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IMO, he is. n/t Triana Apr 2013 #1
Exactly. Myrina Apr 2013 #2
He is. There's no getting around it. duffyduff Apr 2013 #10
+1000 forestpath Apr 2013 #16
+1 leftstreet Apr 2013 #21
+1 ctsnowman Apr 2013 #60
yes - I can no longer convince myself demokatgurrl Apr 2013 #82
If you believe what he says, and watch what he does, then he absolutely is. lumberjack_jeff Apr 2013 #120
Yeah... Populist_Prole Apr 2013 #3
The Most Aggravating Thing About Obama Is He Demands His Base STFU. The GOP On The Other Hand - TheMastersNemesis Apr 2013 #6
Can't agree more Populist_Prole Apr 2013 #9
Maybe he knows his base has the brains to understand nuance and compromise where Pisces Apr 2013 #39
It's insidious Third Way propaganda Oilwellian Apr 2013 #42
/\ yep G_j Apr 2013 #115
Any evidence other than a strong desire that this were so? (nt) Recursion Apr 2013 #4
... woo me with science Apr 2013 #24
nice WhaTHellsgoingonhere Apr 2013 #38
So, no. Got it. Recursion Apr 2013 #40
Great rebuttal. bvar22 Apr 2013 #86
Good idea. AnotherMcIntosh Apr 2013 #106
Please, please do. woo me with science Apr 2013 #109
Thank you. AnotherMcIntosh Apr 2013 #105
"Voters think"? Good thing he isn't running again, huh? NightWatcher Apr 2013 #5
Good thing Obama's not a Democrat because voters might connect him with the party otherwise Fumesucker Apr 2013 #14
+100000 woo me with science Apr 2013 #53
heh SammyWinstonJack Apr 2013 #124
That is right being that he is a slightly less betterdemsonly Apr 2013 #29
Trying to defend the President has become an impossible task. Scuba Apr 2013 #7
Is it too much to expect our Democratic President do something like this? bvar22 Apr 2013 #8
That one hurts. woo me with science Apr 2013 #83
It hurts more than words can say. denem Apr 2013 #116
Exactly right. n/t lumberjack_jeff Apr 2013 #121
I was afraid of this. I knew this whole chained cpi thing would blow up in our faces. CTyankee Apr 2013 #11
Maybe you don't understand their goals zipplewrath Apr 2013 #12
his stand can be used against them in repub. propaganda for years to come. That to me is CTyankee Apr 2013 #19
Against them? zipplewrath Apr 2013 #22
but what good is it when the repubs can use it against us? CTyankee Apr 2013 #26
"We"? zipplewrath Apr 2013 #34
Look, can you tell me what you are thinking here? I'm truly wondering. CTyankee Apr 2013 #41
Your goals aren't the White House goals zipplewrath Apr 2013 #50
Oh, I get you now. I guess we wait and see... CTyankee Apr 2013 #61
The patient push to awakening. woo me with science Apr 2013 #65
not sure that is the correct answer, but it is one explanation. As I said, we shall see... CTyankee Apr 2013 #85
You won't have to wait long to see THIS: bvar22 Apr 2013 #88
I don't buy that he wasn't serious or bluffing. And you are right about breaking the taboo. CTyankee Apr 2013 #89
Krugman hasn't been always right. bvar22 Apr 2013 #93
I see it as him throwing to the VSP chained cpi as a kind of delaying tactic. I don't think it CTyankee Apr 2013 #95
I haven't read what krugman said about NAFTA, Free Trade and Free Markets... CTyankee Apr 2013 #100
Here is my view, CTYankee, woo me with science Apr 2013 #94
Oh, thank you for your kind words! I am so honored that you feel this way. I did not CTyankee Apr 2013 #96
Thank you. That was really beautiful, woo me with science Apr 2013 #99
What makes you think they didn't? n/t Oilwellian Apr 2013 #43
You were afraid that a couple of guys on a golf course would complain that Obama is stealing their pampango Apr 2013 #44
I see. an evil plot hatched on a golf course to hand over the USA to the republican party. CTyankee Apr 2013 #90
Why? CountAllVotes Apr 2013 #58
This. Pelosi and the rest are all very, VERY WEALTHY. closeupready Apr 2013 #64
Feinstein is another one CountAllVotes Apr 2013 #71
Yep. Feinstein is just awful, and a hypocrite. closeupready Apr 2013 #72
She is one of my senators CountAllVotes Apr 2013 #75
Oh, yeah - I remember a lot of that. closeupready Apr 2013 #80
Did you vote for Mike Strimling in the primaries last year? I did. BlueCaliDem Apr 2013 #101
No CountAllVotes Apr 2013 #110
He's a Democrat. And a true Progressive. BlueCaliDem Apr 2013 #114
well, all right, then... CTyankee Apr 2013 #91
IMO, no matter how much we want it, his goal is not to preserve the traditional Democratic Party AnotherMcIntosh Apr 2013 #112
Your premise depends upon accurately understanding their goals. lumberjack_jeff Apr 2013 #122
The solution is for the President to admit he has been werong on this issue, and to back up these... Faryn Balyncd Apr 2013 #13
Fat chance of this ever happening. I voted both times for Obama, but Cal33 Apr 2013 #23
X2 ctsnowman Apr 2013 #62
Welcome to DU, and may your future posts be longer than this one. :) Cal33 Apr 2013 #73
This is very reminiscent of "Vote Nader" from 2000. BlueCaliDem Apr 2013 #103
You are right. When push comes to shove, I'll vote for any Democrat rather Cal33 Apr 2013 #123
I understand your frustration, but realistically speaking, BlueCaliDem Apr 2013 #125
I guess they just don't understand eleventy dimension chess. forestpath Apr 2013 #15
Well you should defend him, because he has not proposed eliminating the programs treestar Apr 2013 #17
Good god. woo me with science Apr 2013 #27
That's what the people in the OP's story were saying treestar Apr 2013 #33
That's not a controversial belief, is it? closeupready Apr 2013 #18
"A couple of guys" = "voters." Wow. You need to get out more. yellowcanine Apr 2013 #20
When Obama (or Clinton) PROPOSES something it is no longer a "GOP initiative" Demo_Chris Apr 2013 #25
+1000 Reality is, apparently, unpleasant. woo me with science Apr 2013 #47
Voters are not blind. woo me with science Apr 2013 #28
If it looks like a duck...... MichiganVote Apr 2013 #30
This is actually his education policy duffyduff Apr 2013 #46
Thank you for posting this. woo me with science Apr 2013 #84
HA, what a joke. Pisces Apr 2013 #31
Oh, they're Federal Employees? AnnieBW Apr 2013 #32
...And yet, Jamaal510 Apr 2013 #35
If those voters were over the age of, about, 60... PennsylvaniaMatt Apr 2013 #36
Congress makes the law, not the President. nt bemildred Apr 2013 #37
What an utterly ridiculous response. woo me with science Apr 2013 #45
The "reality" is that Congress makes the laws, not the President. bemildred Apr 2013 #48
"Anything," indeed. You know, these responses are woo me with science Apr 2013 #54
Name calling is not much of an argument. nt bemildred Apr 2013 #55
I have not "name-called." You, on the other hand, woo me with science Apr 2013 #57
That's it, double down. nt bemildred Apr 2013 #59
It is what he does. Puts words in people's mouth, too. emulatorloo Apr 2013 #68
And again, no substantive response. Just a personal swipe. woo me with science Apr 2013 #70
I engaged with you early on in discussion. But you always move the goal posts. emulatorloo Apr 2013 #74
Please post your many links. woo me with science Apr 2013 #77
Yes, because you excel at putting words in other people's mouths. emulatorloo Apr 2013 #81
pass the buck usGovOwesUs3Trillion Apr 2013 #98
Pass the buck to where the buck properly belongs. bemildred Apr 2013 #119
That's the danger of becoming the face of government. Orsino Apr 2013 #49
Harry S. Truman: "The buck stops here." woo me with science Apr 2013 #56
He hasn't taken any actions to protect it, then his budget looks like it will. liberal N proud Apr 2013 #51
Some people may not know or may have forgotten what Rove perfected. Avalux Apr 2013 #52
Obama put the cuts on the table, woo me with science Apr 2013 #63
You Have A Point. Obama's Policies Become His Policies. TheMastersNemesis Apr 2013 #66
Two guys on a golf course? emulatorloo Apr 2013 #67
The Public Golf Course I Play Almost Like A Country Club Politically. TheMastersNemesis Apr 2013 #69
We'll see how it plays out. In the meantime worth calling our Sens and Reps. emulatorloo Apr 2013 #76
Exactly!! The OP lost me at "two guys on a golf course"!! Yeah, like they're really Obama supporters Liberal_Stalwart71 Apr 2013 #108
if it were shrubby proposing these cuts RedstDem Apr 2013 #78
"cool story bro" ecstatic Apr 2013 #79
No Wall St. is taking our Social Security, Medicare, and Retirement. Initech Apr 2013 #87
That is it in a nutshell. Rex Apr 2013 #92
we the people, are not as stupid as our owners think we are usGovOwesUs3Trillion Apr 2013 #97
And they are right! Marketing spin cannot not hide the DLC right wing agenda BS on point Apr 2013 #102
I wonder how long it would take before another anti-Obama thread on Democratic Underground BlueCaliDem Apr 2013 #104
Obama *IS* the *BEST* Democratic president! The best!!!! Liberal_Stalwart71 Apr 2013 #107
???? 1-Old-Man Apr 2013 #113
Apart from the Japanese Internment camps, yes, he was the best. Liberal_Stalwart71 Apr 2013 #117
The game he is playing is called "dollar bill on a string" Generic Other Apr 2013 #111
We are not even Newest Reality Apr 2013 #118
"If Obama is the best Democratic president that we can field, then the country is doomed..." emsimon33 Apr 2013 #126
Old, white, conservative men who play Golf were never Dawson Leery Apr 2013 #127
Thanks for posting this tularetom Apr 2013 #128
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