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69. Do
Fri Mar 1, 2013, 11:57 AM
Mar 2013

Find joy without the use of specialized equipment.
Appreciate beauty in things that weren't manufactured to be beautiful.
Seek out unusual or conflicting ideas and make them work.

Do - starve the beast that feeds you.

"Who is 'they,' Lenny?" . . . Journeyman Mar 2013 #1
Spell don't correctly. It's annoying to read it wrong - over and over again. patricia92243 Mar 2013 #2
For a minute there, I thought it said "Some Donuts Please". Ken Burch Mar 2013 #6
Don't leave the apostrophe out of DONT JaneyVee Mar 2013 #75
What's the frequency, Kenneth? -nt Liberal Veteran Mar 2013 #3
Huh? Drunken Irishman Mar 2013 #4
That reads like modernist poetry...interesting approach. Ken Burch Mar 2013 #5
that is for you to interpret Livluvgrow Mar 2013 #8
"masterful approach to the English language ..." oldhippie Mar 2013 #14
When you post with sloppy capitalization and punctuation, that makes you RC Mar 2013 #45
Well Livluvgrow Mar 2013 #46
Pssssst oldhippie Mar 2013 #47
Opps RC Mar 2013 #50
You meant "Oops", right?? Ghost in the Machine Mar 2013 #74
Whatever. RC Mar 2013 #77
Lol! :-) Ghost in the Machine Mar 2013 #80
No problem. RC Mar 2013 #82
I wasn't gonna point that out .... oldhippie Mar 2013 #78
from one old hippie to another.. Peace, my brother Ghost in the Machine Mar 2013 #81
You don't need to have studied English in college enlightenment Mar 2013 #65
Please don't let DU's spelling police get to you siligut Mar 2013 #66
thankyou Livluvgrow Mar 2013 #68
Cancer is another good analogy siligut Mar 2013 #71
I like your use of the phrase "should poet". Ken Burch Mar 2013 #72
What's a "dont?" Le Taz Hot Mar 2013 #7
shucks does that bother you Livluvgrow Mar 2013 #9
Communication is important, not to mention saving puppies! Blecht Mar 2013 #15
Well, this is the first time I have seen one of your posts .... oldhippie Mar 2013 #17
If you Livluvgrow Mar 2013 #20
We can think just fine, thank you. No need to sound defensive. randome Mar 2013 #24
ah Livluvgrow Mar 2013 #28
"maybe you should try thinking" comes across as insulting, IMO. randome Mar 2013 #32
Not easy to disown a corporation? Livluvgrow Mar 2013 #36
True. They do. Which makes me think it isn't so easy, after all. randome Mar 2013 #39
what you just eloquently spoke Livluvgrow Mar 2013 #44
I missed the Subway CEO rant. randome Mar 2013 #49
He was speaking Livluvgrow Mar 2013 #61
He's not even a good CEO, then. randome Mar 2013 #63
Oh, you've stroked my thinking all right ..... oldhippie Mar 2013 #26
oh Livluvgrow Mar 2013 #30
A donut without you Kennah Mar 2013 #83
If we were using French 2naSalit Mar 2013 #84
Ah, rocket surgery! GoneOffShore Mar 2013 #10
No, it's Brain-Rocket Surgery-Science! kentauros Mar 2013 #35
Who are the 'they' of whom you speak? MineralMan Mar 2013 #11
Indeed, they are not your friends. bemildred Mar 2013 #12
Do's? MineralMan Mar 2013 #13
People often like to revel in ignorance Blecht Mar 2013 #18
Don't drink soda. Do not pass Go. randome Mar 2013 #16
I'm not really sure who you're targeting, but I can't believe Sheldon Cooper Mar 2013 #19
Not really targeting anybody Livluvgrow Mar 2013 #23
Well friend... 99Forever Mar 2013 #34
As I stated Livluvgrow Mar 2013 #40
Quite a leap you are making there, friend. 99Forever Mar 2013 #54
Not a scapegoat Livluvgrow Mar 2013 #59
I said nothing of the kind. 99Forever Mar 2013 #60
You make a very good point and I believe it is part of the reason DU can be tough siligut Mar 2013 #70
Don't pass gas. lonestarnot Mar 2013 #21
Don't collect $200. Lizzie Poppet Mar 2013 #27
And don't pay $200! lonestarnot Mar 2013 #31
Punctuation matters theKed Mar 2013 #22
Yesh, it do. randome Mar 2013 #25
Oh nose is dont Livluvgrow Mar 2013 #29
That's the spirit! randome Mar 2013 #33
Don't play their game. patrice Mar 2013 #37
So we are all just supposed to die of starvation, cold and naked in our caves? RC Mar 2013 #38
Than shop at walmart Livluvgrow Mar 2013 #41
I eat at Subway. I leave my computers on 24/7. I shop farmers market. RC Mar 2013 #48
Why bother supporting Democrats Livluvgrow Mar 2013 #51
Because sometime you have no choice. RC Mar 2013 #55
You must never have had an Italian BMT or a toasted tuna footlong...yum! jmg257 Mar 2013 #57
"Turn on, tune it, and drop out." bemildred Mar 2013 #42
Me addicted to money? Livluvgrow Mar 2013 #52
Tsk, no need to take it personally. nt bemildred Mar 2013 #53
Ooo - my turn! jmg257 Mar 2013 #43
"DON'T SLEEP IN THE SUBWAY" One_Life_To_Give Mar 2013 #56
Don't drunk post. JoePhilly Mar 2013 #58
so now a lack of an apostrophe Livluvgrow Mar 2013 #62
Where did I mention your lack of an apostrophe? JoePhilly Mar 2013 #64
This is one way to get a large amount of attention on DU siligut Mar 2013 #67
Do rrneck Mar 2013 #69
This refers to businesses associated with the 'Pugs/Tea Party/sequester fetishists. Ken Burch Mar 2013 #73
One of the reasons I quit smoking was every smoke was funding them...nt Paul E Ester Mar 2013 #76
Don't support factory farming Kalidurga Mar 2013 #79
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