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I hate when that happens. TwilightGardener Feb 2013 #1
I know, perfectly good waffles ruined obamanut2012 Feb 2013 #21
Now we're cooking with ordnance. nt Xipe Totec Feb 2013 #2
Hold it, Mythbusters proved his was not possible. nadinbrzezinski Feb 2013 #3
What happened was exactly what Mythbusters said would happen. NutmegYankee Feb 2013 #14
I am appalled (at myself) enlightenment Feb 2013 #4
I'm bad too. Control-Z Feb 2013 #20
Impossible! nt tridim Feb 2013 #5
More horseshit, I have burned hundreds of bullets, they do essentially nothing 1-Old-Man Feb 2013 #6
the story does sound off. loli phabay Feb 2013 #7
Remember... greytdemocrat Feb 2013 #9
It is a strange tale sarisataka Feb 2013 #25
I think you're onto it with the magazine Union Scribe Feb 2013 #27
I can only guess sarisataka Feb 2013 #28
Yeah really, I have enough trouble cooking with an oven Union Scribe Feb 2013 #30
I think Glock magazines are polymer-coated steel n/t krispos42 Feb 2013 #32
You are correct sarisataka Feb 2013 #35
Are ovens the place to store guns? Liberal_in_LA Feb 2013 #8
WTF? what thinking being stashes their bullets in an oven? 0rganism Feb 2013 #10
Thanks for defining the case for gun control. Zoeisright Feb 2013 #29
Lock it in a safe BainsBane Feb 2013 #36
If only the refrigerator had been armed, this wouldn't have happened nt NoGOPZone Feb 2013 #11
You win! +1000000000000000000000000 Bake Feb 2013 #15
Wuaahhh!!! Beacool Feb 2013 #16
HAHAHAHAHAHA LiberalElite Feb 2013 #18
Wow, just wow. How stupid does a person have to be to store bullets in an actively used oven? bluestate10 Feb 2013 #12
What kind of genius stores his magazine in an oven????????????? Beacool Feb 2013 #13
How else do you expect her to cook stuffed shells? Orrex Feb 2013 #17
But Pastafarians hate being embroiled in violence pinboy3niner Feb 2013 #31
*snort* krispos42 Feb 2013 #33
What kind of freaking moron puts a gun with plastic Polymer magazines loaded into an oven... Historic NY Feb 2013 #19
Guns don't kill people; ovens kill people meow2u3 Feb 2013 #22
And the best part? Mr. Sandy still has his concealed weapons permit Bolo Boffin Feb 2013 #23
Of course he's taking care of her. He's making her some waf...BANG! pinboy3niner Feb 2013 #34
More responsible gun ownership...... kestrel91316 Feb 2013 #24
"He was not charged." Union Scribe Feb 2013 #26
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