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81. Agreed. period. AND I have been wondering if anyone would like to consider that Third -whatever in
Fri May 10, 2013, 03:25 PM
May 2013

an alternative light.

I understand that "the Third Way" is associated with the DLC and their main PR go tos, the Clintons, but the precept of a Third -whatever is something that I think we would benefit from giving more careful consideration, especially as regards differences amongst ourselves even as we try to be "one" in opposition to oppressors of all kinds.

The raison d'etre of a "third" anything is SYNTHESIS. One OR MORE , syntheses, between two elements, can happen in practically in-numerable ways, especially in highly complex situations, and the character of any given synthesis depends upon whom, precisely, is doing the synthesizing. This is why we associate too much corporate compliance and war support with the Third Way engendered by the DLC. Those involved in that deal-making, and how, therefore, the deals precisely were made, are the PRODUCT of the milieu in which they manifested themselves, so the Clintons/DLC are who they are and, to me, the real questions are about how the Left becomes enough of a force to affect synthesis(es) in a specifically Leftish way, how to discover what that Left-synthesis(es) could be and how, process-wise, to take a stand on that, especially since corporations, and hence corporate personhood, AFFECT LABOR, which could result in some deals that could reiterate the oppressors on better terms for some but not others.

Please understand that I'm NOT talking against Labor, just trying to point out their very special position in ALL of this and trying to be honest about various prejudices that are common, regardless of party labels; one of which prejudices is against socialism. I have it on relatively good academic authority (from a friend whose master's research on propaganda lead her to this conclusions) that co-incidental to this phase of the decline of Labor triggered by Nixon, courting and then double-crossing the big powerful rich unions, was an internal purge, inspired by Joe McCarthy, of anyone who had even a whiff of the Red Scare about them, which resulted in their abandonment of less powerful unions which unions included folks like the UMW, who were in turmoil at that time, and also Farm Workers who included amongst their ranks not only non-white ETHNIC groups and women claiming economic justice for less well-paid workers.

My point in bringing this up is that from the first of this latest schism here at DU, I have been worried about losing Labor's opportunity for the right to organize, the EFCA 2.0. I guess I'd have to say that I'd give up a LOT to see a Constitutional affirmation of the rights of ALL workers to organize, not just those with enough economic clout to do it and get away with it. To get there, to get to something like EFCA 2.0 and, thus, to call on unions about their own prejudices (of all kinds) we MUST synthesize something that is more functional for the Left than just "Let it all crash and burn and then we'll start over and presto-change-o authentic revolution will produce all of the solutions we need" (in god knows how many decades).

I'm saying that I think it is necessary to recognize the authentic NEED for a "third" something, a synthesis or syntheses, and then to take strategic measures to be an essential part of that definition in a way that actually works well enough that next-steps toward social and economic justice can manifest out of that relatively new set of relationships. Part of the problem in talking about this stuff is that tooooo often everyone wants to tell you that you are "unprincipled" when, in fact, in the throes of such a process the most real principles become stronger and draw people together. It's a MORE principled way of engaging the struggle than just balkanizing until the last man is left standing in the carnage talking about "starting over".

Hell, I said when Clinton was president and the Newt was in some sort of leadership.. angstlessk May 2013 #1
Lotsa Money was made...it just didn't "Trickle Dow." It seems in retrospect that what KoKo May 2013 #3
LOL "Trickle Dow." - A typo with a message. Junkdrawer May 2013 #12
It's very appropriate Phentex May 2013 #33
I bet you a million shares it was NO typo. It should say (pun intended) to be honest graham4anything May 2013 #62
Best. Typo. Ever. Occulus May 2013 #73
People who say the like economics but hate the Clintons are being disingenious. graham4anything May 2013 #27
IMO that is a load of BS. The GOP has no problem deserting a candidate who does not toe the party l Vincardog May 2013 #52
Jeb Bush is back. Why? Because the tea party serves the Bush's and the people planted by Rove graham4anything May 2013 #55
You are free to vote any way you want. nt Vincardog May 2013 #56
You are free to vote for Ralph Nader, but accept Nader threw the election on purpose graham4anything May 2013 #65
I hope you realize I have the same freedom with my vote as you do. Don't preach. I will vote for who Vincardog May 2013 #109
Excellent points, graham4anything. BlueCaliDem May 2013 #63
1+ I've actually seen Green Party people say, to the effect, "We're sitting this out until the patrice May 2013 #75
Patrice, "naivete" is absolutely the correct word choice HERVEPA May 2013 #176
Right, in the meantime (as in forever) whatchamacallit May 2013 #204
Are you channeling Herman Cain? Egalitarian Thug May 2013 #86
A few weeks ago, when one of the 20 had a yada yada petition, and Elijah Cummings refused to graham4anything May 2013 #95
That's like saying the only choices are dating someone who says they are going to fuck you, jtuck004 May 2013 #87
Crude but apt analogy Lydia Leftcoast May 2013 #174
The Clinton years were so wonderful, millions couldnt wait to vote for a Republican. rhett o rick May 2013 #126
That "with us or against us" talk is exactly what people hated about George W. Bush. mattclearing May 2013 #158
those who tell us there are only X solutions to any given problem are dogmatic political hacks LanternWaste May 2013 #275
Yes, I noticed the rightward shift in the 1990s, but Lydia Leftcoast May 2013 #173
Lots of people noticed. Lots care n2doc May 2013 #2
I think that that's what's Left, anymore. Quote from You: KoKo May 2013 #4
The DEM Party Plank is merely window dressing blkmusclmachine May 2013 #17
I'm beginning to realize olivelove May 2013 #32
Much like Ralph Nader was paid and bought by the republican party, right? graham4anything May 2013 #46
Warren 2016 (eom) MannyGoldstein May 2013 #241
I haven't been here THAT long...... socialist_n_TN May 2013 #5
Good to hear from a Newer DU'er from 2010...and what you say, from your perspective KoKo May 2013 #9
A socialist friend of mine claims that the "Recall Walker" campaign was a distraction Lydia Leftcoast May 2013 #175
Oh yeah, that is undoubtedly true IMO Lydia......... socialist_n_TN May 2013 #184
I think what you are seeing are the true believers of Obama n2doc May 2013 #30
Obama was always pretty conservative - TBF May 2013 #70
The cult of personallity and pride blinds IMO. n/t L0oniX May 2013 #78
are you referring to the swooners? Skittles May 2013 #6
"The Swooners." Le Taz Hot May 2013 #50
Maybe the key ProSense May 2013 #7
The change goes back to at least Mondale and Dukakis.... Junkdrawer May 2013 #8
I'm not so much thinking it was Mondale ...but, that you are correct about Dukakis... KoKo May 2013 #11
What I was alluding to was that back-to-back BIG loses opened the door for the DLC.... Junkdrawer May 2013 #13
bull. Mike Dukakis is one of the biggest liberals there is. graham4anything May 2013 #28
LBJ did escallate this little thing called Vietnam..... Junkdrawer May 2013 #36
Truman and Eisenhower and JFK's war. graham4anything May 2013 #37
Well...we tried "hey hey LBJ, how many kids did the war started by Ike, continued by JFK... Junkdrawer May 2013 #39
Nixon might have been the songwriter of the cheer, as he was the beneficiary graham4anything May 2013 #41
I'm thinking folks who lost HS and college buddies who were drafted and killed in 'Nam... Junkdrawer May 2013 #42
whatever.one can debate Vietnam or face political reality and accept consequencesof that protest graham4anything May 2013 #44
nice spin G_j May 2013 #53
yes,you prove my point AND Nixon led to how many more years of war with that? graham4anything May 2013 #57
Bullshit....had RFK lived he would have been president. zeemike May 2013 #115
Historical revisionism, thy name is graham4anything.... n/t Junkdrawer May 2013 #120
The unfortunate thing is that some of us remember. zeemike May 2013 #134
Ever think you'd make it to "Elder with long memory" status? Junkdrawer May 2013 #136
Nope. zeemike May 2013 #137
Hmph, I had "elder with long memory" status back in 2004, when Jiacinto Lydia Leftcoast May 2013 #177
Whoever put Dukakis in that tank should be shot. Junkdrawer May 2013 #178
That was supposed to make him look "strong on defense" Lydia Leftcoast May 2013 #181
No, HHH would have been the nominee anyhow.And he still would have lost due to fracture. graham4anything May 2013 #141
No you are wrong...I remember zeemike May 2013 #143
That's how I remember it, too Lydia Leftcoast May 2013 #179
And the Chicago convention would have had a much different tone. zeemike May 2013 #190
And just two months before, MLK, with his growing critique of the economic system Lydia Leftcoast May 2013 #194
Yep it was very convenient tor Nixon and the right wing. zeemike May 2013 #198
Yup and a multi-generational hold on Congress. TheKentuckian May 2013 #16
We won the election because, despite incipient insanity, Ross Perot started telling people Egalitarian Thug May 2013 #90
1994.... Junkdrawer May 2013 #94
The Beatles were mainstream, so were the Stones, so were the Dead. graham4anything May 2013 #142
Maybe we should have a party that exists on the fringes while republicans rule everything bluestate10 May 2013 #253
You won. Republicans vs Democrats became Troglodytes vs Republican-Lites. Junkdrawer May 2013 #254
Results matter. The alleged republican-lits have accomplished more in two decades than bluestate10 May 2013 #258
Constructive criticism of Democratic party and President Obama's policies is welcomed here. Nye Bevan May 2013 #10
It is actually ok to advocate for third party progressive candidates in some cases on DU Flying Squirrel May 2013 #25
As long as by 'constructive criticism' one means fawning acceptance of evermore rightwing policies panzerfaust May 2013 #49
+1 and once again, we need a like/recommend option for comments. n/t Egalitarian Thug May 2013 #91
Straw-fucking-man argument emulatorloo May 2013 #127
Absolutely correct! n/t defacto7 May 2013 #154
Yes, yes, yes. northoftheborder May 2013 #191
Action Half-Century Man May 2013 #14
OMG, thank you! intheflow May 2013 #15
Have my sons been talking to you too? LOL kickysnana May 2013 #20
Please consider the source. If someone who has a history of speaking out against economic injustice, AnotherMcIntosh May 2013 #18
+1000 Many here agree with what you said. RC May 2013 #29
LOL Love this graphic. nt limpyhobbler May 2013 #226
YOU stay the course, KoKo... Octafish May 2013 #19
... SidDithers May 2013 #21
Hey Sid. Looks like YOU'RE becoming too Left for this site.... Junkdrawer May 2013 #23
Isn't this META? graham4anything May 2013 #38
Some GD Hosts think it is... SidDithers May 2013 #45
trouble of course being personal opinions on political issues/cliques get in the way graham4anything May 2013 #61
After an hour, 4 out of 5 hosts voted leave. Autumn May 2013 #58
Kitty threads stay also. nt bike man May 2013 #64
Those that find this thread too difficult to deal with should trash it and not alert. rhett o rick May 2013 #197
"I FEEL like X, I FEEL like Y, I FEEL like Z" alcibiades_mystery May 2013 #22
Where does the sense of entitlement come from? treestar May 2013 #24
A Democratic Party is a party of people who represent Democratic values and principles. sabrina 1 May 2013 #31
It is a big tent, if you decide it is not big enough for you treestar May 2013 #35
I love the tactic of NOT reading a comment, then posting what is supposed to be a response sabrina 1 May 2013 #40
Agreed. period. AND I have been wondering if anyone would like to consider that Third -whatever in patrice May 2013 #81
You said "A Democratic Party." "The Democratic Party," MineralMan May 2013 #47
You are wrong. This country has two Parties, one is not A Democratic Party, it is A Corporate sabrina 1 May 2013 #84
The "Corporate Party" infiltration into Dem Party is a huge concern. KoKo May 2013 #213
Treestar is right. Your part of the party moves the goalposts. bluestate10 May 2013 #262
The leftmost members of the site issue complaint after complaint, often in overly long bluestate10 May 2013 #260
Now is the time for all democratic people to defend Hillary. This benG. stuff is about 2016 graham4anything May 2013 #26
LMAO ...yea that's what we need ...another cult of personallity. n/t L0oniX May 2013 #77
No. Never. Sorry. n/t Whisp May 2013 #96
The change... pipi_k May 2013 #34
Except, it seems Bobbie Jo May 2013 #43
Well said...nt SidDithers May 2013 #48
. . . Le Taz Hot May 2013 #54
More interesting Bobbie Jo May 2013 #66
It DOES become a drone when absolutely everything is a 4-alarm-fire - AND - we never see any patrice May 2013 #85
I'd love to write about "process stuff" Le Taz Hot May 2013 #89
Thanks! and I'm a woman. I'm also lucky to live around some other committed activists. nt patrice May 2013 #104
More people die in the USA from guns/bullets in 6 months than ALL the drones in history graham4anything May 2013 #98
Fact: USA lives in physical/POLITICAL hostage to PRIVATE ARMED, ROGUE VIGILANTE, TREASONOUS TYRANNY. patrice May 2013 #100
-1million. No they don't. It's sunny outside, enjoy the evening, back later. graham4anything May 2013 #101
The goal should be not to elect more Democrats but to elect more Democrats that uphold rhett o rick May 2013 #99
What? Bobbie Jo May 2013 #105
Since the Republicans went wacko, lots of Republican voters have switched to the rhett o rick May 2013 #107
No.... Bobbie Jo May 2013 #113
Why wouldnt you think that there are a lot more DINO's since the REpublican's went over the edge? rhett o rick May 2013 #121
Funny if you ask Elizabeth Warren she would say she backs Barack Obama 100% graham4anything May 2013 #139
Duh! Of course. They arent stupid. They are politicians. To say they werent happy with Pres Obama rhett o rick May 2013 #146
I love it! It's like a beautiful Saturday morning filled w/ liquid Sunshine & smiles aglow graham4anything May 2013 #165
Tactic #20,001: When facing defeat, start rambling Lydia Leftcoast May 2013 #183
ad hominem. graham4anything May 2013 #186
Did I mention any names? Lydia Leftcoast May 2013 #187
LBJ is rightwing to a few too. Don't know why,when he was the biggest liberal of all time. graham4anything May 2013 #188
Are you still here? Bonobo May 2013 #225
Or as many call it, word salad...... socialist_n_TN May 2013 #189
spot on bobduca May 2013 #192
+100 n/t zappaman May 2013 #108
Perfect post, Bobbie Jo. Perfect. Number23 May 2013 #119
Thanks for posting this. Bobbie Jo emulatorloo May 2013 #130
Beautifully said! (nt) LostOne4Ever May 2013 #164
Not all Democrats, just the establishment types who are too buddy-buddy with the Republicans Lydia Leftcoast May 2013 #185
What I learned on CGCS(the offshoot Kerry board) now defunct is this graham4anything May 2013 #51
BTW-58 posts here on, I forgot to say - I AM MADE TO FEEL UNWELCOME because of my graham4anything May 2013 #59
1+! . . . obviously you are an un-principled fellow, that's why. ;-) patrice May 2013 #88
I don't think there is a way to reconcile it. I vote the issues myself. For my whole voting forestpath May 2013 #60
been here and been green since 2002.... mike_c May 2013 #67
Occupy noticed, and offers tactics with which to reclaim the government back to FDR values. Fire Walk With Me May 2013 #68
But nobody "noticed" Occupy, and if they did, they came away with some serious reservations. Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #82
Americans have "serious reservations" about Congress Fumesucker May 2013 #92
So do I. But I had/have even bigger reservations about Occupy! Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #93
But why? Here's what Occupy has been doing in my town. I've shown you this before Bluenorthwest May 2013 #117
What am I doing? I pay my taxes. And no, you haven't "shown me this before". Fuck Occupy! Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #118
Your hatred of Occupy makes strange bedfellows. I bet you hate whistle-blowers too. nm rhett o rick May 2013 #124
Oh, you spoke to me? Aren't you afraid I might "bully" you? Again, Fuck Occupy!!!!! Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #125
Fine. Fuck your worthless sorry ass conservative Third Way MIC buttkissing bullshit. Zorra May 2013 #149
Oooooh! Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #152
... Zorra May 2013 #155
Mad? You wish you had that power, don't you? I've been yelled at by anonymous.... Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #223
Your should have read the instructions ... Summer Hathaway May 2013 #157
LOL! Ms. Hathaway: "Hey, Zorra! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!" Zorra May 2013 #159
The only rabbit Summer Hathaway May 2013 #161
Gosh, the point of my post was, you use the same tired meme about labels Zorra May 2013 #162
"But I digress ..." Summer Hathaway May 2013 #163
Well, ya know, what can I say? Essential truths are eternal and immutable. nt Zorra May 2013 #193
+1 L0oniX May 2013 #201
So much for the OP's whine that it's the "left" that's getting bullied here Number23 May 2013 #218
Amazing, isn't it? Summer Hathaway May 2013 #221
Incredible post, Zorra and that your Bullet Points weren't answered but Attacked KoKo May 2013 #216
For someone purporting to crave "discussion" so much DemocratsForProgress May 2013 #228
Well said. n/t AnotherMcIntosh May 2013 #170
Got your tinfoil in a wad? Bobbie Jo May 2013 #199
That silver wad you see isn't tinfoil. Zorra May 2013 #222
LMFAO n/t L0oniX May 2013 #200
3-3 to leave this bullshit? Are you people serious?? Number23 May 2013 #215
What's the trouble? Unsuccessful in shutting down discussion? DU is for "politically liberal people" rhett o rick May 2013 #237
Or I could take your approach and run off into the night when I'm asked a question Number23 May 2013 #266
Don't sweat it, I don't. I'm just waiting for these folks to score some real world political hits, Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #256
You mean like us LGBT progressives convincing an anti-LGBT sitting US President that Zorra May 2013 #264
I know but it's almost hilarious to watch them break a sweat hauling themselves onto that cross Number23 May 2013 #267
Beware of those that would bully you into saying something that might get you PPR'd. It's a game rhett o rick May 2013 #236
Very true, thanks, rhett o rick. There are degrees of conservatism, and more conservative people Zorra May 2013 #250
Yes I agree. Those that can not win their argument try to shut down discussion rhett o rick May 2013 #259
+1 nt Zorra May 2013 #261
You cant bully me. I feel bad for you. Your hatred for Occupy aligns you with the wrong side. rhett o rick May 2013 #150
No, the wrong side was Occupy. Booing John Lewis, a civil rights legend, who was.... Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #153
Great post. Bravo for the courage to say it!In Ron Paul's world Rep.Lewis wouldn't be in Congress graham4anything May 2013 #166
It takes no courage to hate. There were millions of Occupy protestors. rhett o rick May 2013 #172
Hatred of Elijah Cummings and hatred of John Lewis and Dr. King and and...Three people I love. graham4anything May 2013 #182
Your rationalizations are apparently your key to happiness. Occupy lives on, long live Occupy. nm rhett o rick May 2013 #195
And you would have been against the pesky American Revolutionaries. Those pesky protestors. rhett o rick May 2013 #169
Can I just say that you probably have the most appropriate screenname here. Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #224
You dont like Occupy because you think they are dirty hippies just like my right-wing brother in law rhett o rick May 2013 #238
Let's try this again, and since English obviously isn't your primary language..... Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #242
Hatred is not becoming to a "politically liberal person." Those that support the 1% will eventually rhett o rick May 2013 #243
That of course is not even close to the facts. But I am glad I am here to present you with the facts sabrina 1 May 2013 #274
Another "Vast Rightwing Conspiracy"? That all you got? LINK? LINK? LINK? LINK? Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #276
You got a link?? I didn't see any, mainly because any link telling that lie would be from a right sabrina 1 May 2013 #277
It's not Rep. Lewis that I don't trust, but I think you know that. LINK? LINK? LINK? LINK? Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #278
What? No link from you? I know the story you told is not hard to find on the internet. So why no sabrina 1 May 2013 #279
That article doesn't address the "booing", but I suspect you knew that when you posted it. Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #280
The fake issue you raised has been settled with links, with Rep. Lewis' own account sabrina 1 May 2013 #281
x2 AnotherMcIntosh May 2013 #171
But why? Here's what Occupy has been doing in my town. I've shown you this before. Here's video Bluenorthwest May 2013 #230
All of Occupy? That's a rather large task. MannyGoldstein May 2013 #131
Ronald Reagan helped the 99%? graham4anything May 2013 #239
Did I say that? MannyGoldstein May 2013 #240
you said in 30 years. 2013 minus 30 years is 1983...in the heart of Reaganlandia graham4anything May 2013 #247
What an argument. If we dont like your candidate we are "empowering" the other side. That argument rhett o rick May 2013 #263
loose lips sink ships. Old slogans grandma used to say usually had basis in fact. graham4anything May 2013 #270
You pay your taxes and behave yourself and hope that the Ruling Elite will be nice to you. nm rhett o rick May 2013 #196
Wow, such open contempt for helping the poor and those in need. Fuck Free Medical care? Bluenorthwest May 2013 #229
My contempt, as you call it, isn't for the concept of Occupy, it's the participants. Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #231
Fuck Ron Paul. What a shitty and unfounded slander that is. Just because you are here spitting at Bluenorthwest May 2013 #232
Your ASSumption is that I don't care about people being helped is inaccurate, to say.... Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #234
You're very much in the minority here, so your 'giving a shit' or not about credible, honest DUers sabrina 1 May 2013 #284
Congress hasn't changed much in the last century or so.. Fumesucker May 2013 #122
But they're in power - LOL LeftInTX May 2013 #116
Not off topic - but bear with me JustAnotherGen May 2013 #69
^^^^This^^^ LuvNewcastle May 2013 #111
Stay! Anyone who selects a user name from one of Charlie Parker's most famous songs needs byeya May 2013 #71
K&R The 'Big (Democratic) Tent' felix_numinous May 2013 #72
Oh, a bunch of us noticed. blackspade May 2013 #74
Perhaps too often our attention, when we say "Democratic Party", is focused TOO high up. patrice May 2013 #76
Great post. I've stopped hoping for change "from above" BelgianMadCow May 2013 #138
I like what you are saying about being more positive in our actions, especially in what we say about patrice May 2013 #145
How? Find a relatively worthy "low-level" Democratic candidate who will collaborate with you and DO patrice May 2013 #79
Bettter yet, run for office yourself. Get your peeps, organize, DO the work and if you can make a patrice May 2013 #80
Did anyone notice? IrishAyes May 2013 #83
But you see... Bobbie Jo May 2013 #103
Well said! zappaman May 2013 #112
Well, I'm not familiar with everyone's individual situation IrishAyes May 2013 #140
Keep fighting. kentuck May 2013 #97
1+++ patrice May 2013 #102
+100 million. n/t L0oniX May 2013 #203
We are engaged in a war between the 1% and the 99%. The 1% totally owns the Republican Party. rhett o rick May 2013 #106
That would take $$Money$$ NorthCarolina May 2013 #110
Has KoKo posted anywhere else since the first few responses to this thread? Junkdrawer May 2013 #114
Yes, why do you ask? nm rhett o rick May 2013 #123
KoKo seems to me the type who would walk away without a GBCW post... Junkdrawer May 2013 #128
I'm here...but saw the post was alerted on and some DU'ers were sorry that it's still here... KoKo May 2013 #133
So...the million dollar question is: Was "Trickle Dow." a typo or a pun? Junkdrawer May 2013 #135
It was a Typo....but, it turned out kind of funny, really...so I didn't edit. KoKo May 2013 #209
As has been said: Best Typo Ever..... Junkdrawer May 2013 #214
The covert alert crew is nothing but a bunch of blog bully wannabees. They do not make DU better. L0oniX May 2013 #205
I so agree with you. "Dont want to lose KoKo." nm rhett o rick May 2013 #147
You feel unwelcome? Gee, I wonder why? You guys absolutely rule DU. Of course, nobody much gives Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #129
I catch your drift. Viva la Corporations. Long live the 1%. And you hope dearly that they will rhett o rick May 2013 #148
OMG! You swallowed an Occupy manifesto. Say hi to Jill & Rocky for me! Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #151
Tomorrow is the weekly Occupy Free Clinic in my city! Swallow that! Bluenorthwest May 2013 #233
Organizations like Remote Area Medical have been delivering free health care for.... Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #235
Agreed. Occupy is a strange beast. For example "Oct. 16-Dec. 22," 2011, ucrdem May 2013 #246
Occupy "faded away" only from the mass media Lydia Leftcoast May 2013 #249
Occupy was a tool "movement" that alienated the people they should've been trying..... Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #255
That's funny, that 'smoke dope' thing. Saw that on Right Wing forums all the time re sabrina 1 May 2013 #269
I wouldn't know, I don't visit "Right Wing Forums", I'll leave that to you, BBI, & emilyg. Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #271
Oh I can back it up. I can post from right wingers, your words almost exactly re OWS. sabrina 1 May 2013 #272
Link? And this time, make sure the links are actually related to the subject at hand. You have a.. Tarheel_Dem May 2013 #273
Are you the formerly known DU'er..."Better Believe It?" I remember a poster by that KoKo May 2013 #283
Something to be said about that which you say: KoKo May 2013 #282
Du rec. Nt xchrom May 2013 #132
Never forget! yoyossarian May 2013 #144
Incredible Graphic...and remembering what it was and how hard we fought to change it! KoKo May 2013 #210
If you feel unwelcomed by someone, don't allow them to take up space in your thoughts. mia May 2013 #156
We just keep on choogling there KoKo! denbot May 2013 #160
I have only been here for about 1/2 a month LostOne4Ever May 2013 #167
That's beautifully put. ucrdem May 2013 #168
This message was self-deleted by its author AtomicKitten May 2013 #202
I posted this because I hoped for folks to DISCUSS...and air some of the problems KoKo May 2013 #211
Been trying to think of a good reply LostOne4Ever May 2013 #248
Another fabulous post from you. You've blown the OP's "point" wide open Number23 May 2013 #220
Thank you LostOne4Ever May 2013 #245
Well the OP got what she wanted, I think. A thread full of bullshit Number23 May 2013 #268
You've been hating Obama since 2008. It was you who left the Democratic Party. MjolnirTime May 2013 #180
Stalk much? n/t L0oniX May 2013 #206
I don't know, KoKo. Jamastiene May 2013 #207
Much Thanks...for understanding why I was asking.. KoKo May 2013 #212
Here's the problem: Lobbyists comb every piece of legislation with a fine tooth comb.... Junkdrawer May 2013 #219
this goes beyond politics DonCoquixote May 2013 #208
Yup. woo me with science May 2013 #227
Dem Party moved to right because in 2010 Congress moved VASTLY right MH1 May 2013 #217
Been here since Feb 2001. SammyWinstonJack May 2013 #244
You can choose to see only your viewpoint and feel sorry for yourself. bluestate10 May 2013 #251
Nope, the takeover was bankrolled by Wall Street. woo me with science May 2013 #257
I waited a couple of days LWolf May 2013 #252
I've been here since 2001. The conflicts between the Left and the Father Knows Best wing of the Tierra_y_Libertad May 2013 #265
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2019 #285
What were your GP6971 Oct 2019 #286
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