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92. Bernie has got to be driving the 3-D Chess Camp nuts!!!
Thu Apr 11, 2013, 03:03 AM
Apr 2013

Y'all must hope he'd just shut his mouth and go away by now. You've probably Nader'd him at this point.

Go Bernie!!!!!!!!!!

This is a war I wouldn't mind seeing happen. Go Bernie! CaliforniaPeggy Apr 2013 #1
+1000 DearHeart Apr 2013 #2
As usual CaliforniaPeggy, you said exactly what I was thinking! nt SunSeeker Apr 2013 #23
SEEING HAPPEN??? Plucketeer Apr 2013 #35
No point in disarming until the last teabagger does, I say:-) The Green Manalishi Apr 2013 #79
it's a moral and political war hfojvt Apr 2013 #109
Banking clers = innocents lark Apr 2013 #114
Believe it or not Plucketeer Apr 2013 #115
I'll join up! ananda Apr 2013 #3
A war I could actually SUPPORT. forestpath Apr 2013 #4
It makes sense.... dotymed Apr 2013 #100
And destroy the middle class retirement investments??? Mika Apr 2013 #5
You keep positing this "retirement investments are in China jobs" theme. Can you please ... Scuba Apr 2013 #7
I revised to say Asian. Mika Apr 2013 #11
Neither of these articles supports the idea that our retirement investments are reliant on ... Scuba Apr 2013 #12
What's worth more??? Plucketeer Apr 2013 #36
This is idiotic kenfrequed Apr 2013 #108
I think we pretty much agree. Mika Apr 2013 #120
the stock market is due to crash in 2014 riverbendviewgal Apr 2013 #41
it is a b.s. game CountAllVotes Apr 2013 #77
I am glad you asked that. "Investing" in Wall Street is gambling same as in Vegas. rhett o rick Apr 2013 #85
Sorry, can't agree. I would never tell someone to take their hard earned bucks mountain grammy Apr 2013 #107
Wall Street is the gambling capital for the big boys and those that think if rhett o rick Apr 2013 #116
We're not big boys or high rollers, just small investors with a few mutual funds, municiple bonds, mountain grammy Apr 2013 #121
I just reread my post and it sounds harsher than I intended. rhett o rick Apr 2013 #122
It's funny you should mention the nickel slots in Reno Art_from_Ark Apr 2013 #123
We've Always Been at War with EastMiddleClass MannyGoldstein Apr 2013 #6
I'M IN!! But the Third Way formerly known "Democrats for the Leisure Class' are not amused! tokenlib Apr 2013 #8
Screw em! DearHeart Apr 2013 #65
Bring on the war Bernie Autumn Apr 2013 #9
I'm onboard, which pitchfork should I bring? santamargarita Apr 2013 #10
They're ALL rusty from lack of use. Spitfire of ATJ Apr 2013 #14
Dull too. santamargarita Apr 2013 #15
Not mine I just bought a new one Pakid Apr 2013 #80
Good idea, if we try it and we lose this war there will be nothing left Dragonfli Apr 2013 #13
Wasn't this the basis for the Occupy (Wall Street) Movement? Fla Dem Apr 2013 #16
Busy buying up student loan debt and foreclosures. Giving back to the 99% in ways that matter. SammyWinstonJack Apr 2013 #22
Medical debt, but your point stands. Scuba Apr 2013 #50
Let's go. I'm ready. Eleanors38 Apr 2013 #17
I've already enlisted. nt Zorra Apr 2013 #18
I'd support that war! SammyWinstonJack Apr 2013 #19
Brernie means a verbal War, not a physical one... ReRe Apr 2013 #20
I think it John2 Apr 2013 #38
Excellent! Wish I could recommend your post. tex-wyo-dem Apr 2013 #71
As long as we have capitalism, we have the big 3... ReRe Apr 2013 #78
Good idea marions ghost Apr 2013 #104
It'll never work? ReRe Apr 2013 #118
I think it would be hard to marions ghost Apr 2013 #126
Well, I guess it's time for a revolution then.... ReRe Apr 2013 #128
it's time...more than time marions ghost Apr 2013 #130
Are you sure? demwing Apr 2013 #102
OK Bernie, You Talked Me Into It And.. FiggyJay Apr 2013 #21
As a grumpy old man, I can attest to that. firenewt Apr 2013 #34
Torch? Check. Pitchfork? Check. Brigid Apr 2013 #24
Not really start the war rucky Apr 2013 #25
fight back, you mean? rurallib Apr 2013 #27
I'm all for it but we need a plan and some Cleita Apr 2013 #26
you make sense riverbendviewgal Apr 2013 #39
Good ideas. The first and simplest thing everybody should do is Egalitarian Thug Apr 2013 #54
What I wouldn't give to be able to participate BrotherIvan Apr 2013 #84
Holy crap! I'm a war hawk! KamaAina Apr 2013 #28
I've been ready since they shot J.F.K. olddots Apr 2013 #29
No words. liberalmuse Apr 2013 #31
I'm in. liberalmuse Apr 2013 #30
Chris Matthews Milliesmom Apr 2013 #32
Yup what a fucking asshole. ForgoTheConsequence Apr 2013 #52
He and Dana Millbank made me want to throw a brick through the TV!! DearHeart Apr 2013 #66
Bring back the real deal Ed Shultz, please. xtraxritical Apr 2013 #88
I like Chris Hayes, but he is no Ed Shultz. Milliesmom Apr 2013 #125
And he always has. Remember when he said "We're all Neocons now" maddiemom Apr 2013 #105
Someone point me to the nearest place I can enlist. n/t D23MIURG23 Apr 2013 #33
who of you is signing up. riverbendviewgal Apr 2013 #37
K&R Carolina Apr 2013 #40
Will Bernie be Colonel Sanders? LuvNewcastle Apr 2013 #42
Can I be President Skroob? Initech Apr 2013 #53
I'm in Bernie nt fadedrose Apr 2013 #43
Marie Marie - Reporting for duty! Marie Marie Apr 2013 #44
Been in the trenches for a while. Arctic Dave Apr 2013 #45
Here's the rub: you need to be willing to take a boot to the chest or teargas in your lungs Earth_First Apr 2013 #46
Yes, I'm in.... tex-wyo-dem Apr 2013 #86
IMO, the ONLY way to accomplish this goal is dotymed Apr 2013 #106
I'm in. hay rick Apr 2013 #47
K&R. myrna minx Apr 2013 #48
I volunteer! Lint Head Apr 2013 #49
Fuck yes. Let's take back what's rightfully ours!!! Initech Apr 2013 #51
Their side started it!! lunasun Apr 2013 #55
Why not? Wall Street is waging war on us. Jack Rabbit Apr 2013 #56
The Peoples' Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of the US at your beck and call, comrade. Fantastic Anarchist Apr 2013 #57
Here is a list of criminals to get started on Win-the-fight Apr 2013 #58
I wish he would run for president LittleBlue Apr 2013 #59
I have sent him many e-mails, practically begging him to run for president...no reply. dotymed Apr 2013 #111
If it's springtime Iwillnevergiveup Apr 2013 #60
That's a good idea... nenagh Apr 2013 #90
Where and how do I enlist? n/t Raksha Apr 2013 #61
this video came from DU maindawg Apr 2013 #62
THe Feudal system still exists Rosa Luxemburg Apr 2013 #63
I'm in. ancianita Apr 2013 #64
Does anyone know if he's organizing a march, or anything?? DearHeart Apr 2013 #67
K&R Liberalynn Apr 2013 #68
I'm in... Lifelong Protester Apr 2013 #69
Can we clone him? n/t FourScore Apr 2013 #70
Nope. Bernie is morally opposed to cloning. n/t malthaussen Apr 2013 #99
I can dig it libdude Apr 2013 #72
Too old to fight, hate guns, but I'll cut bandages....nt fadedrose Apr 2013 #73
Now that is my kind of war. jwirr Apr 2013 #74
HUGE K & R !!! WillyT Apr 2013 #75
Proud to be recommendation #200 CountAllVotes Apr 2013 #76
He could do it with the help of Elizabeth Warren. nt Auntie Bush Apr 2013 #81
That also include their enablers in DC. progressoid Apr 2013 #82
We did start a war on Wall St. But their puppets in our Government, sadly many of them Democrats sabrina 1 Apr 2013 #83
Let's build a litigation war chest Cliff Arnebeck Apr 2013 #87
I'm with Bernie, I would even move mercymechap Apr 2013 #89
Buying my pitchfork now! K&R Jasana Apr 2013 #91
Bernie has got to be driving the 3-D Chess Camp nuts!!! WhaTHellsgoingonhere Apr 2013 #92
Never said I was a pacifist. aquart Apr 2013 #93
Well, I'm confused... savebigbird Apr 2013 #94
No, you're not confused. Brigid Apr 2013 #98
K&R midnight Apr 2013 #95
I hate the use of "war" in this context. Gore1FL Apr 2013 #96
100% with Bernie Sanders! nt mother earth Apr 2013 #97
So, um, how does one fight this rhetorical "war" against these capitalist parasites? Flipper999 Apr 2013 #101
General strike? Scuba Apr 2013 #103
Don't scare me like that...nt lilithsrevenge12 Apr 2013 #110
Yes Bernie!!! supercats Apr 2013 #112
The war has begau. The Right Wing has fired the first shots and usurped our encampment. grahamhgreen Apr 2013 #113
It's time to launch a full strike !! penndragon69 Apr 2013 #117
Finally, dinger130 Apr 2013 #119
I liked it so much I tried to give it some much needed context BadGimp Apr 2013 #124
Bernie, one of the few in Congress who manages to say what needs to be said and isn't afraid sabrina 1 Apr 2013 #127
K&R!! If you want to stand against something, not standing with it is a good start. nt raouldukelives Apr 2013 #129
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