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Benton D Struckcheon

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28. True, but it's not likely these were Boston college students.
Thu Apr 18, 2013, 06:28 PM
Apr 2013

Far far more likely they were part of a domestic network who went to Boston specifically because it was Patriots Day there. Lexington and Concord.
90% on that. 10% on something else. Nothing is of course certain at this point; the timing, the age of these guys, where they chose to attack, point to domestic and far right. The bomb type points more to the Middle East, so I'd allocate 9 of the remaining 10% to that possibility. 1% other, which would be your scenario. In my opinion, not high probability.

Not soon enough. nt geek tragedy Apr 2013 #1
Hopefully they're already watching them NightWatcher Apr 2013 #2
I hope you're right. I don't have that much optimism, though. gateley Apr 2013 #12
that is what I believe. n/t sammytko Apr 2013 #13
Before sunrise. TheCowsCameHome Apr 2013 #3
My feeling is that since a couple days has transpired, closeupready Apr 2013 #4
Are these suspects or persons of interest? hrmjustin Apr 2013 #5
Identified as suspects by the FBI less than an hour ago. nt Animal Chin Apr 2013 #7
I think they are considered possible suspects? Marrah_G Apr 2013 #9
FBI said "suspects" angrychair Apr 2013 #10
listed them as extremely dangerous MattBaggins Apr 2013 #32
48 and 72 Benton D Struckcheon Apr 2013 #6
Is it appropriate to speculate on suspects being killed? undeterred Apr 2013 #8
Some of these guys have a tendency not to be taken alive Animal Chin Apr 2013 #15
I wonder if they have photos of them all the way to the getaway car aint_no_life_nowhere Apr 2013 #11
Between 24-48 hours to identify. 48-72 hours for the FBI to confirm. avaistheone1 Apr 2013 #14
18-24 hrs. I think they're home with their parents. back in the basement. gateley Apr 2013 #16
Is there a prize for a correct answer? pintobean Apr 2013 #17
I don't think either man will be captured or killed anytime soon. LonePirate Apr 2013 #18
Nah, in that case they're traveling by car, Benton D Struckcheon Apr 2013 #21
Is there a substantial reward for their capture? SummerSnow Apr 2013 #19
They are either hidden or out of the country davidn3600 Apr 2013 #20
The world isn't big enough for them to hide. TheCowsCameHome Apr 2013 #23
Suspect 1 and suspect 2 should be caught Blue_In_AK Apr 2013 #22
In the end that's at least partially up to them. (nt) Posteritatis Apr 2013 #25
True. Blue_In_AK Apr 2013 #27
One point: these guys are young Benton D Struckcheon Apr 2013 #24
In Boston metro, there are probably >10,000 students who could make these bombs. FarCenter Apr 2013 #26
True, but it's not likely these were Boston college students. Benton D Struckcheon Apr 2013 #28
I'm not convinced about the network part FarCenter Apr 2013 #29
They're ad-hoc bombs, not standardized cruise missiles. (nt) Posteritatis Apr 2013 #30
Impossible to predict MattBaggins Apr 2013 #31
Post removed Post removed Apr 2013 #33
Looks like "between 6 and 12 hours" is a winner for Suspect 1 Animal Chin Apr 2013 #34
I'm one of the 3 who knew it would be by morning marions ghost Apr 2013 #37
This is not the fucking Hunger Games. You should delete this post. randome Apr 2013 #35
I do not know what the fucking Hunger Games are. Animal Chin Apr 2013 #36
Not wrong at all marions ghost Apr 2013 #38
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