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Wed May 22, 2013, 11:17 AM May 2013

Would you break into someone's hot car for a dog? [View all]


Saw this on FB and I wondered if I would. They got into someone's car and took the dog. They did leave a note on where the dog was.

Honestly, I'm not sure if I would do this. I just don't know.

What would you do?

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30 (77%)
7 (18%)
I don't know
2 (5%)
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Would you break into someone's hot car for a dog? Flashmann May 2013 #1
No Ohio Joe May 2013 #2
What if the cops don't show for a while? Cooley Hurd May 2013 #9
If it appeared that urgent... Ohio Joe May 2013 #15
It happens a lot in the Phoenix area Mosby May 2013 #50
In my town, no. krispos42 May 2013 #72
No. Wait Wut May 2013 #3
If I see something suspicious I would report it and do. graham4anything May 2013 #4
Caveat: I would not break a window. If the door was unlocked, I would try to help the animal. ScreamingMeemie May 2013 #5
Question mattclearing May 2013 #35
Because the application of laws is this country is currently ass-backwards. ScreamingMeemie May 2013 #38
If it appeared the dog were beginning to really suffer SoCalNative May 2013 #85
. ScreamingMeemie May 2013 #87
I understand entirely dorkzilla May 2013 #91
ahahaha... I do that all the time. ScreamingMeemie May 2013 #92
I think that's fair, and probably what I would do as well. mattclearing May 2013 #110
I'd call county animal control Auggie May 2013 #6
Me too. It's their job to handle that sort of thing and LuvNewcastle May 2013 #14
I urge everyone to add their County Animal Control # into their cell phone Auggie May 2013 #21
I'd call animal control and/or the police. Ask what to do if I thought DevonRex May 2013 #65
It would depend on the dog badtoworse May 2013 #7
Maybe. Quantess May 2013 #8
Under some circumstances, yes. Under others, no. NYC_SKP May 2013 #10
Yes, if the police couldn't come out right away for some reason. hunter May 2013 #11
No, I would call the authorities rl6214 May 2013 #12
I would & have. Egalitarian Thug May 2013 #13
Same here... dorkzilla May 2013 #20
lmao!! the jerk will know better next time darkangel218 May 2013 #31
I hope so! dorkzilla May 2013 #39
Good on ya. truebluegreen May 2013 #54
Good for you!!! dorkzilla May 2013 #61
Good for you. My guy tried to sue me for his window, never even got to court. n/t Egalitarian Thug May 2013 #82
I'm kinda shocked the jerk didn't try and sue me... dorkzilla May 2013 #94
Nope. I'd call the cops. Iggo May 2013 #16
Life trumps property. n/t TygrBright May 2013 #17
Yes, but only if I'd called the police first and cleared it with them in advance. Ian David May 2013 #18
No but sarisataka May 2013 #19
I have and I'd do it again DainBramaged May 2013 #22
I would call the cops first ProudToBeBlueInRhody May 2013 #23
"Would you break into someone's car for a hot dog?" Tanuki May 2013 #24
Me too... Jeff In Milwaukee May 2013 #25
I'm so glad is was not just me! n/t MindPilot May 2013 #49
You're not alone... onpatrol98 May 2013 #80
Some cops will ask for your hot dog Politicalboi May 2013 #70
Totally. That, and "Hot Dog Car" Warren DeMontague May 2013 #73
+1 Shrek May 2013 #81
Only if it was a Nathan's. n/t cherokeeprogressive May 2013 #95
I would not break into a car because that's illegal. AndyA May 2013 #26
It may not be illegal. In some states it's legal to save an animal. cui bono May 2013 #47
I think it's good that some states allow that. AndyA May 2013 #78
And you would think most pet owners would appreciate it! cui bono May 2013 #84
I would get the dog out ASAP darkangel218 May 2013 #27
Depends on how stressed the dog was justiceischeap May 2013 #28
Call the cops unless the dog is in imminent danger. nt onehandle May 2013 #29
I would first try the proper course of action, but... hamsterjill May 2013 #30
No, but I would for a hot dog. closeupready May 2013 #32
I would prefer to contact the police or the SPCA MadrasT May 2013 #33
Not unless the dog appeared to be suffering due to the heat, but I would definitely call Arkansas Granny May 2013 #34
I don't know but I might. Depends on what the scene was. nt Poll_Blind May 2013 #36
Call the police, let them decide what to do liberal N proud May 2013 #37
Breaking into a car is still a crime kudzu22 May 2013 #40
Not true. There are places where it is legal to break a window to save an animal. n/t cui bono May 2013 #48
which places? datasuspect May 2013 #52
Someone upthread said it's legal in AZ. And I remember hearing it's legal here in SoCal cui bono May 2013 #58
Sure, I would break a window in sorefeet May 2013 #41
I almost smashed a window to give a dog fresh air NightWatcher May 2013 #42
Depends on the situation. nt rrneck May 2013 #43
That is none of my business. Jamaal510 May 2013 #44
Most likely not. The dog would have to be in distress for me to consider it. ZombieHorde May 2013 #45
in general no, I would leave well enough alone hfojvt May 2013 #46
there isn't much i WOULDN'T do for a hot dog datasuspect May 2013 #51
I not only would, I have. nt truebluegreen May 2013 #53
I'd call the cops and if they weren't there within minutes Warpy May 2013 #55
I read this as "Would you break into someone's car for a hot dog?" PeaceNikki May 2013 #56
I'd call a cop to do it, then MannyGoldstein May 2013 #57
This message was self-deleted by its author SidDithers May 2013 #59
No. I have seen it many times where a dog is left in the car with a window partly open in the Summer quinnox May 2013 #60
I might break into a car for a hot dog. AngryAmish May 2013 #62
A filet mignon, lobster tail and baked potato left unattended in a hot car Puzzledtraveller May 2013 #67
I read hot dog at first too. MNBrewer May 2013 #86
Depends on where it happens MindPilot May 2013 #63
If I had reasonable assurance that animal control or the cops would be there gopiscrap May 2013 #64
Would you break into someones hot car for a hot dog? Puzzledtraveller May 2013 #66
I have in the past, or rather, I informed a store owner that a car parked outside Cleita May 2013 #68
In a situation like that, it's best to call the police or animal services. n/t Cali_Democrat May 2013 #69
I don't know. It'd depend on situation. Inkfreak May 2013 #71
Of course I would, I would do it for any living animal Rex May 2013 #74
I answered "I don't know" jimlup May 2013 #75
as a last resort, absolutely. I wouldn't leave any animal to die in a hot car magical thyme May 2013 #76
I would call the police Marrah_G May 2013 #77
I report it to the manager of the store/place I am.. LeftNeckChick May 2013 #79
call the cops, ive seen well meaning people call when the animal is fine loli phabay May 2013 #83
Last resort, but yes. Tien1985 May 2013 #88
I'd just walk by. Mr. X May 2013 #89
In a heartbeat. In fact, Ruby the Liberal May 2013 #90
Fuckinay I would. n/t tabasco May 2013 #93
If I'm in my home county, no, because our cops have excellent response times. politicat May 2013 #96
If I did, I would not leave a note! LeftInTX May 2013 #97
I put no. I would call the police. Have them show up. NCTraveler May 2013 #98
Have... Lady Freedom Returns May 2013 #99
i read that as "would you break into someone's car for a hot dog" dionysus May 2013 #100
so did I .... hot dog.... yummmm.... Locrian May 2013 #101
If it had Chili, cheese, and onions on it nothing could stop me 1-Old-Man May 2013 #111
For those of you inclined to wait for the police...check out these temps Walk away May 2013 #102
these temps assume a mostly sunny day ProdigalJunkMail May 2013 #103
Of course. But sometimes the sun comes out when you don't expect it. Walk away May 2013 #106
well, kind of hard for the sun to come out in the evening which is what I was talking about ProdigalJunkMail May 2013 #107
Yes. PFunk May 2013 #104
Like this? Arctic Dave May 2013 #105
Yes. Apophis May 2013 #108
I voted no because I would have called the authorities. jwirr May 2013 #109
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