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39. Have to admit many of them are pretty lazy
Fri Apr 26, 2013, 09:40 AM
Apr 2013

That's why it works. If they stayed on top of things and didn't allow themselves to be influenced so much by TV ads (leaving the advantage to those who have or can raise the most money) and did more on the local scene, that is, took self government seriously, different people might get elected. Say someone who is perhaps ugly but is right on the issues.

The shallow nature of the average voter is what allows this, but they have the right to vote too. They don't use it responsibly. Listening to Beck and Limbaugh and letting that type of person influence you, that's lazy.

Most DUers would not fit into that category, but even here we often don't do a lot.

Jefferson thought that if every voter could read, all would be safe, but that has not proven to be the case. People don't take self government seriously and don't take the time to read and think about it, and let themselves be swayed by emotions and slick ads and slick appearances. This is where the problem should be seen and attacked. Ranting against the corporations and the banksters and the politicians doesn't attack the real problem.

I utterly despise your op title. It's fucking sickening. cali Apr 2013 #1
I'll second that. pintobean Apr 2013 #2
Congress got busy on this because it affects them directly, xtraxritical Apr 2013 #57
My choice of introduction? pintobean Apr 2013 #61
Third. nt MADem Apr 2013 #77
Americans voted for them. MindPilot Apr 2013 #3
Except most people voted for Democrats in 2012 BeyondGeography Apr 2013 #5
And how did the political system get "rigged" MindPilot Apr 2013 #7
The parties don't want true competition, role of money/few seats are really contested BeyondGeography Apr 2013 #10
Agreed... Junkpet Apr 2013 #23
People stood in line for 7-8 hours so we could win Florida BeyondGeography Apr 2013 #35
"money" and misinformation Junkpet Apr 2013 #86
Have to admit many of them are pretty lazy treestar Apr 2013 #39
Many of "them"? whathehell Apr 2013 #108
What is wrong with that treestar Apr 2013 #113
Answer the question first. whathehell Apr 2013 #116
I'll say this, quality newspapers are getting scarce and millions of xtraxritical Apr 2013 #127
Yes, I'd agree with that. n/t whathehell Apr 2013 #129
I see you won't tell us where you're from.. whathehell Apr 2013 #65
I blame Reagan, Bush and W. on the baby boomers. Jennicut Apr 2013 #67
That's myopic and simplistic. xtraxritical Apr 2013 #128
That is what he said RC Apr 2013 #43
AMEN my friend donnasgirl Apr 2013 #53
Ask him how he feels about the Brits who voted for Thatcher, Blair and Cameron? whathehell Apr 2013 #83
Agreed - and a lot of good people get hurt while we flex our stupidity rurallib Apr 2013 #6
so the fuck what? And that in your, uh, mind, makes cali Apr 2013 #8
I never said that--stop putting words in my mouth or worse thoughts in my brain. MindPilot Apr 2013 #9
it's the same thing. How about blaming big money and the system cali Apr 2013 #13
And who is "big money" if not mercymechap Apr 2013 #21
As a nation, not as individuals treestar Apr 2013 #41
and most of the idiots that voted them in newfie11 Apr 2013 #11
Um, no. The RW comprises, at best, maybe half of Americans, so unless you want to insult the Brits whathehell Apr 2013 #56
"At best, maybe half of Americans"? YoungDemCA Apr 2013 #69
So how do you explain the last two elections of a democratic president & 2 democrat senate gain? whathehell Apr 2013 #72
Disgust with Bush among a vast number of voters+ historically high turnout for 2008... YoungDemCA Apr 2013 #110
Like the Lazy, Stupid Brits who voted in Thatcher, Blair & Cameron? whathehell Apr 2013 #74
Statistics abuse! CBHagman Apr 2013 #120
To be fair, I didn't take that way ... Fantastic Anarchist Apr 2013 #16
It is fucking sickening, but in the end, we get the gov't and the police we deserve. leveymg Apr 2013 #18
There's an example treestar Apr 2013 #42
My mother-in-law was 13 yrs old and watched the firebombing of Wurzburg. leveymg Apr 2013 #47
We get to choose ours to a greater extent treestar Apr 2013 #48
The Weimar Republic in some ways was more democratic than the US was and is. leveymg Apr 2013 #50
He wasn't elected RZM Apr 2013 #71
More technically, he came to power by constitutional means. One can argue Bush wasn't elected, leveymg Apr 2013 #76
He didn't have to appoint him at all RZM Apr 2013 #84
That's exactly my point. So the people really didn't choose in either case. leveymg Apr 2013 #89
I am ill and grumpy (i try not to be) dotymed Apr 2013 #58
Does that apply to other countries as well?...Did Britain deserve Thatcher, Blair and Cameron? whathehell Apr 2013 #104
Yeah, it's like he put a Target on his back or something n/t Fumesucker Apr 2013 #25
Par for the course RZM Apr 2013 #31
I forgot those nuggets cali Apr 2013 #32
I got my first hidden posts in the Let Colorado Burn thread. CokeMachine Apr 2013 #95
+10 nt/ whathehell Apr 2013 #51
I don't know, I think in alot of ways it's an accurate title. Katashi_itto Apr 2013 #52
Sorry to break it to you, Katashi, but the "low I.Q. masses" outnumber intellectuals Everywhere! whathehell Apr 2013 #68
Ummm sorry to break it to you, but there are a number of countries that have a much higher Katashi_itto Apr 2013 #75
Ummmm..Sorry to break it to YOU, but standards of living don't correlate with I.Q. whathehell Apr 2013 #78
From our conversation, I get a good feeling of what end of the IQ scale your on. Katashi_itto Apr 2013 #80
I doubt it, honey, but don't let that prevent you with continuing the personal attacks. whathehell Apr 2013 #85
I rest my case. See Response #80 Katashi_itto Apr 2013 #87
Lame as it is, you should, LOL whathehell Apr 2013 #92
Still babbling? Again 2nd line #80 Katashi_itto Apr 2013 #93
Still trying to get the last word? I thought you were "resting your case", LOL whathehell Apr 2013 #98
Playing with something like you is always fun Katashi_itto Apr 2013 #105
Playing with a thing like you is like having a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent, lol whathehell Apr 2013 #106
My god, you actually used that old chestnut? Katashi_itto Apr 2013 #115
Nice try. whathehell Apr 2013 #117
Post removed Post removed Apr 2013 #118
+1000 nt CokeMachine Apr 2013 #97
Thanks. whathehell Apr 2013 #100
Yep -- CokeMachine Apr 2013 #101
Thanks, CokeMachine, whathehell Apr 2013 #102
I bow to your intellectual superiority. CokeMachine Apr 2013 #96
While I agree that the OP title is a little hyperbolic, I appreciate the frustration expressed. rhett o rick Apr 2013 #112
IMO Mr Dixon Apr 2013 #4
Well, that's a bit harsh Newest Reality Apr 2013 #12
I get what you're saying marions ghost Apr 2013 #19
Good point. Newest Reality Apr 2013 #24
Flexibility marions ghost Apr 2013 #33
The system has problems jambo101 Apr 2013 #14
Exactly BethanyQuartz Apr 2013 #28
I agree, completely. Myrina Apr 2013 #15
Then you're including yourself, DU, and the majority of Americans who voted twice for Obama? whathehell Apr 2013 #45
Imagine this. Savannahmann Apr 2013 #17
Assuming a question mark... yeah, pretty much. Stupid, mean-spirited, and short-sighted. n/t Egalitarian Thug Apr 2013 #20
Hey Thug..Are you "stupid, mean-spirited and short-sighted"? If so, thanks for the warning, whathehell Apr 2013 #30
The old "broad brush" canard. This is a general discussion board and therefore, necessitates Egalitarian Thug Apr 2013 #60
Um, no...General discussion boards do not necessitate broad statements, and the brighter, whathehell Apr 2013 #62
LOL! So it's about the elections, I see... Egalitarian Thug Apr 2013 #63
LOL! Is that all you've got? whathehell Apr 2013 #64
I agree with the OP gopiscrap Apr 2013 #22
Only if you and most Americans agree with the Reagan legacy and that appears not to be the case whathehell Apr 2013 #34
Whoa there pardner............. Dyedinthewoolliberal Apr 2013 #26
"We"?...You speak for yourself, not the rest of us. n/t whathehell Apr 2013 #27
My Colorado Senator Udall--He's one of them! earthside Apr 2013 #29
It's the family business. n/t Egalitarian Thug Apr 2013 #111
yep heaven05 Apr 2013 #36
That's odd and epistemologically ridiculous Yo_Mama Apr 2013 #37
I hope all of you who are reccing this and indulging in this crap cali Apr 2013 #38
There's lots of self-haters on DU...Also a lot of non-Americans indulging their gleeful bigotry. whathehell Apr 2013 #66
collective guilt and collective punishments are such liberal values, don't you know? cali Apr 2013 #40
Yesterday? hfojvt Apr 2013 #44
The FAA exception only passed so that Congress could fly their asses home. Melinda Apr 2013 #46
People who constantly complain are part of the problem Politicub Apr 2013 #49
Wow. Far out. randome Apr 2013 #70
You should make this an OP Lisa D Apr 2013 #73
Thank you! Politicub Apr 2013 #81
Beautiful! sheshe2 Apr 2013 #109
None of those folks you mentioned ever complained... kentuck Apr 2013 #82
Complaining and throwing in the towel are two different things Politicub Apr 2013 #88
Brilliant, Politicub.. you can count me in among Cha Apr 2013 #94
Great post!! CokeMachine Apr 2013 #99
Thank you. whathehell Apr 2013 #130
The system rewards sociopaths. moondust Apr 2013 #54
it's exactly that kind of self-loathing that emboldens political sellout markiv Apr 2013 #55
You should run for office on that slogan! Throd Apr 2013 #59
Hey, it worked for John the Baptist. Brigid Apr 2013 #124
They should have to stand in lines until they shit their pants. kentuck Apr 2013 #79
You're not Stupid, just Drugged Brimley Apr 2013 #90
This kind of attitude Ladies and OwnedByCats Apr 2013 #91
+1000....n/t whathehell Apr 2013 #107
'We' are subjected to and victimized by propaganda elleng Apr 2013 #103
I hope your day gets better.... Jasana Apr 2013 #114
Exactly right! enjoyingyourpeasyet Apr 2013 #119
Are you speaking from experience? greatauntoftriplets Apr 2013 #121
Yes in that I know those who call themselves democrat voted for Reagan enjoyingyourpeasyet Apr 2013 #122
I think some are missing the point here. Brigid Apr 2013 #123
'Our priorities'? I think you mean 'Republican priorities', don't you? randome Apr 2013 #125
As a nation, Brigid Apr 2013 #126
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