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54. So a few Republicans quietly contradicted one another...
Tue Apr 16, 2013, 12:41 AM
Apr 2013

...in a cumulative span of 30 sound bites, while dozens of Democratic leaders and labor groups have been railing against Obama for weeks, pleading that he not to do this! and proliferating petitions stating "I'm against Obama," and making that message heard in the media.

This strategy strikes me as losing the war to win an imaginary battle.

Has your point of view won yet? Please let us know when to celebrate Obama's victory.

From what I read I'd say that's some heavy 11th dimension palaver there byeya Apr 2013 #1
Tips regarding embedding video on DU3, below Tx4obama Apr 2013 #2
Thanks. I am so PC illiterate... (: n/m Isoldeblue Apr 2013 #4
You're welcome :) Tx4obama Apr 2013 #23
The link worked fine here..... wandy Apr 2013 #13
Yes, the nbc link works great. There was other embed stuff in the OP 'before' you commented :) Tx4obama Apr 2013 #22
Oh, understood. wandy Apr 2013 #30
bullshit. he had a MANDATE and he never even acknowledged it elehhhhna Apr 2013 #3
In an ideal world, sure Isoldeblue Apr 2013 #7
Exactly... PennsylvaniaMatt Apr 2013 #26
Both of them are correct Benton D Struckcheon Apr 2013 #8
He had a mandate on future SS increases? randome Apr 2013 #10
Howard Fineman would certainly not be my "go to" choice. Laurian Apr 2013 #5
I agree to a point Isoldeblue Apr 2013 #9
Yes Yes Yes and THANKS, elleng Apr 2013 #6
Thanks Isoldeblue Apr 2013 #12
Thank you, isoldeblue.. no, he's the opposite of what Cha Apr 2013 #51
The constitution of course does not mention Social Security Bluenorthwest Apr 2013 #11
Gotta agree. RebelOne Apr 2013 #14
Plus, the COLA itself was instituted under Nixon and has been altered since then Bluenorthwest Apr 2013 #16
This message was self-deleted by its author Art_from_Ark Apr 2013 #50
I didn't say that Isoldeblue Apr 2013 #17
You are claiming that the current proposals are not legal, and that is false Bluenorthwest Apr 2013 #20
No, I'm not! But the constitution does have a bearing on SS! Isoldeblue Apr 2013 #25
I'm sure the president will sleep better tonight russspeakeasy Apr 2013 #53
Pfffffftffft! Isoldeblue Apr 2013 #56
Like Fineman is such a liberal. Cleita Apr 2013 #15
That's why there's vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.... Isoldeblue Apr 2013 #19
Well, the fact is no one has compromised with my side since 1980, so you can Cleita Apr 2013 #21
Then what do you call Obamacare, if not compromise on the left? Isoldeblue Apr 2013 #28
I call it what it is, RomneyCare. It's the same plan originally offered by Bob Dole and Cleita Apr 2013 #31
BUT, it was Obama who got it passed, right? Isoldeblue Apr 2013 #36
I'm not complaining. At least it's a bone. Cleita Apr 2013 #37
Oh, I think you complain a lot... Isoldeblue Apr 2013 #38
I don't do business. I'm a socialist. n/t Cleita Apr 2013 #39
??????? n/m Isoldeblue Apr 2013 #41
Supporting Social Security is "far left"? winter is coming Apr 2013 #24
Don't put words in my mouth. Isoldeblue Apr 2013 #27
Actually, I don't know that. winter is coming Apr 2013 #29
Ok, I see how that Isoldeblue Apr 2013 #34
At some level, whether or not it could pass now is irrelevant. winter is coming Apr 2013 #35
Your first couple lines Isoldeblue Apr 2013 #40
First, I'd recognize that SS isn't responsible for the deficit. winter is coming Apr 2013 #42
And I am one of those seniors on SS. Isoldeblue Apr 2013 #44
Proud to be zero tolerance. We, The People have taken a fucking shellacking TheKentuckian Apr 2013 #46
lol. "far left" = new deal. why would anyone want to 'compromise' with forces that are trying to HiPointDem Apr 2013 #48
I guess Will Marshall wasn't available and David Brooks was too obvious /nt Dragonfli Apr 2013 #43
he wore kneepads during Dubya's installation Skittles Apr 2013 #45
I may not like this action by Presiodent Obama...... wandy Apr 2013 #18
Same bunch that have been saying "the sky is falling" for years. Life Long Dem Apr 2013 #32
"boy, talk about being fickle"-- AMEN carolinayellowdog Apr 2013 #33
So sayeth the Beltway elite. Offering a cut to Social Security is awesome neverforget Apr 2013 #47
+1 HiPointDem Apr 2013 #49
At some point I am hoping to hear a republican say... loyalsister Apr 2013 #52
So a few Republicans quietly contradicted one another... WhaTHellsgoingonhere Apr 2013 #54
Yeah. No. Fineman is the epitome of beltway insider. Chan790 Apr 2013 #55
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