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15. Pew is a right-leaning organization with ties to the John Birch society
Tue Mar 19, 2013, 11:01 AM
Mar 2013

It is not surprising they would be critical of MSNBC.


"Although today the Pew Charitable Trusts is non-partisan and non-ideological, Joseph Pew and his heirs were themselves politically conservative. The mission of the J. Howard Pew Freedom Trust, one of the seven funds, was to "acquaint the American people with the evils of bureaucracy and the values of a free market and to inform our people of the struggle, persecution, hardship, sacrifice and death by which freedom of the individual was won". Joseph N. Pew, Jr. called Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal "a gigantic scheme to raze U.S. businesses to a dead level and debase the citizenry into a mass of ballot-casting serfs".[5] (emphasis added)"


The Pew Charitable Trusts, an independent nonprofit, is the sole beneficiary of seven individual charitable funds established between 1948 and 1979 by two sons and two daughters of Sun Oil Company founder Joseph Newton Pew and his wife, Mary Anderson Pew. Honoring their parents’ religious conviction that good works should be done quietly, the original Pew Memorial Foundation was a grantmaking organization that made donations anonymously.

Fred Koch, father of Charles and David, was also a founding father of the John Birch Society.

"Fred Chase Koch (September 23, 1900 – November 17, 1967) was an American chemical engineer and entrepreneur who founded the oil refinery firm that later became Koch Industries, the second-largest privately held company in the United States


He was one of the founding members of the John Birch Society.[18]

He claimed that the Democratic and Republican Parties were infiltrated by the Communist Party, and he supported Mussolini's suppression of communists. He wrote that "The colored man looms large in the Communist plan to take over America," and that public welfare was a secret plot to attract rural blacks and Puerto Ricans to Eastern cities to vote for Communist causes and "getting a vicious race war started." (emphasis added)


All I can say about that study is...pew tularetom Mar 2013 #1
Pew had to have a panel House of Roberts Mar 2013 #2
Dan Rather, and the real news was character asssassinated. RIP to those days graham4anything Mar 2013 #3
If you're dismissive of opinion, it makes sense to be upset. Robb Mar 2013 #4
Pew Research is a direct organizational descendant of Sun Oil Company.... OldDem2012 Mar 2013 #5
+1 Scuba Mar 2013 #6
And their 2naSalit Mar 2013 #17
PEEEE-EWWWW ReRe Mar 2013 #7
I think it makes a lot of sense: The Straight Story Mar 2013 #8
CNNs so called objectivity has 2 repugs talking to every one Democratic and progressive guest samsingh Mar 2013 #9
I agree MoonchildCA Mar 2013 #10
+1 OnyxCollie Mar 2013 #14
Just another attempt to make MSNBC seem like AlbertCat Mar 2013 #11
Me too! That was my first thought when I saw the article about the study. JDPriestly Mar 2013 #12
PEW mtasselin Mar 2013 #13
Pew is a right-leaning organization with ties to the John Birch society Samantha Mar 2013 #15
I don't see where you dreampunk Mar 2013 #20
It's Pew EC Mar 2013 #16
Thank you for posting - one can contact Pew dreampunk Mar 2013 #18
If those... DirtyDawg Mar 2013 #19
There is nothing wrong with commentary moondust Mar 2013 #21
So, I like MSNBC "opinion" better than "FOX" opinion. You know it hurts when facts must be called kelliekat44 Mar 2013 #22
In the U.S. Media, "The sky is blue" becomes an "Opinion" ThoughtCriminal Mar 2013 #23
This one was really flawed and biased. Cleita Mar 2013 #24
The M$M is kinda like Lizard Lick Towing. Rex Mar 2013 #25
What exactly does Pew call Fox "News" Channel? Dawson Leery Mar 2013 #26
It is pretty much all opinion... OneMoreDemocrat Mar 2013 #27
MSNBC has a lot of opinion shows Shankapotomus Mar 2013 #28
The format of MSNBC shows MoonchildCA Mar 2013 #29
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