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25. Um-hmm! That's EXACTLY it. That's how so many of these schmucks become "best-selling authors"
Sun Mar 3, 2013, 06:54 PM
Mar 2013

Because their publishers or sponsors or big-bucks supporters make bulk buys - aimed at creating and building the "story." The mere numbers are high enough to qualify as a "best-seller," because they always buy enough to reach the best-seller threshold at the New York Times and other prestigious, important best-seller lists. BINGO! Your author is now a best-selling author. Neat, huh? THEN, you use your media machine to massage that "fact" you just created, sending that author out and getting him/her booked up the ying-yang on all the TV and cable and radio shows - on the pretense that they're a best-selling author (hey, look at this Sunday's "New York Times," eh?) and you make a big deal about their instant credibility as spokespeople and legitimate view-holders and commentators. That's how people like that twisted scarecrow ann coulter make their living. Do the book tour thing and the speakers' bureau circuit. Lots of book clubs out there with an affluent membership, usually elderly, predominantly female, often church-related. And they LOVE booking marquee-name authors to come and speaker.

And when you have this infrastructure of "foundations" and "institutes" like the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation that eagerly fund those bulk buys. Sometimes campaign committees do it and everybody who buys a ticket to the candidate's appearance or luncheon or fundraising meet-n-greet gets a complimentary copy of his/her book, or a copy is left at every place-setting on every banquet table, or it's offered for purchase at the event because the author's there to sign it, woohoo! Or if you join some crank wrong-wing organization, you get a bonus of so&so's book as a welcoming gift - OR "special discounts" on its purchase (as a member, you know!).

The most audacious example of this that I ever saw was back when limbaugh had his mercifully short run with his own ridiculous, ego-stroking TV show. Guess what his backdrop was, on the set - behind his chair and the chair(s) and side tables for his guests? Stacks and stacks of his "The Way Things Ought To Be" or whatever-the-fuck idiot book title he was hawking that year. There was a wall-to-wall panorama of his books. Stacked to human height, clear across the whole set behind where the chairs were, from stem to stern. Had to be thousands of books in that wall-to-wall display facade. I remember wondering who bought them, or how the limbaugh show acquired them and who paid for the books and the shipping/delivery. Probably plenty enough books on that set to clinch ol rushbo a slot on the New York Times Best-Seller List with his worthless waste of trees.

These wrongies are shrewd. They are SHREWD. They're better than anybody at cooking up these sneaky-ass, phonied-up, corner-cutting manipulations, I swear! We need a few devious thinkers on our side - if not to think stuff up so much as sound the alarm when the other side does it. It ALWAYS has to be spotted and then immediately called out for the manipulation it is. Otherwise, GUARANTEED, people will be taken in by it.

Can't even use it as toilet paper: It's shitty pages just make you dirtier. eom NYC_SKP Mar 2013 #1
LOL True! n/t Turborama Mar 2013 #2
Yup madokie Mar 2013 #33
They should pay people $5 to take those books, and MineralMan Mar 2013 #3
Possibly actually happened when it 1st came out to increase the rankings Turborama Mar 2013 #5
Wiki concurs with you, Turbo dixiegrrrrl Mar 2013 #7
Um-hmm! That's EXACTLY it. That's how so many of these schmucks become "best-selling authors" calimary Mar 2013 #25
Thanks to you and calimary for the info Turborama Mar 2013 #30
Tossing them into a dumpster is just wasteful. caballojm Mar 2013 #22
done dembotoz Mar 2013 #4
No "super buy"; I doubt it is a dollar's worth of doorstop, or even a dollar's worth of BTUs corkhead Mar 2013 #6
I wouldn't pay $1 for an autographed first edition. Vinca Mar 2013 #8
If I had a pet I might pay a quarter and use the pages.. ananda Mar 2013 #9
It's funny how "The Phantom Menace" They_Live Mar 2013 #10
Good catch LiberalLovinLug Mar 2013 #18
Next week he will be selling his books out of the trunk of one of Ann's Cadillacs Heather MC Mar 2013 #11
Holy Shit! THAT Is Funny HangOnKids Mar 2013 #12
Thank you! I will be here all week and the next week and the next week ...... Heather MC Mar 2013 #29
Hey, that's more than 47% off! tinrobot Mar 2013 #13
Yep! The 47% want it for free! There must be a book entitlement program! WAHHH!! Fire Walk With Me Mar 2013 #14
Oh shaddup! You guys are making me pee my pants........ TheDebbieDee Mar 2013 #28
Ugh, that smarmy smirk...my eyes! catbyte Mar 2013 #15
If they were a little thicker... Historic NY Mar 2013 #16
I'm waiting for Ann's book where she tells us how she suffered great privation during the campaign. CTyankee Mar 2013 #17
I'd buy it .. padruig Mar 2013 #19
I saw Limbaugh's books at a library sale... Spitfire of ATJ Mar 2013 #20
I would say a lot of Limbaugh listeners can't read Ligyron Mar 2013 #24
Do you remember chervilant Mar 2013 #32
Some on the Right were putting "Dreams of My Father" in the Religion section. Spitfire of ATJ Mar 2013 #34
It should be in the Comedy section. n/t RoccoR5955 Mar 2013 #21
pay me a dollar G_j Mar 2013 #23
This message was self-deleted by its author sammy27932003 Mar 2013 #26
Seems like a fair price, but that would be an awful lot of work BlueStreak Mar 2013 #27
Right-wing books should be priced by the cord ... eppur_se_muova Mar 2013 #31
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