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84. Well, here in the city of Chicago, we typically rank near...
Mon Apr 22, 2013, 01:46 AM
Apr 2013

...or at the top of the list of murders by handgun. I can tell you that Chicago doesn't lose its mind over this because white people aren't dying and the shootings aren't occurring in white, middle, upper-middle, and upper class neighborhoods. Despite its dubious claim to fame, Chicago doesn't lose its mind over handgun violence because blacks and Hispanics and gang members are doing all the shooting and the dying.

Chicago is just a microcosm of America.

Because America doesn't DARE offend the gun humpers in ANY way. forestpath Apr 2013 #1
So, no one offends (or even uses) the expression "gun humper" on DU? Eleanors38 Apr 2013 #9
And why didn't it work? Because the Head Gun-Humpers, the NRA, and its $, is more precious to them MotherPetrie Apr 2013 #44
Thank you for a perfect example. nt Eleanors38 Apr 2013 #101
I agree with the poster you admonished amuse bouche Apr 2013 #52
Hahaha! Ruby the Liberal Apr 2013 #77
Gun Murders Vs Terrorism avebury Apr 2013 #12
Such palpably cherry-picked and misleading statistics don't help, I think. Donald Ian Rankin Apr 2013 #24
There is nothing to refute that fact that the number of avebury Apr 2013 #33
Without your *economy* you wouldn't even be close to a top tier nation, but that's tautological. Donald Ian Rankin Apr 2013 #36
History has shown that a political entity that avebury Apr 2013 #53
The problem is NewJeffCT Apr 2013 #103
Call that $5 trillion that we spent on the war on terror, what it really is WHEN CRABS ROAR Apr 2013 #112
Hey, apparently you did dare offend some Progressive dog Apr 2013 #39
I thought the city of Boston acted responsibly--the goal was to catch that little bastard TwilightGardener Apr 2013 #2
More people have probably died in Boston from gunfire since the marathon wtmusic Apr 2013 #4
I'd bet that too! Plucketeer Apr 2013 #100
Agreed. treestar Apr 2013 #5
Maybe London would have been safer if the UK ceased their occupation of Ireland byeya Apr 2013 #15
Yep. My thoughts exactly. BlueCaliDem Apr 2013 #6
Would that be the appropriate reaction to every murder in the city? harmonicon Apr 2013 #57
Somebody who murders--AND may destroy property or infrastructure--with explosives, TwilightGardener Apr 2013 #59
And that's different from another unsolved murder how? (nt) harmonicon Apr 2013 #60
Er... bombings? Possibly in concert with others who might have been plotting attacks, too? TwilightGardener Apr 2013 #61
I'm not saying they did the wrong thing, but I think you're proving my point, and that's sad. (nt) harmonicon Apr 2013 #63
If your point is that shootings aren't different from terror, I don't think there's much difference. TwilightGardener Apr 2013 #68
What the fuck does "terror" mean? harmonicon Apr 2013 #71
In my view, it's lots of people having the potential to die at once. TwilightGardener Apr 2013 #72
+1 wtmusic Apr 2013 #95
WOW, blindness. GaYellowDawg Apr 2013 #87
What makes three deaths that happen simultaneously more important than three spread out over time? wtmusic Apr 2013 #96
I don't remember that response following the OKC bombing alarimer Apr 2013 #65
No, but we were still largely terror noobs back then, the first WTC attack notwithstanding. TwilightGardener Apr 2013 #70
But it didn't work. alarimer Apr 2013 #114
Because we're silly assholes. whatchamacallit Apr 2013 #3
We are. wtmusic Apr 2013 #7
^ Whatchamacallit, for the win ^ Myrina Apr 2013 #11
It does put things into perspective. The UK experienced avebury Apr 2013 #8
+ + byeya Apr 2013 #14
Most gun deaths are not random acts... Bay Boy Apr 2013 #10
Oh, that's nice. harmonicon Apr 2013 #64
Did you mean to respond to me? Bay Boy Apr 2013 #67
It's quite clear that you wouldn't. (nt) harmonicon Apr 2013 #75
Stupid article Dreamer Tatum Apr 2013 #13
Yeah, it's so much more friendly to be killed by someone you know or someone you love n/t Fumesucker Apr 2013 #16
Point just zipped past you, didn't it? nt Dreamer Tatum Apr 2013 #17
You must have attached that point to the Blue Flame rocket car, IveWornAHundredPants Apr 2013 #21
Is it wrong that I laughed out loud at that? Quantess Apr 2013 #31
Score one for Fumesucker nt Progressive dog Apr 2013 #42
Most of the gangsters in our city are aiming at one another... hunter Apr 2013 #18
I think that if anything you reinforce rather than undermining the article you attack. Donald Ian Rankin Apr 2013 #26
Most people who are murdered don't know it's coming, either. wtmusic Apr 2013 #37
Who knew what was coming in Newtown? snagglepuss Apr 2013 #41
You think that makes a difference?! harmonicon Apr 2013 #66
Because right-wingers are raised on a daily ration of fear. Baitball Blogger Apr 2013 #19
And many on the left live in fear of guns, christians, and pit bulls The Straight Story Apr 2013 #20
We've grown so used to death by guns that it doesn't phase us anymore. neverforget Apr 2013 #22
Yes, America is de-sensitized to gun violence. Murder, mass shootings, suicide by gun, armed robbery AlinPA Apr 2013 #62
Because the big industry around gun deaths sells guns. The big industry around terror sells terror. Marr Apr 2013 #23
You nailed it! n/t Wind Dancer Apr 2013 #54
The same reason... WinniSkipper Apr 2013 #25
Wow malaise Apr 2013 #27
Because deaths to terrorism come in larger blocks. Donald Ian Rankin Apr 2013 #28
Big brother has taught us to worship our gun heritage and accept the carnage associated indepat Apr 2013 #29
This. Apophis Apr 2013 #46
Americans also ignore corporate malfeasance that leads to multiple deaths. KittyWampus Apr 2013 #30
Totally agree. Much more easily preventable than what happened in Boston... deurbano Apr 2013 #34
Far from ignoring, many actually financially back them and reap the rewards. nt raouldukelives Apr 2013 #91
Answer to headline question adieu Apr 2013 #32
Because most murders are not political krispos42 Apr 2013 #35
America's gun deaths are very much a political casualty wtmusic Apr 2013 #38
Not my point, and I think you know that krispos42 Apr 2013 #76
Whatever. Your point didn't address the OP. nt wtmusic Apr 2013 #82
That is your opinion only. n/t krispos42 Apr 2013 #86
That about sums it up. Eleanors38 Apr 2013 #102
I've Asked Hundreds of Senate/House Staffers The Same Thing otohara Apr 2013 #40
Acts of terrorism allows the US to puff its collective chest and say, "Look at me." bulloney Apr 2013 #43
Money. agent46 Apr 2013 #45
I would also ask pipi_k Apr 2013 #47
Gee... I don't know? harmonicon Apr 2013 #69
Well it's not pipi_k Apr 2013 #80
Thousands a year, at least. harmonicon Apr 2013 #81
And yet pipi_k Apr 2013 #92
I'm going to try to not be insulting in this response.... harmonicon Apr 2013 #99
The deathly news is dribbled to us so consistently and often that we barely raise an eyebrow Ed Suspicious Apr 2013 #48
They're not really asking why Americans "ignore" daily gun deaths, though. hughee99 Apr 2013 #49
Why haven't Americans outlawed guns? Most Americans don't favor that. Eleanors38 Apr 2013 #104
Why would the opinions of Americans matter to a British newspaper? hughee99 Apr 2013 #105
I don't see that Americans' opinions do matter to the paper/site. Eleanors38 Apr 2013 #106
The TV told us to Blue Owl Apr 2013 #50
PERFECT question spanone Apr 2013 #51
What a very good question!!!! MNBrewer Apr 2013 #55
because Uhhhhhmericans are exceedingly stupid datasuspect Apr 2013 #56
It's easier to point the finger than take responsibility for it. toby jo Apr 2013 #58
Because the 2nd Amendment is sacred to the god of death and the god of death demands daily sacrifice Hekate Apr 2013 #73
Bombs are "arms." harmonicon Apr 2013 #74
because outside threats are much easier to deal with. La Lioness Priyanka Apr 2013 #78
My exact thoughts ramapo Apr 2013 #79
Really, Guardian? Terror in quotes? Union Scribe Apr 2013 #83
Well, here in the city of Chicago, we typically rank near... WhaTHellsgoingonhere Apr 2013 #84
Same in Detroit FrodosPet Apr 2013 #85
Myth: Chicago and DC Are Worst for Gun Violence Despite Gun Safety Laws Robb Apr 2013 #90
Per capita? We had over 500 murders in Chicago in 2012 WhaTHellsgoingonhere Apr 2013 #113
Are you serious? Robb Apr 2013 #115
Yeah, over 500 murders WhaTHellsgoingonhere Apr 2013 #116
So you don't think a murder rate is a meaningful statistic? Robb Apr 2013 #117
Post removed Post removed Apr 2013 #118
Why do you think the total number is more important? Robb Apr 2013 #120
Boundaries are arbitrary... WhaTHellsgoingonhere Apr 2013 #123
War is profitable, and terrorizing the public ensures the prolonging of the Great and Profitable War sabrina 1 Apr 2013 #88
The part is really good at summing up America, right here: MrScorpio Apr 2013 #89
A sense the victrims are complicit One_Life_To_Give Apr 2013 #93
Because we don't have an NTA VWolf Apr 2013 #94
Because that is what spooks our ruling elites. bemildred Apr 2013 #97
I don't have much to say about the article's point re: "cowed by threat of terrorism," but... Orrex Apr 2013 #98
That's the question of our lifetimes. sinkingfeeling Apr 2013 #107
And if he wants to talk overreaction Union Scribe Apr 2013 #108
I suspect the Guardian probably did. marmar Apr 2013 #109
Then he should know better Union Scribe Apr 2013 #110
Madness gussmith Apr 2013 #111
Yeah, I have been feeling that way since 911... I grew up with a much greater threat M.A.D usGovOwesUs3Trillion Apr 2013 #119
This kind of says it all about America's priorities..... dutchroll Apr 2013 #121
It could be in part rrneck Apr 2013 #122
. blkmusclmachine Apr 2013 #124
because terror by the NRA is considered as American as apple pie Skittles Apr 2013 #125
Same reason we freak out over mass shootings and plane crashes but not... Recursion Apr 2013 #126
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