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45. Was the President also demanding we cut all government spending?
Thu Jan 26, 2012, 10:38 PM
Jan 2012

Newt is a liar, and he is pandering to folks in Florida.

Nothing more.

We have lost our vision, our passion, and our fearlessnes MannyGoldstein Jan 2012 #1
It was a different time, a different world. The moon can wait, earth cannot. nt nanabugg Jan 2012 #30
Oh, it was perfect sudopod Jan 2012 #37
Rec for Tyson! joshcryer Jan 2012 #2
The problem is LiberalAndProud Jan 2012 #3
I agree with the vision... thing is, when Gingrich says it, I just don't believe him. Capitalocracy Jan 2012 #4
Exactly. Skinner Jan 2012 #6
Please note that I expressed regret that it's Newt who's talking about this. LongTomH Jan 2012 #7
Precisely. Solly Mack Jan 2012 #9
Bush's toxic Vision for Space Exploration said the same crap. joshcryer Jan 2012 #26
Newt ProSense Jan 2012 #5
Yes he is shooting for Mars EC Jan 2012 #12
Mars orbit in the 2030's, no moonbase. bananas Jan 2012 #28
From what I understand EC Jan 2012 #35
K & R! lonestarnot Jan 2012 #8
Sorry, but I can't agree--because you're being unfair-- Moonwalk Jan 2012 #10
Believe me, I'm not giving Mr. Obama a hard time. LongTomH Jan 2012 #13
If you're not trying to give democrats a hard time about this.... Moonwalk Jan 2012 #20
"but with what money?" sudopod Jan 2012 #38
If the 1% & corporate tax rates were back to that decade's levels... Amonester Jan 2012 #11
you can't seriously support something like this with the republican anti govt, and wanting to cut JI7 Jan 2012 #14
And WHY do we need a base on the moon which doesn't have any oxygen. Tx4obama Jan 2012 #15
k&r nt bananas Jan 2012 #16
Oh good lord. Newt is trying to win Florida by DevonRex Jan 2012 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author guyton Jan 2012 #18
Thanks for all the comments - I'll try to continue this tomorrow. LongTomH Jan 2012 #19
I'm thinking Newt wants to use the moon as a GITMO for pot dealers. limpyhobbler Jan 2012 #21
You slam the Democrats over this, as if you believe the Republicans would follow through Scootaloo Jan 2012 #22
I didn't interpret the OP as slamming the Dems. It was merely in support of space exploration. limpyhobbler Jan 2012 #27
I was not slamming Democrats and I can't see how anyone could read that into my post! LongTomH Jan 2012 #36
Big difference: Kennedy meant it. Gingrich doesn't. stevedeshazer Jan 2012 #23
I think it is a real choice - moon base vs health care and social security bhikkhu Jan 2012 #24
We have large amounts of money and resources. girl gone mad Jan 2012 #43
Money is resources - it has a real physical basis bhikkhu Jan 2012 #50
If you think about it Confusious Jan 2012 #51
Basic research yes. Manned bases? A serious waste. cthulu2016 Jan 2012 #25
Of course, having never done it, we can't say that with any certainty Occulus Jan 2012 #29
What is it a waste of? girl gone mad Jan 2012 #44
so are you equating what the halfwit lizard said to what JFK said? nt Javaman Jan 2012 #31
Your final quote is so glaring... 99Forever Jan 2012 #32
Apollo Program was the best ''make work program'' ever. Octafish Jan 2012 #33
Thank you, Octafish! LongTomH Jan 2012 #39
That he did, and IIRC correctly... Rosco T. Jan 2012 #42
We eventually did cooperate with the Russians on space in the Cold War era Art_from_Ark Jan 2012 #48
How about funding the arts in this country? frazzled Jan 2012 #34
That's the same luddite thinking that during the end of the Apollo program... Rosco T. Jan 2012 #40
Luddite thinking? How ignorant frazzled Jan 2012 #47
The same people who attack science in this country would end the arts as well. sudopod Jan 2012 #41
Was the President also demanding we cut all government spending? JoePhilly Jan 2012 #45
The republican model is to cut money for aid to the most needy. bluestate10 Jan 2012 #46
A final thought for this thread! LongTomH Jan 2012 #49
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