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Fiendish Thingy

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59. Since 9/11, I had been a moral insomniac,
Thu Mar 14, 2013, 09:51 AM
Mar 2013

Unable to sleep because of the horrors, war crimes, and Constitution shredding done in my name, with my tax dollars. Was very active in engaging my reps, but nothing changed. Finally, 6 months ago, I emigrated to Canada.

I sleep much better now, but in my waking hours, still feel the rage and sorrow over the loss of the Idea of America.

I'm not an expatriate, I'm a Patriot-In-Exile.

Waking From My Moral Coma [View all] WilliamPitt Mar 2013 OP
rec'd mike_c Mar 2013 #1
Yes, this post hits deep brush Mar 2013 #54
THIS IS A MUST READ. K&R n/t OneGrassRoot Mar 2013 #2
better late than never..the guy in the photo contributed to you falling alseep xiamiam Mar 2013 #3
+1 MotherPetrie Mar 2013 #4
So when he was a candidate in 2008 and said he'd end the Iraq war, and increase JoePhilly Mar 2013 #7
And end the Drug War...and renegotiate NAFTA... yes, we remember. nt Romulox Mar 2013 #9
Better get busy on finding a candiate for 2016 I guess. JoePhilly Mar 2013 #21
Voting will not cut it. It will take tens of thousands in the streets........ Hotler Mar 2013 #27
When's that scheduled for? JoePhilly Mar 2013 #30
May 1st. Meet me in front of the Colorado state capital on the steps 9:00am sharp. Hotler Mar 2013 #46
Can't make it ... its about 1500 miles from here and my daughter has softball practice that night. JoePhilly Mar 2013 #48
I didn't think you would show up. Most Americans don't have it in them. But we can get.... Hotler Mar 2013 #51
So we're supposed to find the money to travel 1500 miles to JoePhilly Mar 2013 #53
When he was a candidate in '08 he said he would escalate the war in Afghanistan and lost my vote. Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2013 #12
Even then, he didn't tell us how much he would escalate the war in Afghanistan. AnotherMcIntosh Mar 2013 #55
Bush on steroids is right wasserman Mar 2013 #10
Not in a reality based world. JoePhilly Mar 2013 #14
You mean a celebrity based world. Jakes Progress Mar 2013 #42
Get back to me when Obama puts 100,000+ troops on the ground in a 10 year war JoePhilly Mar 2013 #43
It wouldn't do any good. Jakes Progress Mar 2013 #62
... SammyWinstonJack Mar 2013 #39
+1 Newest Reality Mar 2013 #56
The war(s) have always been the number one issue to me. panader0 Mar 2013 #5
I so wish that this were not true . . FairWinds Mar 2013 #6
People still are working PowerToThePeople Mar 2013 #8
And, at the end, we are clear eyed and heavy hearted. annabanana Mar 2013 #11
“You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war.” Albert Einstein Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2013 #13
This message was self-deleted by its author Catherina Mar 2013 #15
yep this is better than that...is not working marions ghost Mar 2013 #16
Welcome Back! KoKo Mar 2013 #17
That is a great piece, Will... ljm2002 Mar 2013 #18
"to maintain our economic health" -- For most of us, now it doesn't even do that. AnotherMcIntosh Mar 2013 #57
I figured those who dropped their opposition to the war were endorsing it. Bluenorthwest Mar 2013 #19
this particular site was not a constructive or welcoming place for us who oppose war after obama xiamiam Mar 2013 #23
An understatement. Jakes Progress Mar 2013 #44
Ah yes. There are those of us - not team players, I suppose - panzerfaust Mar 2013 #47
I love you for this post Will Pitt Oilwellian Mar 2013 #20
Gigantic K & R !!! - Thank You For That !!! WillyT Mar 2013 #22
Your best piece yet. cliffordu Mar 2013 #24
"...It is the killing, it is the permanent war, xxqqqzme Mar 2013 #25
Hi! Solly Mack Mar 2013 #26
Rec x !,000! Peace Patriot Mar 2013 #28
Will Pitt... ReRe Mar 2013 #29
Good article, but I do not agree that it is not about who sits in the WH. It is very sabrina 1 Mar 2013 #31
Before the 2008 election, I too believed that who was in the WH WOULD make a difference. AnotherMcIntosh Mar 2013 #58
better late than never stupidicus Mar 2013 #32
I cannot rec this more! Read it Demo_Chris Mar 2013 #33
Glad you woke up - Hell Hath No Fury Mar 2013 #34
Next article. WilliamPitt Mar 2013 #35
Bravo for expressing the view that the pornography of America's global killing spree is indepat Mar 2013 #36
K&R! whatchamacallit Mar 2013 #37
rec! SammyWinstonJack Mar 2013 #38
I wrote this years ago Timbuk3 Mar 2013 #40
+1 gazillion trillion! nt valerief Mar 2013 #41
The idea of "America as idea" is part of the problem Spider Jerusalem Mar 2013 #45
D'accord. marmar Mar 2013 #49
I agree. It's a schmaltzy sentiment that is very exploitable. Marr Mar 2013 #60
Beyond a K&R. 99Forever Mar 2013 #50
k and r dembotoz Mar 2013 #52
Since 9/11, I had been a moral insomniac, Fiendish Thingy Mar 2013 #59
We live in Rome. Javaman Mar 2013 #61
Beautifully written, Will. One of your best. loudsue Mar 2013 #63
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