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49. A final thought for this thread!
Fri Jan 27, 2012, 12:15 AM
Jan 2012

I really don't expect the US to embark on another Apollo type mission in the current environment and that's really not what I was asking for. In many ways, we're in a dark age right now; funding for science and space have been cut back sharply over the past decades. Science funding is a target for cuts by the GOP-controlled House. Hopefully though, we can begin laying the groundwork for a future renaissance of space in coming decades.

What I want to see now is research and development, by NASA, by private industry, and non-profits like The Space Studies Institute and The Mars Society.

Lowering the price of getting into orbit should be a major priority. The Falcon family of launch vehicles from Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) promise lowered cost to orbit with mass production of simple, all liquid-fuel spacecraft. Contrast their designs with the expensive Constellation series proposed by NASA, which seem designed mainly to provide contracts with ATK (formerly Morton-Thiokol), makers of the SRBs for the space shuttle. Those SRBs were not only responsible for the Challenger disaster; they were a major fact in making the shuttle more expensive than existing expendable launchers.

The space elevator mentioned in a previous comment would be another major step forward.

And yes, we do need to make the mega-rich pay their fair share again. That played a major role in making both the Apollo project and the War on Poverty possible in the same decade.

In closing, I'd just like to remind you that today, 26 Jan, is NASA's Day of Remembrance for the astronauts of Apollo 1, Challenger and Columbia. Remember them!

We have lost our vision, our passion, and our fearlessnes MannyGoldstein Jan 2012 #1
It was a different time, a different world. The moon can wait, earth cannot. nt nanabugg Jan 2012 #30
Oh, it was perfect sudopod Jan 2012 #37
Rec for Tyson! joshcryer Jan 2012 #2
The problem is LiberalAndProud Jan 2012 #3
I agree with the vision... thing is, when Gingrich says it, I just don't believe him. Capitalocracy Jan 2012 #4
Exactly. Skinner Jan 2012 #6
Please note that I expressed regret that it's Newt who's talking about this. LongTomH Jan 2012 #7
Precisely. Solly Mack Jan 2012 #9
Bush's toxic Vision for Space Exploration said the same crap. joshcryer Jan 2012 #26
Newt ProSense Jan 2012 #5
Yes he is shooting for Mars EC Jan 2012 #12
Mars orbit in the 2030's, no moonbase. bananas Jan 2012 #28
From what I understand EC Jan 2012 #35
K & R! lonestarnot Jan 2012 #8
Sorry, but I can't agree--because you're being unfair-- Moonwalk Jan 2012 #10
Believe me, I'm not giving Mr. Obama a hard time. LongTomH Jan 2012 #13
If you're not trying to give democrats a hard time about this.... Moonwalk Jan 2012 #20
"but with what money?" sudopod Jan 2012 #38
If the 1% & corporate tax rates were back to that decade's levels... Amonester Jan 2012 #11
you can't seriously support something like this with the republican anti govt, and wanting to cut JI7 Jan 2012 #14
And WHY do we need a base on the moon which doesn't have any oxygen. Tx4obama Jan 2012 #15
k&r nt bananas Jan 2012 #16
Oh good lord. Newt is trying to win Florida by DevonRex Jan 2012 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author guyton Jan 2012 #18
Thanks for all the comments - I'll try to continue this tomorrow. LongTomH Jan 2012 #19
I'm thinking Newt wants to use the moon as a GITMO for pot dealers. limpyhobbler Jan 2012 #21
You slam the Democrats over this, as if you believe the Republicans would follow through Scootaloo Jan 2012 #22
I didn't interpret the OP as slamming the Dems. It was merely in support of space exploration. limpyhobbler Jan 2012 #27
I was not slamming Democrats and I can't see how anyone could read that into my post! LongTomH Jan 2012 #36
Big difference: Kennedy meant it. Gingrich doesn't. stevedeshazer Jan 2012 #23
I think it is a real choice - moon base vs health care and social security bhikkhu Jan 2012 #24
We have large amounts of money and resources. girl gone mad Jan 2012 #43
Money is resources - it has a real physical basis bhikkhu Jan 2012 #50
If you think about it Confusious Jan 2012 #51
Basic research yes. Manned bases? A serious waste. cthulu2016 Jan 2012 #25
Of course, having never done it, we can't say that with any certainty Occulus Jan 2012 #29
What is it a waste of? girl gone mad Jan 2012 #44
so are you equating what the halfwit lizard said to what JFK said? nt Javaman Jan 2012 #31
Your final quote is so glaring... 99Forever Jan 2012 #32
Apollo Program was the best ''make work program'' ever. Octafish Jan 2012 #33
Thank you, Octafish! LongTomH Jan 2012 #39
That he did, and IIRC correctly... Rosco T. Jan 2012 #42
We eventually did cooperate with the Russians on space in the Cold War era Art_from_Ark Jan 2012 #48
How about funding the arts in this country? frazzled Jan 2012 #34
That's the same luddite thinking that during the end of the Apollo program... Rosco T. Jan 2012 #40
Luddite thinking? How ignorant frazzled Jan 2012 #47
The same people who attack science in this country would end the arts as well. sudopod Jan 2012 #41
Was the President also demanding we cut all government spending? JoePhilly Jan 2012 #45
The republican model is to cut money for aid to the most needy. bluestate10 Jan 2012 #46
A final thought for this thread! LongTomH Jan 2012 #49
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