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1. Two sides to a story- I make BOTH arguments here myself devil's advocate style
Sat Mar 16, 2013, 05:19 AM
Mar 2013

If OBL knew he was being listened in on, do you think he would have waited in his house like he did?

Apply this further, had Timid McCoward not been arrested by good detective work and a lucky break, or the Son of Sam, would they have hung around the place their phone was coming from to await their arrest?

Bad people out there doing worse than bad things.

3000 people died on 9-11.
The potential for far worse is greater.

Who would not have wanted the CONN. shooter to be caught a day before he did it by any means possible?
I bet the families of those killed would all agree on that.

Though I myself feel terrorists have lost all their constitutional rights in their attempts to terrorize and/or overthrow the government with their stockpiled guns, so anything goes
in a new world without borders, where there is worse here than is there, which before Oklahoma City, had not happened in 100 years

Who would not have wanted the asswipes that killed Dr. Tiller, John Lennon, RKF, JFK, Dr. King or Gianni Versace to have been stopped anyway by any means possible the day before they did it?
I really could have given two spits if awww poor babies, their constittutional rights had been taken away, because they took away ALL the constitutional rights of the people they killed.
Who cares about their rights? Look what their rights enabled them to do.


Or taking the other argument-
This is a good thing and a step toward our great President and a constitutional scholar, who in 2018 will ascend to the US Supreme Court, making assured, all the I's dotted, all the T's crossed,as he would know how, that a different president won't be able to do any of the things that Bush did.
That 10 step ahead thingy that President Obama has NOT been wrong on yet.
This may just be another case of President Obama rope'a'doping' the Bush family and dismantling what they did one piece of legislation at a time.

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