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12. Fond memories of hands. Strong, firm hands, some with motor grease around the nails.
Tue Jan 31, 2012, 10:14 PM
Jan 2012

Motor grease from doing ALL of our own car repairs, in addition to his paycheck job . . .

Sun-browned hands, black hair at thick wrists, clutching motorcycle grips, pulling the front break, twisting the throttle...

Mom's hands alternately pounding and then smoothing bread dough, for 6 loaves, 2 times a week. Or caked with mixing flour and eggs for noodles that would dry in sheets on wooden clothes-drying racks on the back porch . . .

My dad's hand with a crushed thumb-nail, purple black, swollen; without a word, he quickly & expertly used a drill to make a hole to relieve the pressure, then wrapped the palm & thumb in strips of torn dish-towel and took us fishing . . .

Powerful hands full of life and doing,

Not the empty hands of a hollow idle man who mouths that others do, in commands from the sound of silence.

Hands. [View all] stevedeshazer Jan 2012 OP
K&R !!! n/t RKP5637 Jan 2012 #1
Let me add to that the abused hands of people who work a computer flamingdem Jan 2012 #2
Did that for a while, too. stevedeshazer Jan 2012 #4
have to say I agree with you. I hate those soft hands with perfect nails. Alameda Jan 2012 #3
respect for work is the number one thing missing in this country. limpyhobbler Jan 2012 #5
K&R! highplainsdem Jan 2012 #6
love hands... handmade34 Jan 2012 #7
See? You got it. stevedeshazer Jan 2012 #8
It's not just my hands that are beat-up. GoCubsGo Jan 2012 #9
yes handmade34 Jan 2012 #10
K&R.... unkachuck Jan 2012 #11
Fond memories of hands. Strong, firm hands, some with motor grease around the nails. patrice Jan 2012 #12
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