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17. At this point the public can't know. What's important is a narrative to sooth us
Tue Apr 16, 2013, 11:36 AM
Apr 2013

The best narratives will address the following needs

this event is over

this event was isolated

evidence that we belong to the side of the good, kind, loving, courageous, etc

evidence that whomever did the bombing is identified as bad, evil, cowardly demented, diseased, etc etc.

I protest the very idea of this poll. Jackpine Radical Apr 2013 #1
Me too. Richardo Apr 2013 #5
agreed.....n/t NRaleighLiberal Apr 2013 #13
Me too. Bluenorthwest Apr 2013 #15
I'll pile on. Me 6 or 7. cali Apr 2013 #18
Add me Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2013 #21
+1, n/t RKP5637 Apr 2013 #23
"What does your gut or intuition say?" I think it's a fair question rocktivity Apr 2013 #25
In the absence of any evidence, ignorance is all we've got. Jackpine Radical Apr 2013 #57
Yes, so do I madokie Apr 2013 #39
Add me to this list. William769 Apr 2013 #41
One more protest here. nt Llewlladdwr Apr 2013 #42
Me too. Until there's concrete facts, I flat out refuse to play the blame game. Initech Apr 2013 #49
Yup. n/t Agschmid Apr 2013 #50
Thank you. nt Tree-Hugger Apr 2013 #51
+1 \n Phillip McCleod Apr 2013 #58
I don't know. The Velveteen Ocelot Apr 2013 #2
Same here. Until i hear any actual evidence, I refuse to pass judgement. smirkymonkey Apr 2013 #35
Unknown. drm604 Apr 2013 #3
Polling on this question in the absence of all evidence is irresponsible. -eom gcomeau Apr 2013 #4
Other: This poll is Dildoes slackmaster Apr 2013 #6
Actually, it's "Dildos." Just thought I'd point that out. But we do get the picture. kysrsoze Apr 2013 #14
Oops. I did I do a Dan Quayle? slackmaster Apr 2013 #19
No you did not. Dildo and Dildoe are both acceptable. MattBaggins Apr 2013 #33
But the plural is "dildoes" (like "potatoes") Spider Jerusalem Apr 2013 #52
Can be spelled dildos or dildoes MattBaggins Apr 2013 #54
It's just too soon. Tommy_Carcetti Apr 2013 #7
You articulated my thoughts LeftInTX Apr 2013 #12
My gut is telling me it happened. That is it. Jamastiene Apr 2013 #8
Pass. Dumb poll. nt pintobean Apr 2013 #9
Could be anybody but I tend to think it is domestic. hrmjustin Apr 2013 #10
It is unknown at this point maddezmom Apr 2013 #11
Unrec. Too soon to tell. FSogol Apr 2013 #16
At this point the public can't know. What's important is a narrative to sooth us HereSince1628 Apr 2013 #17
My theory sarisataka Apr 2013 #20
Hehe... Tireman Apr 2013 #32
I think your gut is spot on. nt Llewlladdwr Apr 2013 #43
I call Irish Recursion Apr 2013 #22
We don't really know, and speculating at this point is useless Spider Jerusalem Apr 2013 #24
We'll know soon enough. Iggo Apr 2013 #26
Anti-socialist/psychopath Old and In the Way Apr 2013 #27
OMG That's wonderful-- Jackpine Radical Apr 2013 #34
At this point, 25 DU members did not wish to select any of the options provided, compared to 21 muriel_volestrangler Apr 2013 #28
Trashed. DinahMoeHum Apr 2013 #29
Wow, not that many years ago, you'd never get this far in a thread like this hughee99 Apr 2013 #30
I'm not saying pinboy3niner Apr 2013 #31
That guy's hair makes me laugh Liberalynn Apr 2013 #48
Right now the "pass" crowd is in the lead. npk Apr 2013 #36
That's heartening pinboy3niner Apr 2013 #40
+1. npk Apr 2013 #47
Some wackadoo alcibiades_mystery Apr 2013 #37
Post removed Post removed Apr 2013 #38
I'm guessing it is an essentially apolitical severely psychotic- James Holmes-Colorado Shooting Douglas Carpenter Apr 2013 #44
Flying monkeys did it. Did you see them? No? see how fast they are? Beware. FAST flying monkeys with uppityperson Apr 2013 #45
You needed the option "I'll know when the authorities tell me." WinkyDink Apr 2013 #46
I have no idea. Neither does anyone else. I voted to make the poll reflect that ambiguity. lumberjack_jeff Apr 2013 #53
Pointless. We don't know the facts. CBHagman Apr 2013 #55
Oops. Iggo Apr 2013 #56
Kick quinnox Apr 2013 #59
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