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Sun Jan 29, 2012, 01:05 AM Jan 2012

ALL HOLY HELL HAS BROKEN OUT IN OAKLAND. This Is What It Has Come To... [View all]

Earlier today on the streets of Oakland

ReactiveOoze The Coola Cola Kid
County sherriff busses being brought in by cops to ship out way >100 arrestees @OccupyOakland. City Hall poss. occupied

7:52 PM PT:
OccupyOakland Occupy Oakland

Stand off with cops outside of city hall now #occupyoakland #ftp #j28

Klio Klio

Police just shot protester in small of her back when she was less than a foot away. Crying, limping. #occupyoakland @subverzo

8:21 PM PT: Young lady with short hair beaten by officer, taken off in ambulance just now from City Hall. As reported on the livestream link above.



Police are attacking again check OakFoSho's stream


Smoke bombs, tear gas, flash bangs, rubber bullets, and bean bag rounds were used on protesters that never got within 50-100 feet of police lines. Anyone have the contact information to the person supposed to review the Oakland Police and their attacks on their own citizenry?

This looks like the relevant video from OakFoSho at about 14:00+ min in:
VIDEO: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/20073032#utm_campaign=synclickback&source=http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/01/28/1059507/-Updated:With-Police-Attack-Video-Occupy-Oakland:-Livestream-of-March-and-Police-Response?via=siderec&medium=20073032

MORE VIDEOS & Important News:



8:48 PM PT: This is interesting.

Breaking911 Breaking911
#Brooklyn LARGE CROWD #NYPD req backup forthwith to North 6 & Bedford Ave. Level 1 Mobilization. McCarren Park.

9:14 PM PT: Hundreds who have been kettled awaiting arrest at YMCA on Broadway in Oakland.


KCBS AM-740 news feed says: (35+ / 0-)
100 arrests.

Protesters somehow got into City Hall.

Small fire on steps of City Hall, probably a flag burning.

Rocks thrown at police.





Story up on MSNBC.com


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I can't stand this... BeHereNow Jan 2012 #1
I agree BeHereNow, All this brutality because Occupy wanted to occupy an abandoned building. fasttense Jan 2012 #58
They wanted to turn it into a community center. What a great idea! SammyWinstonJack Jan 2012 #61
Police brutality is systematically killing everything we supposedly stand for, 99th_Monkey Jan 2012 #133
Horrifying... CaliforniaPeggy Jan 2012 #2
Makes me want to drive up there and protect the kids- you too? BeHereNow Jan 2012 #4
Oh hell yeah. CaliforniaPeggy Jan 2012 #8
What can we do???? BeHereNow Jan 2012 #11
The parents should protect the kids nobodyspecial Jan 2012 #10
And at what point; greiner3 Jan 2012 #64
That's what they want. Jkid Jan 2012 #101
Please! greytdemocrat Jan 2012 #70
Right.... daleanime Jan 2012 #75
It's a class thing. That's the best advice IVE ever got, but it doesn't work for the rich. saras Jan 2012 #114
as if you cared fascisthunter Jan 2012 #84
Yeah give in and give up MattBaggins Jan 2012 #108
You're only as free sulphurdunn Jan 2012 #85
My dear CaliforniaPeggy .... rtassi Jan 2012 #92
Yep... K & R !!! - And They're Calling In Police Officers From All Over The Bay Area... WillyT Jan 2012 #3
I hope the Occupy Marines who have pledged to protect the protesters are calling up a response- BeHereNow Jan 2012 #9
Link to updates: dixiegrrrrl Jan 2012 #34
The other cities in the area need to revisit their "mutual aid" policies pronto KamaAina Jan 2012 #110
It's official, we are a police state. Odin2005 Jan 2012 #5
Its been official for awhile easttexaslefty Jan 2012 #93
Break their unions. The cops can beg Wall Street for money. Dawson Leery Jan 2012 #6
Police Union? Isn't that an oxymoron? 99th_Monkey Jan 2012 #134
Under no circumstances, could I see police unions as being justified. Dawson Leery Jan 2012 #143
I'm not justifying police action in any way nobodyspecial Jan 2012 #7
Wel to be fair, we don't really know the circumstance of that photo- BeHereNow Jan 2012 #19
You're right nobodyspecial Jan 2012 #21
Look again. True, many of the beating victims are not that young. But some are children. AnotherMcIntosh Jan 2012 #29
What democracy makes it necessary for a mother to have to buy a gas mask for her children sabrina 1 Jan 2012 #104
+1. I wonder if knowing the feds are going to take over OPD had anything to do with this? freshwest Jan 2012 #126
The Feds cannot take over an idea RoccoR5955 Jan 2012 #128
No, I was referrring to a thread here about the Feds taking over OPD because of violence. freshwest Jan 2012 #131
Meh... Lost-in-FL Jan 2012 #120
It wouldn't be a volatile ohheckyeah Jan 2012 #27
It would still be a volatile situation. randome Jan 2012 #36
There have been plenty of movements... countryjake Jan 2012 #44
I have nothing against peaceful protests and including children when safely possible nobodyspecial Jan 2012 #80
Private property is a fiction. MNBrewer Jan 2012 #89
Exactly......... socialist_n_TN Jan 2012 #91
Then send me some of yours, please. Dreamer Tatum Jan 2012 #118
I'm not in control of any so-called "private property" MNBrewer Jan 2012 #127
The difference is in your head. Dreamer Tatum Jan 2012 #139
And you're obviously NOT seeing the distinction based socialist_n_TN Jan 2012 #142
"Safe" is subjective. The first black students to integrate white enclaves were in dire jeopardy riderinthestorm Jan 2012 #103
I guess this young girl's parents really blew it lolly Jan 2012 #124
I know right? Sometimes it just is what life hands us, and brave kids step up. I love that pic riderinthestorm Jan 2012 #129
Children will occupy our future... countryjake Jan 2012 #130
Oakland has been a screwed up place for well over 40 years tularetom Jan 2012 #12
So far, the OPD has arrested and had to try to find and unarrest 9 reporters. EFerrari Jan 2012 #15
Jesus! What the Hell????? BeHereNow Jan 2012 #20
These people who are filming seem to be gathering evidence EFerrari Jan 2012 #24
Good! BeHereNow Jan 2012 #26
Obama has no power to do anything. Didn't you know that? UnrepentantLiberal Jan 2012 #35
And if he did comment, you'd bitch at him for being "all talk" Scootaloo Jan 2012 #39
Call a news conference and use his bully pulpit to denounce these blue shirts actions and call Hestia Jan 2012 #96
Send in the 82nd Airborne with orders to protect demonstrators' coalition_unwilling Jan 2012 #125
good idea marions ghost Jan 2012 #140
Thank you for your concern. aquart Jan 2012 #40
Nothing fazes the Mighty O. Or, his most ardent supporters, lol. (nt) T S Justly Jan 2012 #41
What??? Link, please! BeHereNow Jan 2012 #46
"or something" FogerRox Jan 2012 #122
And our Governor? KamaAina Jan 2012 #111
Whattya mean Oakland gopiscrap Jan 2012 #16
That's unfortunately very true. nt Zorra Jan 2012 #25
A friend of mine was a paramedic there in the early 1980s slackmaster Jan 2012 #78
CNN news break at 2300 saying that if only some graffiti and a few arrests AllyCat Jan 2012 #13
The Stream Reporter Is Saying That People Are So Pissed, They'll Just Keep On Reforming And Marching WillyT Jan 2012 #14
I read tweet by Andy Carvin, said people were marching to OPigD headquarters. EFerrari Jan 2012 #17
Stay strong Occuppy Oakland gopiscrap Jan 2012 #18
The top pic and Oakland reminded me of that old song by the Who lunasun Jan 2012 #22
I had no idea until I logged into DU. thanks for posting this Liberal_in_LA Jan 2012 #23
Great... SFPD Has Joined The Fray... WillyT Jan 2012 #28
There's just got to be a better way for them to handle this jsmirman Jan 2012 #30
There is a reason that the OPD resorts to violence first... Kalidurga Jan 2012 #31
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Jan 2012 #32
Ditto inna Jan 2012 #105
K&R (nt) T S Justly Jan 2012 #33
k&r Starry Messenger Jan 2012 #37
100 people arrested in Oakland, and I have NO WAY of know if my daughter was one of them. Raksha Jan 2012 #38
Let us know as soon as you hear. aquart Jan 2012 #42
I just sent her a text message. Raksha Jan 2012 #43
Damn- been there, done that. BeHereNow Jan 2012 #45
My mom always knew who had my keys. And there would be a call. And a visit. aquart Jan 2012 #50
Update: I heard from one of my daughter's friends on Facebook this morning. Raksha Jan 2012 #123
This article makes it sound like the protestors were damaging city property. DCBob Jan 2012 #47
Laughable unionworks Jan 2012 #48
Perhaps.. but eventually the truth will come out. DCBob Jan 2012 #49
agree n/t unionworks Jan 2012 #53
yeah, and that's the scary part newspeak Jan 2012 #82
Here are several pictures of them burning American flags hack89 Jan 2012 #51
I get that unionworks Jan 2012 #54
Black bloc - it grates me that they are labeled as "protesters" by the media IDemo Jan 2012 #57
Yeah, more blac bloc hate, got shit on all night. joshcryer Jan 2012 #60
Complete fail IDemo Jan 2012 #67
There would've been no attempt to take the Civic Center, an illegal act, without those people. joshcryer Jan 2012 #68
I'm not denouncing anonymity IDemo Jan 2012 #74
Exactly easttexaslefty Jan 2012 #95
So how does an open movement like OWS keep undesirable groups out? hack89 Jan 2012 #59
OWS being apolitical cannot. joshcryer Jan 2012 #63
What if bloc tactics become a brake on the growth of OWS? hack89 Jan 2012 #69
The bloc will have to adapt too. But public anonymity cannot be rejected. joshcryer Jan 2012 #71
Then they must accept that it will limit their growth hack89 Jan 2012 #72
Well, for some marching in the streets and intending to take over a building... joshcryer Jan 2012 #73
Is it rational and reasonable if you want to create a game changing national movement? hack89 Jan 2012 #76
One of the OWS streamers denounced them. joshcryer Jan 2012 #62
Good. nt hack89 Jan 2012 #65
Eh, the OWS stream had mixed opinions. joshcryer Jan 2012 #66
Lots of pictures here hack89 Jan 2012 #52
Pic #6 is telling isn't it - those 3 really are representative of the 99% n/t Hestia Jan 2012 #97
omg, thanks for the link. it's even worse than i thought. nt inna Jan 2012 #106
du rec. nt xchrom Jan 2012 #55
Fuckers reporting that Occupiers throwing fire 2pooped2pop Jan 2012 #56
I saw actual video of protesters lined up with shields nobodyspecial Jan 2012 #81
were they throwing "fire bombs"? fascisthunter Jan 2012 #87
show me this video 2pooped2pop Jan 2012 #98
It's streaming on the No True Scotsman Network nt Dreamer Tatum Jan 2012 #109
snort, 2pooped2pop Jan 2012 #115
Solidarity with the people of Oakland. nt TBF Jan 2012 #77
K&R Karmadillo Jan 2012 #79
K & R lonestarnot Jan 2012 #83
Protesters are that much of a Threat.... fascisthunter Jan 2012 #86
I guess we are a threat really. 2pooped2pop Jan 2012 #100
Fucking fascist cops Tomay Jan 2012 #88
"has dropped its mask" - it's only *starting* to reveal its ugly face... inna Jan 2012 #112
When I first saw the picture that looks like it was taken with a night vision lense Jazzgirl Jan 2012 #90
Solidarity with Occupy Oakland....... socialist_n_TN Jan 2012 #94
ditto (nt) inna Jan 2012 #113
Looks like we need to help and donate gas masks. The cops will have to wake up when everyone Hestia Jan 2012 #99
Solidarity deutsey Jan 2012 #102
And what are the children learning? Rex Jan 2012 #107
K&R Soylent Brice Jan 2012 #116
I support, and stand in solidarity, with Occupy Oakland. Zorra Jan 2012 #117
Spring is coming. nt Javaman Jan 2012 #119
The Rite of Spring-it is the nature of evolution, as unstoppable as state repression nt HarryPowell Jan 2012 #121
so you believe that OWS has no chance? is that what you are saying? nt Javaman Jan 2012 #136
Good Grief! This is America?!? DreamsOfEquality Jan 2012 #132
What pathetic cowards. (No, I don't mean the protestors.) BlueIris Jan 2012 #135
. HughBeaumont Jan 2012 #137
Where is GOVERNER JERRY BROWN in all this? He was active in the '60s. Where is he NOW? nt cyberpj Jan 2012 #138
good question Broderick Jan 2012 #141
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