminism were about equality, then of course they could. lumberjack_jeff Jan 2013 #73
The other end of the rope - interesting terminology el_bryanto Jan 2013 #75
Interesting that some people see this as an "adversarial" issue. (nt) Nye Bevan Jan 2013 #90
It is, and arguably should be. lumberjack_jeff Jan 2013 #100
No more so than women's end of the rope is holding men back. lumberjack_jeff Jan 2013 #92
I am. Taverner Jan 2013 #74
This isn't a productive question Aerows Jan 2013 #76
That is it in a nutshell. Rex Jan 2013 #77
I'm for equal rights for everyone, for every human being. MissMarple Jan 2013 #80
I don't think so. NCTraveler Jan 2013 #87
Agreed. 1-Old-Man Jan 2013 #95
No. redqueen Jan 2013 #94
by Brian Klocke. So he's the voice of feminism? He decides what it is? Waiting For Everyman Jan 2013 #101
That in no way follows logically from what I posted. redqueen Jan 2013 #107
You are offering his points with his link, aren't you? Waiting For Everyman Jan 2013 #108
I can find so many more by women and post them here. redqueen Jan 2013 #113
I am a feminist and I am a male. eltopomaravilloso Jan 2013 #96
My husband, my son and my two sons in law are all feminist males. CTyankee Jan 2013 #97
I'm very much anti misogyny and pro equal rights. War Horse Jan 2013 #98
Yes. My two sons are definitely feminists. yardwork Jan 2013 #102
It depends on how you define it gollygee Jan 2013 #103
I don't want to seem petty about this, but I say no, not really. Quantess Jan 2013 #109
"Men, in this patriarchal system, cannot remove themselves from their power and privilege Little Star Jan 2013 #110
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