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I protest the very idea of this poll. Jackpine Radical Apr 2013 #1
Me too. Richardo Apr 2013 #5
agreed.....n/t NRaleighLiberal Apr 2013 #13
Me too. Bluenorthwest Apr 2013 #15
I'll pile on. Me 6 or 7. cali Apr 2013 #18
Add me Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2013 #21
+1, n/t RKP5637 Apr 2013 #23
"What does your gut or intuition say?" I think it's a fair question rocktivity Apr 2013 #25
In the absence of any evidence, ignorance is all we've got. Jackpine Radical Apr 2013 #57
Yes, so do I madokie Apr 2013 #39
Add me to this list. William769 Apr 2013 #41
One more protest here. nt Llewlladdwr Apr 2013 #42
Me too. Until there's concrete facts, I flat out refuse to play the blame game. Initech Apr 2013 #49
Yup. n/t Agschmid Apr 2013 #50
Thank you. nt Tree-Hugger Apr 2013 #51
+1 \n Phillip McCleod Apr 2013 #58
I don't know. The Velveteen Ocelot Apr 2013 #2
Same here. Until i hear any actual evidence, I refuse to pass judgement. smirkymonkey Apr 2013 #35
Unknown. drm604 Apr 2013 #3
Polling on this question in the absence of all evidence is irresponsible. -eom gcomeau Apr 2013 #4
Other: This poll is Dildoes slackmaster Apr 2013 #6
Actually, it's "Dildos." Just thought I'd point that out. But we do get the picture. kysrsoze Apr 2013 #14
Oops. I did I do a Dan Quayle? slackmaster Apr 2013 #19
No you did not. Dildo and Dildoe are both acceptable. MattBaggins Apr 2013 #33
But the plural is "dildoes" (like "potatoes") Spider Jerusalem Apr 2013 #52
Can be spelled dildos or dildoes MattBaggins Apr 2013 #54
It's just too soon. Tommy_Carcetti Apr 2013 #7
You articulated my thoughts LeftInTX Apr 2013 #12
My gut is telling me it happened. That is it. Jamastiene Apr 2013 #8
Pass. Dumb poll. nt pintobean Apr 2013 #9
Could be anybody but I tend to think it is domestic. hrmjustin Apr 2013 #10
It is unknown at this point maddezmom Apr 2013 #11
Unrec. Too soon to tell. FSogol Apr 2013 #16
At this point the public can't know. What's important is a narrative to sooth us HereSince1628 Apr 2013 #17
My theory sarisataka Apr 2013 #20
Hehe... Tireman Apr 2013 #32
I think your gut is spot on. nt Llewlladdwr Apr 2013 #43
I call Irish Recursion Apr 2013 #22
We don't really know, and speculating at this point is useless Spider Jerusalem Apr 2013 #24
We'll know soon enough. Iggo Apr 2013 #26
Anti-socialist/psychopath Old and In the Way Apr 2013 #27
OMG That's wonderful-- Jackpine Radical Apr 2013 #34
At this point, 25 DU members did not wish to select any of the options provided, compared to 21 muriel_volestrangler Apr 2013 #28
Trashed. DinahMoeHum Apr 2013 #29
Wow, not that many years ago, you'd never get this far in a thread like this hughee99 Apr 2013 #30
I'm not saying pinboy3niner Apr 2013 #31
That guy's hair makes me laugh Liberalynn Apr 2013 #48
Right now the "pass" crowd is in the lead. npk Apr 2013 #36
That's heartening pinboy3niner Apr 2013 #40
+1. npk Apr 2013 #47
Some wackadoo alcibiades_mystery Apr 2013 #37
Post removed Post removed Apr 2013 #38
I'm guessing it is an essentially apolitical severely psychotic- James Holmes-Colorado Shooting Douglas Carpenter Apr 2013 #44
Flying monkeys did it. Did you see them? No? see how fast they are? Beware. FAST flying monkeys with uppityperson Apr 2013 #45
You needed the option "I'll know when the authorities tell me." WinkyDink Apr 2013 #46
I have no idea. Neither does anyone else. I voted to make the poll reflect that ambiguity. lumberjack_jeff Apr 2013 #53
Pointless. We don't know the facts. CBHagman Apr 2013 #55
Oops. Iggo Apr 2013 #56
Kick quinnox Apr 2013 #59
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