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66. Wow - such a smashingly GOOD point, Victor_c3!
Fri Mar 1, 2013, 05:33 PM
Mar 2013

These couples really want children. They adopt. They voluntarily AND willingly go through the long slog of surrogacy, and even, for women spouses, the sometimes even life-threatening challenge of in vitro fertilization. I remember interviewing soap opera star Diedre Hall once, shortly after she and her husband mounted a herculean effort to conceive. It was all in vain. They tried several times - to the extent that she was finally told that she couldn't afford to put her body through that physical ordeal anymore. It put her in a coma. She was told that if she tried even once more it would probably kill her. So they turned to a surrogate mother. NONE of that is cheap, nor is it a swiftly-dispatched-with process, nor is it without risks of ALL kinds. And these couples enter into that willingly, even eagerly.

When I think of how physically arduous pregnancy was for my body, I can only imagine what happens when one is taking injections and undergoing surgery and on monitors all the time and bedridden some of the time. At least I was able to work. She was incapacitated. Thankfully briefly, but still! It is hard enough to have a baby when your body is physically building it. When you think of same-sex couples and the ADDED lengths of rapids they have to paddle through, well, if I'd had any conflicted feelings about it, this willingness to go through an ordeal to become parents would erase any doubt in my mind. These couples want a child (or two) in their lives.

EVERY child should be a wanted child. We have far too many who aren't.

Ha!! Nicely done, JCPenny, nicely done! nt. OldDem2012 Feb 2013 #1
I hope JCP fitman Mar 2013 #54
Love it! LeftofObama Feb 2013 #2
Way to go! CaliforniaPeggy Feb 2013 #3
Hey Peggy, Playinghardball Feb 2013 #13
I'm pretty good, thanks! CaliforniaPeggy Feb 2013 #24
You should just about be ready to resume the kick boxing, right? Playinghardball Feb 2013 #25
Resume??? CaliforniaPeggy Feb 2013 #26
When is your next title bout? Playinghardball Mar 2013 #61
LOL ismnotwasm Feb 2013 #4
You know you're making strides forward when advertising is geared towards you :-D KittyWampus Feb 2013 #5
I started making it a point to try and find things I want/need at JC Penny's when... Little Star Feb 2013 #6
Yeah the Ellen OwnedByCats Mar 2013 #51
Well done, JC Penny Scootaloo Feb 2013 #7
Great advertisement but Rabid_Rabbit Feb 2013 #8
You're right about marketing, but... PennyK Feb 2013 #9
Agree Rabid_Rabbit Feb 2013 #10
Welcome to DU, Rabid_Rabbit! calimary Feb 2013 #31
Yeeeeeaaahh! Bucky Feb 2013 #11
Everything in life is pandering. SCVDem Feb 2013 #12
just be sure it's a Polar Bear Coke! BlancheSplanchnik Feb 2013 #16
It says a lot that they can do it and it doesnt hurt their bottom line. mountain grammy Feb 2013 #14
Um, I hate to break it to you, but JCP is a disaster. Dreamer Tatum Mar 2013 #56
I know they've been struggling mountain grammy Mar 2013 #57
I haven't been a fan of JCPenny's for years . . . MrModerate Feb 2013 #15
If only JC Penney would return to my town! Hekate Feb 2013 #17
need some new jeans hopemountain Feb 2013 #18
me too! sarchasm Mar 2013 #52
Yay Ms. Toad Feb 2013 #19
people, if you haven't been to JCP give them another chance Skittles Feb 2013 #20
I have always loved shopping at JCP Ishoutandscream2 Mar 2013 #53
I went again last night Skittles Mar 2013 #59
I just got home from JCPenney AndyA Feb 2013 #21
starting to look at JCP!! uponit7771 Feb 2013 #22
Yep, when JCP stood up for Ellen I decided they were worth patronizing. OriginalGeek Feb 2013 #23
Saw an insurance ad last night with a husband/husband couple. Homophobes appleannie1 Feb 2013 #27
Beautiful Smilo Feb 2013 #28
I love those photos they used. calimary Feb 2013 #29
And it doesn't hurt that those kids are xxqqqzme Mar 2013 #44
My thing with same sex parents is that if they want to have kids, they must really want them Victor_c3 Mar 2013 #47
Wow - such a smashingly GOOD point, Victor_c3! calimary Mar 2013 #66
Boycotts never work anyhow. Last year it was million moms against Ellen Leslie Valley Feb 2013 #30
Thanks for the tip! Will get to Penney's asap! And boycotts... displacedtexan Feb 2013 #32
Dominos boycott worked? No - they are doing just fine - Zax2me Feb 2013 #36
I never go to Penny's... awoke_in_2003 Feb 2013 #33
Yeah, good idea.. Don't know if there's a Penny's Cha Mar 2013 #40
JC Penney has much bigger problems than any ad Zax2me Feb 2013 #34
I very much agree with Berlin Expat Mar 2013 #50
In your fucking faces, homophobes! Iggo Feb 2013 #35
Haha!! nt Lucky Luciano Feb 2013 #37
Good. Bullies and bigots are just gonna have to get over it: this society is changing for the apocalypsehow Feb 2013 #38
They already tried that with Cha Mar 2013 #39
And Starbucks. Lost that one bigtime. joeunderdog Mar 2013 #64
JCPenney got a huge sales boost the last time the religious right boycotted them Bjorn Against Mar 2013 #41
You know what I make of these ads? Beartracks Mar 2013 #42
I like the kids in those ads NBachers Mar 2013 #43
Well played, JC Penney, well played. tavalon Mar 2013 #45
Some but not all of my clothes came from JC Penneys madokie Mar 2013 #46
Good for them. Arkansas Granny Mar 2013 #48
Wow. Sold. I'll go out of my way to shop there now. Chorophyll Mar 2013 #49
"Don't look at gays, don't hear about gays, don't talk about gays." ck4829 Mar 2013 #55
Ha ha!!! I really hate hate groups like One "Million" Moms. Initech Mar 2013 #58
Fair & Balanced! Eleanors38 Mar 2013 #60
Haha, love that! K&R closeupready Mar 2013 #62
HUGE K & R !!! WillyT Mar 2013 #63
I think I will go to JC Penny, and see if they have anything I need. reverend_tim Mar 2013 #65
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